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Al 'Aziziyah or El Azizia ( ) is a city in and capital of Al Jfara Districtmarker in northwestern Libyamarker, southwest of Tripolimarker. Prior to 2001 it was in Al 'Aziziyah Districtmarker and its capital. Al 'Aziziyah is a major trade centre of the Sahel Jeffare plateau, being on a trade route from the coast to the Nafusa Mountainsmarker and the Fezzanmarker region to the south. As of 2009, the city's population has been estimated at over 300,000.

Geography and Climate

Al 'Aziziyah is particularly known for the fact that in this town on 13 September 1922 the highest temperature ever measured on Earth was recorded. That day, the mercury rose to a height of 57.7° C (136° F). This record does not mean that Al 'Aziziyah is the hottest place on Earth, that title belongs to Dakol, Ethiopiamarker where the mean temperature runs at 34.4° C (94° F).


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