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Al Muhallab ibn Abi Suffrah ( - c. 702), originally from Dibbamarker, also known as Mohalib, was an Azdi Arab an eminent military commander in Persiamarker and Arabia. He was a governor of Basramarker and then Khorasan during the Umayyad caliphate under whom he became the leader of some of the conquests of Khorasan, Kirmanmarker and the first exploratory Islamic forays into the Indian frontier. Under him the conquest of Makran, where susbstantial Azdi were settled, was consolidated and military incursions into Sindhmarker penetrating up to Multanmarker, in the Punjabmarker in present day Pakistanmarker, carried out. His army's head-quarters where at Khorasan, in the north-east of modern Iranmarker.


In Iraqmarker under the Zubayrids governor of Basramarker, Mus'ab bin al-Zubayr, Al Muhallab was entrusted with suppressing the rising of the Azariqa Kharijites by and when the Umayyads came to power in Iraq, he transferred his allegiance to them. Under Al-Hajjaj, he pushed them out from Iraq to Siwistan so that by the end of the seventh century they were no longer a threat to the central authorities. He was also involved in containing a second Kharijite uprising to the North of Kufamarker led by Shabib bin Yazid, which he eventually defeated in 697 CE. In 698 he was made governor of Khorasan by Al-Hajjaj until his death when he was succeeded by his son Yazid ibn al-Muhallab. The rise of the Muhallabids and the "southern azdis" in Khorasan as at Basramarker is linked to their alliance with the Rabi'a against the Mudar.

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