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The Alabama State Senate is the upper house of the Alabama Legislature, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Alabamamarker. The body is composed of 35 members representing an equal amount of districts across the state, with each district containing at least 127,140 citizens. Similar to the lower House, the Senate serves both without term limits and with a four-year term.

The Alabama State Senate meet at the State Housemarker in Montgomerymarker.

Like other upper houses of state and territorial legislatures and the federal U.S. Senate, the Senate can confirm or reject gubernatorial appointments to the state cabinet, commissions and boards.

Leadership of the Senate

The Lieutenant Governor of Alabama serves as the President of the Senate, but only casts a vote if required to break a tie. In his or her absence, the President Pro Tempore presides over the Senate. The President Pro Tempore is elected by the full Senate by nominations taken from the floor, followed by a recorded vote. The President Pro Tempore is the chief leadership position in the Senate. The other Senate Majority and Minority leaders are elected by their respective party caucuses.

The President of the Senate is Alabama Lieutenant Governor Jim Folsom, Jr.. The President Pro Tempore is Democrat Rodger Smitherman. The Majority Leader is Democrat Zeb Little of the 4th District (Cullmanmarker, Lawrencemarker, Winstonmarker). The Minority Leader is Republican J. T. Waggoner of the 16th District (Jeffersonmarker, Shelbymarker).


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 25 10 35 0
Begin 23 12 35 0
January 10, 2008 22 13
November 24, 2008 21 34 1
January 11, 2009 20 33 2
January 21, 2009 19 32 3
June 2, 2009 20 33 2
June 9, 2009 14 34 1
June 30, 2009 21 35 0
Latest voting share 60% 40%


District Name Party Hometown First Elected Counties Represented
1 Bobby E. Denton Dem Muscle Shoalsmarker 1978 Colbertmarker, Lauderdalemarker
2 Tom Butler Dem Madisonmarker 1994 Limestonemarker, Madisonmarker
3 Arthur Orr Rep Decaturmarker 2006 Limestone, Madison, Morganmarker
4 Zeb Little Dem Cullmanmarker 1998 Cullmanmarker, Lawrencemarker, Winstonmarker
5 Charles Bishop Rep Jaspermarker 2006 Jeffersonmarker, Tuscaloosamarker, Walkermarker, Winston
6 Roger Bedford, Jr. Dem Russellvillemarker 1982 Colbert, Fayettemarker, Franklinmarker, Lamarmarker, Lawrence, Marionmarker, Winston
7 Paul Sanford Rep 2009 Madison
8 Lowell Barron Dem Fyffemarker 1982 DeKalbmarker, Jacksonmarker, Madison
9 Hinton Mitchem Dem Union Grovemarker 1978 Blountmarker, Madison, Marshallmarker
10 Larry Means Dem Attallamarker 1998 Cherokeemarker, Etowahmarker
11 Jim Preuitt Dem Talladegamarker 1980 Calhounmarker, Coosamarker, Elmoremarker, Talladegamarker
12 Del Marsh Rep Annistonmarker 1998 Calhoun, St. Clairmarker
13 Kim Benefield Dem Woodlandmarker 2006 Chambersmarker, Cherokee, Claymarker, Cleburnemarker, Leemarker, Randolphmarker
14 Henry E. Erwin, Jr. Rep Montevallomarker 2002 Bibbmarker, Chiltonmarker, Jefferson, Shelbymarker
15 Steve French Rep Birminghammarker 1998 Jefferson, Shelby
16 J. T. Waggoner Rep Birmingham 1990 Jefferson, Shelby
17 Scott Beason Rep Gardendalemarker 2006 Blountmarker, Jefferson, St. Clair
18 Rodger Smitherman Dem Birmingham 1994 Jefferson
19 Priscilla Dunn Dem 2009 Jefferson
20 Linda Coleman Dem Birmingham 2006 Jefferson
21 Phil Poole Dem Moundvillemarker 1994 Halemarker, Pickensmarker, Tuscaloosa
22 Marc Keahey Dem Grove Hillmarker 2009 Baldwinmarker, Choctawmarker, Clarkemarker, Conecuhmarker, Escambiamarker, Mobilemarker, Monroemarker, Washingtonmarker
23 Henry Sanders Dem Selmamarker 1982 Autaugamarker, Clarke, Conecuh, Dallasmarker, Lowndesmarker, Marengomarker, Monroe, Perrymarker, Wilcoxmarker
24 Bobby Singleton Dem Greensboromarker 2005 Bibbmarker, Choctaw, Greenemarker, Hale, Marengo, Perry, Sumtermarker, Tuscaloosa
25 Larry Dixon Rep Montgomerymarker 1982 Elmoremarker, Montgomerymarker
26 Quinton Ross Dem Montgomery 2002 Montgomery
27 T. D. Little Dem Auburnmarker 1974, 1990 Lee, Russellmarker, Tallapoosamarker
28 Myron Penn Dem Union Springsmarker 2002 Barbourmarker, Bullockmarker, Henrymarker, Lee, Maconmarker, Russell
29 Harri Anne Smith Rep Slocombmarker 1998 Dalemarker, Genevamarker, Houstonmarker
30 Wendell Mitchell Dem Luvernemarker 1982 Autaugamarker, Butlermarker, Crenshawmarker, Elmore, Lowndes, Pikemarker
31 Jimmy Holley Rep Elbamarker 1998 Coffeemarker, Covingtonmarker, Dale, Houston
32 Trip Pittman Rep Eastern Shoremarker 2007 Baldwin
33 Vivian Davis Figures Dem Mobilemarker 1997 Mobile
34 Rusty Glover Rep Semmesmarker 2006 Mobile
35 Ben Brooks Rep Mobile 2006 Mobile


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