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Alborz High School (in Persian: ), is a high school located in the heart of Tehranmarker, Iranmarker. It is named after the Alborzmarker mountain range north of Tehran.


The school was founded as an elementary school in 1873 by a group of Americanmarker missionaries headed by James Bassett. This was in the 26th year of the reign of Nasereddin Shah Qajar, 22 years after Amir Kabir founded the Dar ul-Funun school in Tehran and 33 years before the Constitutional Revolution in Persia (as it was known back then; later it became "Iran" during Reza Shah Era).

When Dr. Samuel Jordan arrived in Persia in 1898, he made various changes and the school became a 12-year elementary and secondary school offering some college courses. The institution came to be known as the American College of Tehran.

Dr. Jordan was president of Alborz for 42 years (1899-1940). During this time Alborz grew from an elementary school to a famous and respected high school and college.

In 1932, the school received a permanent charter from the Board of Regents of the State University of New York.

In 1940 and during World War II, by the order of the Shah Reza Pahlavi, Alborz was taken from American management and was put under Iranian Ministry of Education during Reza Shah's modernization reforms. At this time the name was also changed form "College" to "Alborz", and was re-appointed as a high school.

In 1944, Professor Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi, member of University of Tehran's faculty, was appointed as the president of Alborz and from that time until 1979 and continuing after the Iranian revolution, Alborz had the most successful period of its history.

In recent years Alborz continues to be one of the best schools of Iran, but by no means it is the undisputed number one in ranking that it used to be; and has fallen in ranking mostly due to the series of national schools for both boys and girls which absorb the highest academic achievers. Nevertheless, Alborz continues to be consistently ranked among the best schools of Iran.

 Image:Alborz_Logo.jpg|Alborz High School

 Image:alborz_under_iranian_flag.jpg|Main building, recent photo (2007)
 Image:American College Tehran.JPG|McCormick Hall, American College of Tehran, circa 1930. The school received a permanent charter from the Board of Regents of the State University of New York in 1932.
 Image:Dr.Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi.jpg|Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi
 Image:Alborz-high-school-staff-dsc0423-mehran.jpg|Alborz staff (pre 1979 Revolution era)

Alborz presidents and their serving terms

  • Mr. Howard 1873 - 1889
  • Dr. Samuel M. Jordan 1899 - 1940
  • Mohammad Vahid Tonekaboni 1940 - 1941
  • Mohsen Hadad 1941
  • Ali Mohammad Partovy (Monee-ol-Molk) 1941 - 1942
  • Hasan Zoghi 1942 - 1943
  • Lotfali Sooratgar 1943 - 1944
  • Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi 1944 - 1979
  • Mr. Hossein Khoshnevisan 1979-1990
  • Bagher Dezfulian 1991- 1997
  • Mr. Dastani 1998 - 1999
  • Valiollah Sanaye 1999 - 2007
  • Dr. Mazaher Hami Kargar (present)

Notable Alborz deans


:Category:Alborz High School alumni Siamak Bahram, Professor of Medicine, Strasbourg, France

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