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Abu'l Hasan Ali ibn Ridwan Al-Misri (c. 988–c. 1061) was an Egyptian Muslim physician, astrologer and astronomer, born in Gizamarker.

He was a commentator on ancient Greek medicine, and in particular on Galen; his commentary on Galen's Ars Parva was translated by Gerardo Cremonese. He is also known for his observation of the SN 1006 supernova in the year 1006. This was written in a commentary on Ptolemy's work Tetrabiblos.

He was later cited by European authors as Haly, or Haly Abenrudian. According to A. C. Crombie (Augustine to Galileo 2, p. 25) he also contributed to the theory of induction. He engaged in a celebrated polemic against another physician, Ibn al-Jazzar of Tunisia.


  • a commentary on Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos (the pseudo-Ptolemaic Centiloquy and its commentary, which is sometimes attributed to Ali, is actually the work of Ahmad ibn Yusuf ibn al-Daya)
  • De revolutionibus nativitatum (The Revolutions of Nativities), edited by Luca Gaurico, printed in Venicemarker (1524)
  • Tractatus de cometarum significationibus per xii signa zodiaci (Treatise on the Significations of Comets in the twelve Signs of the Zodiac), printed in Nürnbergmarker (1563)


  1. Star light, star brightest: the supernova of A.D. 1006 by Francis Reddy

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