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Amatrice is a town and comune in the province of Rieti, in northern Lazio (central Italymarker). The city is seat of the food-agricultural base of  "Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Parkmarker".


Archaeological remains have shown human presence in the area of Amatrice since prehistorical times, and also remain of Roman edifices and tombs have been found. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the area became part of the Lombard Duchy of Spoleto, included in the comitate of Ascolimarker. The town of Matrice is mentioned in the papers of the Abbey of Farfa in 1012 as commanding the confluence of the Trontomarker and Castellano rivers.

In 1265, during the reign of Manfred of Sicily, Amatrice became part of the Kingdom of Naples. After the capture of the latter by the Angevines, Amatrice rebelled but was suppressed by Charles I of Anjou in 1274, although it maintained some sort of autonomy as Universitas. In the 14th and 15th century it was frequently in conflict with the neighbouring cities of Norciamarker, Arquatamarker and L'Aquilamarker, and its troops took part in the siege of the latter under Braccio da Montone. In the course of the conflict between Angevines and the Aragonese for the conquest of the Kingdom of Naples, Amatrice chose the latter side. In 1529 it was stormed by the troops of Philibert of Chalon, general of Emperor Charles V, who gave it to its general Alessandro Vitelli.

Later Amatrice was held by the Orsini and the Medici of Florence, who kept it until 1737. It was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1639. After the unification of Italy, it became part of Abruzzo, being annexed to the Lazio in 1927.


Amatrice is especially famous for the Sugo all'amatriciana pasta sauce. Numerous cooks of the Popes came from Amatrice, according to some urban legends.


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