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The Amir Nezām House in Tabriz
Hasan-Ali Khan, Amir Nezām Garrousi

The Amir Nezām House (Persian: خانه امیرنظام, Khaneh-e Amir Nezām, Azeri: Emir Nizamin evi), or The Qajar Museum of Tabriz, is a historical building in the Sheshghelan district (Persian:ششگلان), one of the oldest quarters of the city of Tabrizmarker, Iranmarker. The base of the edifice covers an area of 1200 square metres. This monument which since 2006 houses a museum dedicated to the Qajar dynasty (1781-1925), was built in the period of the Crown Prince Abbas Mirza (1789-1833). It was renovated by Hasan-Ali Khan (حسنعلی خان), Amir Nezām Garrousi (امیرنظام گروسی), in his position as the Major-domo of Azarbaijan, and used as his residency. In the subsequent periods, the house was employed as the official residence of the provincial governors of Azarbaijan. Because of persistent neglect over a long period of time, this building had come to be in such a bad state of disrepair that for a time it was seriously considered to demolish it and build a school in its place. Between 1993-2006 it has been subject of an extensive renovation process and since the completion of this undertaking it has been granted the National Heritage status.

The Sheshghelan district has been Governor's seat during the Ilkhanate dynasty.Hasan-Ali Khan, Amir Nezām Garousi (حسنعلی خان امیر نظام گروسی), was born in 1820 in Bijarmarker, in the Kurdistan Provincemarker. For a period of twenty-two years he served in various governmental positions. In particular, for a period he was in charge of the Iranianmarker students sent to Europe by the government of Iranmarker. He also served as the General of the Garrus Army and Head of the Security Guards of the High Court and of Arg-e Tabrizmarker. He is buried in Mahanmarker, in the Kerman Provincemarker. He is best remembered for his exemplary prose in the Persian language.

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Image:Amir nezam house03.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house04.jpg| Exterior designs of the house.Image:Amir nezam house14.jpg| Front roomImage:Amir_Nezam_House-Interior_1.jpg| Front roomImage:Amir nezam house12.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house02.jpg| Orosy windows of the front room

Image:Amir nezam house18.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house07.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house06.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house08.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house10.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house11.jpg|

Image:Amir nezam house15.jpg| Hallway, UpstairsImage:Amir nezam house13.jpg|Image:Amir nezam house16.jpg| The piano of the house.Image:Amir nezam house17.jpg|Image:Amir_Nezam_House-Interior_4.jpgImage:Amir nezam house21.jpg|

Image:Amir nezam house22.jpg|Image:Qajar Museum 1.jpg| A stone with the date of 1341 Hijri calendar with the Iranian flag .Image:Amir nezam house19.jpg| Stone tabletImage:Amir nezam house20.jpg| Stone tabletImage:Amir nezam house23.jpg| Statue of Amir KabirImage:Amir nezam house25.jpg| Exterior designs of the house.

Image:Amir nezam house05.jpg| Exterior designs of the house.Image:Amir nezam house24.jpg| Plan of the houseImage:Amir nezam house09.jpg| Back yard


The Amir Nezām house is located in Sheshghelan suburb of Tabrizmarker near Maqbaratoshoaramarker (tomb of poets) and Museum of Ostad Bohtounimarker.

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  • The Amir Nezām House (East Azarbaijan Cultural Heritage Handycraft And Tourism Organization).
  • Firouz Malek-Madani, PhD, Hassan-Ali Khan Garrousi, Amir Nezām, Rozaneh Magazine, January-February 2006: ( Outline, Article. Part I).

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