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Anenii Noi district is a district ( ) in the central part of Moldovamarker. As of January 1, 2005, its population was 81,710, of which 69,618 Moldovans (Romanians), 6,526 Ukrainians, 4,135 Russians, 481 Bulgarians, 235 Gagauzians, 228 Gypsies, 28 Poles, 17 Jews, 426 others, and 16 undeclared.

Its seat is the city of Anenii Noimarker, population 8,358, located 35 km east of Chişinăumarker, the capital of Moldova. The other 73,352 inhabitants live in 25 communes. There are further 19 smaller villages and hamlets: 5 subordinated to the Anenii Noimarker city administration, 3 to the Ciobanovcamarker, 2 to Zolotievcamarker commune, and one each to communes Botnăreştimarker, Calfamarker, Chetrosu, Chircamarker, Cobusca Vechemarker, Geamănamarker, Ochiul Roşmarker, Teliţamarker, and Ţânţărenimarker. The largest communes in the district are: Mereni, population 6,174, Hârbovăţmarker, population 5,447, Bulboaca 5,095, and Varniţamarker, population 4,210. Each of these are one-village communes. The smallest locality in the district is village (hamlet) Teliţa Nouă, population 19, in commune Teliţamarker.


There are 12,555 businesses registered in the district. Agriculture uses 667 km2 of the 892 km2, including 450 km2 of arable land and pastures, 30 km2 of orchards, 38 km2 of grape plantations.

Education and culture

There are 36 schools in the district, employing 860 teachers, and educating 10,987 students.

There are two art schools, and 37 public libraries. There are also 65 artistic performer groups.

Health care

There is one hospital with a capacity of 188 hospital beds. There is a medical center with 16 physician offices, 13 health centers, and 11 medical offices. There are 123 physicians, 356 medical assistants, and 348 auxiliary personnel.


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