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Angamaly ( , Aṅkamāli) is a town and a municipality in Ernakulam districtmarker in the state of Keralamarker, Indiamarker. It is a town that lies at the intersection of Main central road (MC Road) and National Highway 47. MC Road Start from the heart of Angamaly. Also a Municipality and a Legislative Assembly constituency in Ernakulam district.


Starting as a panchayat in May 1952, Angamaly was raised to a municipality in April 1978. Situated 33 km north of Ernakulam, Angamaly is the northern gateway to the commercial capital of Keralamarker.

Angamaly is one of the fastest growing towns in Kerala , thanks to the proximity of International Airport, railway station and two major roads passing through. With so many panchayats near by and its population depending on Angamaly is making it a business hub.

Angamaly has a state owned industrial estate at its southern end which has numerous renowned factories. There are many old churches which are centuries old with well defined frescoes and other murals which are also famous for certain historical meetings and decisions that shaped the modern Christianity in the entire India. Has for its credit famous temples, hospitals and educational institutions which are pride to the local population. St. George Basilica, Angamaly, the new Catholic church built at the heart of the town is regarded as the biggest of its kind in India .

Angamaly is well connected by all means of transportation. Kochi International Airport is in the vicinity of Angamaly. In fact, certain portion of Angamaly municipal area has been taken for the development of airport.

Angamaly has a railway station where all major trains stop. There is a proposed railway line from Angamaly to Sabarimalamarker which will connect the high-ranges with the low land, which in turn will improve economy of the entire region. The feasibility study is over and Railways has alloted budget for acquisition of land.

NH 47 passes through Angamaly and it is only less than 17 kilometres from Angamaly to NH 17. One of the major road connecting capital of Kerala, MC Road starts from Angamaly to Thiruvananthapurammarker via Muvattupuzhamarker,Kottayammarker.

'Manjaly thodu' which flows through Angamaly was a major waterway in the olden days where spices, rice, bamboo and other agriculture products were sent from Angadikadavu in Angamaly to the old port of Muziris(Kodungalloor). Manjaly thodu is part of the new National Waterways programme. Historians records that a massive flood around the 16th centuary AD made the Angamali river to change the course and there arose a river by the name Chalakudy river. Meanwhile the river in Angamaly became a lesser canal and there by got the name Manjaly thodu.

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. has its headquarters at Angamaly.

Kodanadmarker, famous for its Elephant Training Center is 25 kilometres from Angamaly. Elephant ride as well as a mini zoo is available here. Malayatoor, Mahagony thottam, Kalady Adi Sri Sankara Sthambam, temple and Crocodile ghat are all places of interest near Angamaly.


The small kingdom north to Desom (Aluva) and south to Koratty Swaroopam was once ruled by a king called K.P.Sasi. He had a daughter named Mali. She was married to a brave warrior who came from the North named Anku. King Sasi divided his kingdom into two and give one part to his son-in-law, Anku and the latter part to his daughter, Mali. This was a usual way of transferring of power of a king with no male successors at that time. Both the kingdoms were ruled by Anku and his kingdom was known by the name Ankumali which later turned into Ankamali-Ankamaly-Angamaly-Angamali. Although, recorded history does not exist about the origins of the name Angamaly. Legends and local folklore attribute the name Angamaly to the grounds where battles (Ankam in Malayalam language) were conducted at a myal (attributed as a plain ground). Hence a very old battle ground.

Kalady, the birth place of Adi Sri Sankara is only 6.5 kilometres from here, it is there the famous Sree Sankara college and the Sanskrit University is situated.

Several old coins and other artefacts found from the region tells this area were predominant with Buddhists and Jains in very old time. Malayatoor which is famous Christian devotional centre is very near to Angamaly. It is said that St. Thomas, the Apostlate who was deputed to the region by Jesus Christ came via Angadikadavu in Angamaly using Manjali thodu to come from Kodungaloor port at AD 58. Jesus Christ was also with him. There are evidence for the churches in the locality built as early as AD 409 and AD 822.

Thirunayathodu temple, Krishnaswamy temple, Venguru temple, Kidangooru temple, Kothakulangaramarker temple, Jain's temple, Elavuru temple, Eravikulangara templemarker, Muzhikulam temple are all in the same region.

Places in and around Angamaly

  • Karayamparambu
  • Edakkunnu
  • Mookkannoormarker
  • Azhakam
  • Kothakulangara
  • Angadikadavu
  • Palli Angadi
  • Thurappan Kunnu
  • Thurappan Kavala
  • Champannoor
  • Mallussery
  • Moozhikulam
  • Cheriya Vappalassery
  • Valiya Vappalassery
  • Kizhakke Angadi
  • Nayathode Kavala
  • Akaparambumarker
  • Thekke Kidangoor
  • Vadakke Kidangoor
  • Peechanickad
  • Puliyanammarker
  • Elavoor
  • Vattaparambu
  • Karukuttymarker
  • Kidangoor
  • Vengoor
  • Manjapra
  • L.F Kavala
  • Thuravoormarker
  • Aanappara
  • Vathakkadu
  • Yordanapuram
  • Josepuram
  • Kariyad

Pecularity of places around Angamaly

Angamaly is surrounded by 18 and ½ places which ends with 'serry', which were said to be the Viharams of Buddhists or Thiyyars who inhabited this region in the olden times,

  • 1. Nedumbasserry
  • 2. Aduvasserry
  • 3. Palapprasserry
  • 4. Kapprasserry
  • 5. Kodusserry
  • 6. Mallusserry
  • 7. Padappasserry
  • 8. Kurumasserry
  • 9. Kannamkuzhysserry
  • 10. Poovathusserry
  • 11. Kunnappillysserry
  • 12. Thuruthisserry
  • 13. Puduvasserry
  • 14. Kunnisserry
  • 15. Poykattusserry
  • 16. Karippasserry
  • 17. Palisserry
  • 18. Parambusserry
  • 18.5 Vappalasserry (the half)

Angamali is enriched with cultural and devotional centres. Majority of the population are Christians (Major denominations are Roman Catholic and Jacobite Syrians . A small branch of Chalakkudymarker river flows through Angamali which is leading to Maanjaali. Once upon a time this was considered to be a major trade centre. The name itself is "Angadikadavu". Another major fact about Angamali is that it is the nearest town to the Cochin International Airport. Metro City Kochimarker is 34 km and Cultural City Thrissurmarker is 45 km from this town.


By air

Closest airport is 3 km south, Cochin International Airportmarker (COK) in Nedumbasserymarker, which is connected to most of the cities in India and several Gulf countries.

By rail

Angamaly for Kaladymarker (AFK) Station

By road

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Sub-Depot in the town centre and a Private bus stand adjacent to the railway station.

By water

Manjaly thodu which was earlier a river is getting developed along with the proposed National Waterway.


Angamaly is located at . It has an average elevation of 31 metres (104 feet).


 India census, Angamaly had a population of 33,424. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Angamaly has an average literacy rate of 84%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 50% of the males and 50% of females literate. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Angamali assembly constituency is part of Chalakudy .

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