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Angry Kid is a series of stop motion animations from Darren Walsh at Aardman Animations, depicting the mini-adventures of a 15 year old brat with an attitude problem. Most of the episodes contain adult content.

Angry Kid is not clay animation as is usual with Aardman productions, but a combination of pixilation, mask replacement and live action. It is a technique pioneered by Walsh and involves taking a live actor, sitting perfectly still and being moved like a puppet, while masks are replaced, to give the effect of speech and shot frame by frame.

The series is currently shown on digital channel BBC Three and Dave between some shows from 9pm. The series is also shown on Teletoon in Canada. Season One and Two have both been released on DVD in the UKmarker, and Australia. All the Angry Kid animations are free to watch and/or download on the Atom Films website. A compilation DVD entitled Aardman's Dark side was also released, and it contains several season 2 episodes and an exclusive episode.

Due to the short length of each episode, Angry Kid has become famous for being downloaded to mobile phones and shown to friends at schools and workplaces.


  • Angry Kid:AKA Stanners. The "hero" of this series. He is red-headed, has a runny nose, and is mean-spirited. He is often seen wearing a blue parka, even over his pajamas. His age is revealed in the series, he is about 15 years old. He writes right-handed, as revealed in "Who Do I Think I Am?". "Angry Kid" is his actual name, since the initials "AK" were printed on his spacesuit in a section from Who do I Think I am? He is apparently a Doctor Who fan, because he imitates the Daleks with a vibrator in one episode and he has a Dalek poster in his room.

  • Little Sis': Angry Kid's younger sister, who is inferior in age and size, but superior in intelligence to him. Angry Kid is sometimes seen bullying her, but she often gets her own back. She talks very little (ignoring the half-hour special), but has had one speaking part in the first series, while possessed by an evil spirit, similar to The Exorcist, "Shut the fuck up! I'm trying to watch the telly!". She also talks in the "Who Do I Think I Am?" angry kid specials, and the Aardman's Dark side exclusive episode.

  • Dad: An unseen character who is Angry Kid and Little Sis' father. He often hits Angry Kid when he does something naughty (like the "Swearing" episode from series 1). He is also very fond of country music.

  • Speccy: Angry Kid's only known friend, who appeared in series two. He is a nerd, and why he and Angry Kid are friends is questionable. It is possible that he only hangs out with Angry Kid to get him in trouble. He is allergic to nuts, and once became severely disfigured after Angry Kid shoved a handful down his throat. Angry Kid is cruel to Speccy, as he asks Speccy to do his homework for him, or doesn't let him watch action films with him. As revealed in "Who Do I Think I Am?", Speccy's real name is Myles.

  • Captain Thunderpants: A singer, who Angry Kid likes very much. In one episode, he insisted that his dad turn off his country music and put in Captain Thunderpants. His lyrics are mostly random messages such as "One pound of middle cut pork leg joint," or "Stew my foot and call me Brenda". Angry Kid likes to accompany them on a car horn, or air horn. Captain Thunder pants is not to be confused with Captain Underpants, a super-powered children's book character.

Episode listing

Season 1

  • Car Sick
Angry Kid is sitting in the back of his father's car. He is holding a chocolate bar and a can of Coke, and has chocolate around his mouth. To annoy his father, he keeps pretending he's going to 'jub up' (be sick), which makes his father furious.

  • Bored
Angry Kid and his little sister are watching an educational program on TV. Angry Kid is getting really bored with this so he starts blowing raspberries and pointing his middle fingers at his sister, not knowing what it means. His sister retaliates by sticking her two fingers up Angry Kid's nose. Angry kid sneezes on her fingers and she begins to cry. He tries to quiet her by hugging her, unaware that she's rubbing the snot onto his face.

  • Goalie
Angry Kid is playing football as the goalie. He gets really bored does not pay attention to the ball. He gets hit by the ball which makes him dizzy.

  • Blood Juice
Angry Kid is sitting in the back of his father's car, constantly asking "How many miles till we get there?" Angry Kid then starts playing with his boxing puppet. The puppet punches Angry Kid in the face causing a nose bleed. Angry Kid wipes it off his face and says to his father that its "blood juice". He then blows his nose, causing the blood to go all over his face.

  • Backwards Writing
Angry Kid, Lil Sis and Dad are in the car and Angry Kid asks why Ambulance is written backwards on the ambulances. Dad then explains, only for Angry Kid to start writing backwards messages to his father. Incredibly irritated, Dad starts repeatedly hitting Angry Kid every time he shows a new sign, with Lil Sis encouraging him with signs as well.

  • Road Hog
Angry Kid is riding his bike down a street when a lorry comes up behind him. The lorry tries to overtake Angry Kid but he keeps changing lanes so the lorry can't overtake, which annoys the driver, who honks his horn and yells at Angry Kid. He continues this until the lorry runs out of diesel, but then gets lost and cannot find his way home.

  • Stinky
Angry Kid is at school standing in front of a brick wall. He then sniffs his finger which makes him feel sick. He keeps sniffing it and making vomit noises. A "Director's Cut" Version of this episode includes a suspenseful soundtrack which heightens every time he sniffs his finger.

  • Headlights
Angry Kid is in his father's car going through a dark tunnel. Each time a light shines at Angry Kid, he makes different expressions. He then gets out of his father's car without using the door and winds up on the back-screen. He then clings onto the front of a lorry, before turning up in his father's car again, asking "are we there yet?".

  • Cotton Bud
Angry Kid is trying to sneeze but he can't, so he sticks a cotton bud up his nose. It causes him to sneeze, but the cotton bud gets stuck. As he tries to remove it, he sneezes again, causing his entire thumb to go up his nose.

  • Sex Education
Angry Kid is in the front lounge watching a sex education show about making babies. A few minutes later his sister comes in. Eventually he throws up after switching to a programme about liposuction.

  • Bone
Angry Kid is riding his bike down a street. He succeeds in riding with one hand, but when trying to ride with no hands, he falls off his bike. He gets up only to find a bone sticking out of his elbow. Then a nearby dog grabs Angry Kid's bone. Angry Kid fights the dog off by biting its ear off. He then faints.

  • Captain Thunder pants
Angry Kid is sitting in the back of his father's car bored with his dad's country music. Angry Kid asks if he can put on his tape, "Captain Thunder pants". There are only two lines in this song, which are "one pound of middle cut pork leg joint" and "stew my foot and call me Brenda", which Angry Kid likes to accompany with a car-horn and an air-horn.

  • Swearing
Angry Kid is sitting in the back of his father's car asking what words he can say. His dad repeatedly hits him with a newspaper every time he says a swear word.

  • Queen's Speech
Angry Kid is preparing for a speech to the Queen. Lil Sis is stuck to the Christmas tree.

  • Hard Face
Angry Kid is meant to be brushing his teeth but instead brushes up on his imitations.

  • Chips
Angry Kid is standing outside a chip shop eating a 50p portion chips from a newspaper. He tries tossing the chips into his mouth but misses every time, which attracts the attention of a neighborhood dog.

  • Superhero
Angry Kid is now Captain Buggernuts The Masked Bum Cake Avenger, and has to stop the Evil Dr. Arserot on his chopper. However, when he gets attacked by a dog, he is saved by Lady Angel Butt (Lil Sis), who then saws off Angry Kid's hair.

  • Love bite
Angry Kid is sucking on a bottle to give himself a love-bite, and thus make it look like he's got a girlfriend.

  • Buzz Off
Angry Kid is in the bathroom, where he finds his mother's vibrator. He sellotapes his toothbrush to it and, using a pair of false teeth, pretends to be an old lady.

  • Hoax Call
Angry Kid is doing a prank phone call to a Directory Inquiries service, causing the Scot on the other end to commit suicide.

  • Wee Wee
Angry Kid is peeing when Lil Sis walks into the bathroom. He tells her not to look but she doesn't listen, so he ends up peeing on her, causing her to cry.

  • Speed
Angry Kid is on the run from the police. However, neither cop realizes that he is actually in the back of their car with a walkie-talkie, making them think he has hacked into the police radio.

  • Sneeze
Angry Kid is sneezing at the mirror, making loud noises. When his mother tries getting into the locked bathroom, he sneezes loud that his eyeballs pop out and stick to the mirror.

  • Horror
Angry Kid and his Lil Sis are watching a horror movie, and Angry Kid tries to scare his little sister with a pair of ghoulish gloves. When that plan fails, he tries poking her with a spider on a stick. However, she remains unfazed. When he then tries scaring with a ghost mask, she is possessed by a demon who exclaims: "Shut the fuck up I'm trying to watch the telly!", before reverting back to normal.

  • Kidnap
Angry Kid is in the back of his dad's car with a tissue. He loudly blows his nose, saying he's got "snot blocks". Annoyed, his father warns him to stop being naughty or he'll take him to the children's home. Angry Kid tells his dad that he doesn't love him and begins using the tissue as a whip. Dad eventually gives up and says that he's taking his son to the home. Terrified, Angry Kid begs him not to, and when Dad doesn't reassure him, he gags himself with the tissue and writes on a piece of paper 'Help! Kidnap!'. Dad is promptly pulled over by a passing police car, who obviously believe Angry Kid's help sign. However, Angry Kid ends up at the children's home anyway and, as Dad laughs evilly, he yells "bullocks!".

Season 2

  • Wanker
Angry Kid is sitting in the back of his dad's car and asks his dad "what's a wanker". However his dad can't put it in terms Angry Kid would understand so he just tells him it's a type of behavior.

  • Sex Call
Angry Kid rings for phone sex.

  • Strange Trip
Angry Kid is once again bored of long car journeys and falls asleep but he doesn't realize his dad has driven through a magical world with things to keep Angry Kid amused.

  • Card Trick
Angry Kid tries to show his sister a card trick but fails.

  • Philosophical
Angry Kid is wondering what will happen after his parents die and wants to know how much inheritance will he get.

  • Puerile
Angry Kid and little sister are reading magazines on the couch but then challenge each other to a loud and smelly farting contest.

  • Curious
Angry Kid wondered what was happening last night as he could hear strange noises coming from his parents bedroom but his dad reckons he was just dreaming. After his dad offers him 10 pounds and Angry Kid accepts he asks how much is a butt plug.

  • Russian Roulette
Angry Kid, Little Sister & Speccy are playing a game of Russian Roulette where you spin the hammer and if it points to you, you hit yourself with the hammer. The Uncut Version of this episode sees a somewhat more graphic conclusion when Speccy gets hit.

  • Tourette's
Angry Kid pretends that the has Tourette's Syndrome whilst in the car, causing his dad to become evermore enraged.

  • Piss
Angry Kid asks his dad to stop the car because he needs to go to the toilet. His dad is reluctant and instead give him a flask to pee in. Trouble follows.

  • Swollen
Speccy and Angry Kid are sitting in the car. Angry Kid then offers him a peanut however, Speccy says that he is allergic. Regardless, Angry Kid then forces him to swallow a peanut.

  • Bad News
As the family are eating breakfast they are informed that one of their relatives had died.

  • Cake
He eats his sister's birthday cake, claiming that she doesn't like cake.

  • Chemistry
Angry Kid & Speccy are doing experiments but Angry Kid does uses anything he can lay his hands on.

  • Dustbin
Angry Kid is suffocating Speccy in the dustbin and needs him to sign a contract.

  • Doll
Angry Kid is playing with one of his sister's dolls, only to then put it in a blender.

  • Sofa Attack
Angry Kid & Little Sister are watching a movie on TV and eating popcorn. What they don't know is Speccy is behind them trying to get to the popcorn but is being viciously attacked by Angry Kid's dog.

  • Snail
Angry Kid is setting up a snail race but crushes the snail's shells and then hits Speccy with the cricket bat.

  • Jackanory
Angry Kid tells the story of Little Red Riding Twat.

  • Marathon Man
Angry Kid tries to use fireworks to try and blow up his dog and fails.

  • Road Safety
Angry Kid meets the Green Cross Code man, a road safety mascot, on the streets but won't listen to the Road Safety instructions. The Green Cross Code man is then hit by a car.

  • Birdy
It's an Angry Kid Christmas that doesn't go well.

  • What Are You Like?
Angry Kid is Dick Spoonphil, investigating what is occurring on the streets.

  • Catapult
Angry Kid aims his slingshot at the audience while doing a Dirty Harry impersonation. He then accidentally fires the slingshot at a car. A teacher finds out and the episode ends with Angry Kid firing the catapult at himself.

Who Do I Think I Am?

A half-hour special, broadcast on BBC Three at 7.30pm on Christmas Eve, 2004. It's also available to watch on the Atom films website in 7 Parts.

Angry Kid's Darkside

A straight to DVD episode featured on Aardman's Dark Side DVD. Angry kid is running in the forest, where he finds a bandaged up version of himself as a woman. He soon realises that it is just a nightmare.His sister comes into his bedroom to ask if he is alright, then splits in two before him, which turns out to be yet another nightmare. He wakes up, and Speccy is beside him, talking about maths and triangles.Angry Kid calls his nightmare 'crap', and Speccy dryly retorts that the real nightmare is when he wakes up. Angry Kid then realizes he is at school wearing a dress, and is promptly told off, before Speccy repeats 'there's no place like home three times' (a reference to The Wizard of Oz). Angry Kid then hits Speccy with a shoe, and the nightmares end.

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