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Annita Pania (Anastasia Pania), born in 1970, is a Greekmarker television hostess.

Before presenting her first dating show Το Χρυσό Κουφέτο ('To Hriso Koufeto', meaning 'The Golden Sugarplum'), she was a teacher of French language and a songwriter.

She has recently released her first book, Η εκδίκηση του κωλόχαρτου ('The revenge of the toilet paper') ISBN 960-397-489-7, to widespread derision by critics and audience alike .

She is currently engaged to songwriter Nikos Karvelas , who is providing a steady stream of songs for the new "talents" of her TV show "Je t'aime" . Recent underground hits include "To ho anagi poly (I need it desperately)" and "Sex gardoumpa kai donner", the latter being a hymn to unrequitted love and eating banquets.

On January 1, 2008 she gave birth to Nikos Karvelas' baby boy.

In November 2008, Pania and Karvelas were arrested by the Police after a police chase, which started off with them running a red light. The incident supposedly started when the car driven by Karvelas ran a red light. Police then began to chase them and turned their sirens on to pull them over. Karvelas continued on, running further red lights and driving erratically, while the police continued to chase him. Pania and Karvelas allege that they were listening to a new song Karvelas wrote, with the volume up high, did not hear any sirens and were not aware of any police chasing them. They also deny ever running the red light. Later, the couple claimed that the policemen not only were overzealous, commanding and rude (using the word re) but also threatened them with their weapons. Pania also mentioned later on TV that she does respect the Police but on the other hand the couple would not comply to bullies, "cops" and "baskines" (pejorative words signifying policemen with improper attitude), whose insulting behavior rather reminded of the Greek Junta. The couple vowed to take the subject up in court.

The incident caused some, although not very widespread, controversy in Greece ; it would be fair to say it was rather equivalent to the couple's limited public appeal. The main discussion was centered around their apparent belief that they were "above the law", perhaps due to their supposed public figure status . It is thought that the excuses they put forward were not persuasive; some even considered them ludicrous and disrespectful to the public's intelligence .

Pania and Karvelas were later charged in court, found guilty and sentenced to fourteen (14) and ten (10) months in jail respectively, though they were allowed to buy out their sentences.


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