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Another You is an Americanmarker comedy film released in 1991. It was the final film pairing Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. Co-stars included Mercedes Ruehl and Vanessa Williams.


The story is a variation of the mistaken identity and impersonation theme made popular by The Prisoner of Zenda and other works. In this film, Wilder plays a former mental patient who is released from hospital but is mistaken for his doppelgänger, who happens to be a millionaire. Pryor plays a con man who tries to keep Wilder out of trouble, while taking advantage of the mistaken identity.

Critical and box office reception

The film was released four years after Pryor revealed that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and his physical deterioration is evident in this film. Another You was a critical and box office failure. It is sometimes cited as being Pryor's final film, but in fact he went on to play supporting roles in several more films throughout the 1990s.


  • (During the opening logo for Tri-Star)
    Richard Pryor: Now, easy boy.

    Steady, wait!


    Fucking wings!

    What's going on?

    (crash, then jingle ends) Fucking white horse!

    (On Ion Television airings of this film, Pryor says "Wings!

    What's going on?" and "Damn white horse!")

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