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Anthems of Rebellion is the fifth studio album by Swedishmarker melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. This is the only Arch Enemy album to feature clean vocals. The clean vocals were sung by Michael Amott on "End of the Line" and "Dehumanization".

A music video was produced for the album's single, "We Will Rise," which saw moderate airing on Headbanger's Ball and Uranium. It featured a legion of people racing across a beach under a darkened sky. According to the band, one of the participants in the video hurt an ankle considerably in leaping off a large hill but did not sue.

A video was also produced for Dead Eyes See No Future, which consisted of a live performance. The song also appeared on the Alone in the Dark Original Soundtrack.


At its time of release, Anthems of Rebellion gave Century Media its then highest first-week Soundscan sales in the United States, and later became one of the top ten best-selling albums under the record label.

Track listing

# Title Music Lyrics Length
1 Tear Down the Walls (intro) Michael Amott Instrumental 0:32
2 "Silent Wars" Michael Amott

Christopher Amott
Angela Gossow 4:15
3 "We will Rise" Christopher Amott

Michael Amott
Michael Amott 4:07
4 "Dead Eyes See No Future" Christopher Amott

Michael Amott
Michael Amott

Angela Gossow
5 "Instinct" Michael Amott Michael Amott 3:37
6 "Leader of the Rats" Christopher Amott

Michael Amott

Sharlee D'Angelo
Angela Gossow

Michael Amott
7 "Exist to Exit" Daniel Erlandsson

Christopher Amott

Michael Amott
Angela Gossow

Michael Amott
8 "Marching on a Dead End Road" Christopher Amott Instrumental 1:17
9 "Despicable Heroes" Daniel Erlandsson

Michael Amott
Angela Gossow 2:12
10 "End of the Line" Michael Amott

Christopher Amott
Michael Amott 3:36
11 "Dehumanization" Michael Amott Angela Gossow 4:15
12 "Anthem" Michael Amott Instrumental 0:57
13 "Saints and Sinners" Michael Amott Angela Gossow

Michael Amott

Bonus disc

In numerous regions, a bonus DVD was supplied with the initial release in three forms. Track listings would be identical, save the Europe jewel case edition, which omitted "Exist to Exit" (5.1). The U.S. jewel case release and Europe digipak included all tracks available on the releases.

Live from the Wages of Sin Campaign 2002 (LPCM 2.0)

# Title Length
1 "Lament of a Mortal Soul" 4:34
2 "Behind the Smile" 3:23
3 "Diva Satanica" 4:10

Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes

# Title Length
1 "Exist to Exit" 5:22
2 "Leader of the Rats" 4:22
3 "Dead Eyes See No Future" 4:15

Arch Enemy

Other Personnel

Release history

Region Date Label Format
Japan July 23, 2003 Century Media Records CD
Canada July 28, 2003 Toys Factory CD
South Korea August 25, 2003 Century Media LP
double CD
Germany August 25, 2003 Century Media LP
double CD
United Kingdom August 25, 2003 Century Media LP
double CD
United States August 26, 2003 Century Media CD


  • Arch Enemy's video for "We Will Rise" was the first video played on the revived Headbangers Ball in 2003.



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