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Antireligion is opposition to religion.

Antireligion is distinct from atheism and antitheism (opposition to belief in deities), although antireligionists may be atheists or antitheists. The term may be used to describe opposition to organized religion, or to describe a broader opposition to any form of belief in the supernatural or the divine.


According to historian Michael Burleigh, antireligion found its first mass expression in revolutionary France in response to organised resistance to "organised ... 'anti-clerical' and self-styled 'non-religious' state.

The atheist state of the Soviet Unionmarker directed antireligious campaigns at all faiths, including Christian, Buddhist and Shamanist religions. The government nationalised all church property, executed clergy, prohibited the publication of most religious material and persecuted members of religious groups. The result of this was the martyrdom of 21 million Russianmarker Orthodox Christians by the Soviet government, not including torture or other religious ethnicities killed.

The atheist state of Communist Albania had an objective for the eventual destruction of all religion in Albaniamarker, including a constitutional ban on religious activity and propaganda. The government nationalised most property of religious institutions and religious literature was banned. Many clergy and theists were tried, tortured, and executed. All foreign Roman Catholic clergy were expelled in 1946.

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