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An Arab Argentine is a Argentinamarker citizen or resident alien whose ancestry traces back to any of various waves of immigrants, largely of Arab cultural and linguistic heritage and/or identity, originating from one or more of the twenty-two countries which comprise the Arab World.

Although a highly diverse group of Argentines — in ancestral origins, religion and historic identities — Arab Argentines hold a heritage that shares common linguistic, cultural, and political traditions.

The majority of the 3.5 million Arab Argentines are from either Lebanese or Syrian background. There is also a small Palestinian community in Argentina. Of the total 3.5 million Arab Argentines 700,000 Arab Argentines are Muslims.


In the 19th century, the first Arabs settled in Argentina. Most Arabs who came during this time period were Sirio-Libanese Arabs (During that time, Syria and Lebanon were one territory). From 1891 to 1920, 367,348 people of Arabic heritage immigrated into Argentina. When they were first processed in the ports of Argentina, they were classified as Turks because what is modern day Lebanonmarker and Syriamarker was a territory of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The causes for Arabs to leave their homeland were an accelerated increase in demographics in Lebanon, the persecution of Christians by the Ottoman Turks, and a war in Tripoli on 1911. The Arab immigrants settle in the provinces of Buenos Airesmarker, Salta, Jujuy, La Rioja, San Juanmarker, Mendoza, Santiago del Estero, Misionesmarker, Chaco, and the Patagonia. A large percentage on Arabs settled in the Cuyo region (which is made up of the provinces of San Juan, San Luis, Mendoza, and La Rioja).


Arab net migration to Argentina from 1871 to 1976
Year period Arab immigrants
1871-1880 672
1881-1890 3,537
1891-1900 10,572
1901-1910 35,398
1911-1920 39,052
1921-1930 18,894
1931-1940 1,682
1941-1950 2,063
1951-1960 1,083
1961-1970 278
1971-1976 -30
Total 113,201

Prominent Argentines of Arab descent


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  2. Bajaron de los Barcos: Sirios, Turcos y Libaneses

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