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The name Archelaus (Greek: Άρχέλαος, i.e. "prime/rule of people") may refer to:

Historical persons

Mythological persons

  • Archelaus, son of Heracles
  • Archelaus, son Electryon and Anaxo. He was killed by the sons of Pterelaus, who were reclaiming the kingdom of their ancestor Nestor.
  • Archelaus, son of Aegyptus. He was killed by his wife, Anaxibia, daughter of Danaus.
  • Archelaus, son of Temenus (son of Heracles). Driven into exile by his brothers, he was promised the kingdom of king Cisseus of Macedonia, along with the hand in marriage of his daughter. He was, however, betrayed and murdered by the king.


  • Archelaus by Euripides
  • Pierikos Archelaos B.C a basketball club in Pieriamarker, Macedonia (Greece)

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