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Argeş ( ) is a county (judeţ) of Romaniamarker, in Wallachia, with the capital city at Piteştimarker.


In 2002, it had a population of 652,625 and the population density was 95/km².

Year County population
1948 448,964
1956 483,741
1966 529,833
1977 631,918
1992 681,206
2002 652,625


Landscape in central and southern Argeş County
This county has a total area of 6,862 km².The relief can be split into 3 distinctive parts. In the north side there are the mountains, from the Southern Carpathiansmarker group - the Făgăraş Mountains with Moldoveanu Peakmarker (2,544 m), Negoiu Peakmarker (2,535 m) and Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak (2,508 m) towering the region, and in the North-East part the Leaotă Mountains. Between them there is a pass towards Braşovmarker, the Rucăr-Bran Passage. The heights decrease, and in the center there are the sub-carpathian hills, with heights around 800 m, crossed with very deep valleys. In the south there is the northern part of the Romanian Plain.

The main river that crosses the county is the Argeş River in which almost all the other rivers coming from the mountains flow. In the south the main rivers are the Vedea River and the Teleorman River.



The county is one of the most industrialized counties in Romaniamarker. There is one oil refinery and two automobile plants at Miovenimarker - the Dacia Renault car plant, and at Câmpulungmarker the ARO plant.

The predominant industries in the county are:
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Electrical equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Food
  • Textiles
  • Construction materials

Oil is being extracted in the center and in the south. Also there are a few coal mines and close to Miovenimarker there is a nuclear research and production facility making nuclear fuels for the Cernavodămarker Nuclear Electric Power Plant. On the Argeş River there are a great number of hydroelectric power plants, the most impressive being the Vidrarumarker power plant and dam.

The hillsides are well suited for wines and fruit orchards, and the south is suited for cereal crops.


The main tourist destinations are:

Administrative divisions

Argeş County has 3 municipalities, 4 towns and 95 communes


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