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  • Argus Panoptes (Argus "all eyes"), a giant with a hundred eyes.
  • Argus, son of Zeus (or Phoroneus) and Niobe; succeeded Phoroneus as King of Argosmarker.
  • Argus, builder of the ship Argo in the tale of the Argonauts
  • Argus, the eldest son of Phrixus and Chalciope. Argus and his brothers set out to return to their grandfather's kingdom of Orchomenus, but were shipwrecked and rescued by the Argonauts
  • Argus, the son of Phineus and DanaĆ«, in a rare variant of the myth in which she and her two sons (the other being Argeus) travel to Italy
  • Argus, faithful dog to Homeric Odysseus; as translated by Professor Stanley Lombardo



  • Argus , a 1972 album by Wishbone Ash
  • "The Argus", song by Ween on the album Quebec
  • Argus , fictional character who has associated with The Flash in the DC comics universe
  • Argus, the ancestral homeland of the Eredar race in fictional Warcraft Universe
  • Argus Filch, a fictional character in the Harry Potter series
  • Argus, a deity of the Mortal Kombat series
  • ARGUS , a private military contractor of the Splinter Cell series
  • Argus, the 15th colossus from the video game Shadow of the Colossus
  • Argus, a model of Mech in the Battletech universe and makes one of its first appearances in Mechwarrior 4
  • "Argus (or "Argos") no Senshi" is the original Japanese title for Rygar
  • Argus, a prototype-only arcade video game by Gottlieb also known as Protector
  • Argus , a Notorious Monster in the Final Fantasy XI MMORPG


  • CP-107 Argus, a Royal Canadian Air Force maritime patrol aircraft
  • HMS Argus, one of seven ships of the British Royal Navy
  • RFA Argus , an aviation training ship in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • USS Argus , a brig of the United States Navy
  • Fairchild Argus, a British version of the C-61 Forwarder light military transport aircraft

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