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The Arkansas State Senate is the upper branch of the Arkansas General Assembly. The Senate consists of 35 members, each representing a district with about 76,000 people. Service in the state legislature is part-time, and most state senators have full-time jobs during the rest of the year. The 35-member Senate consists of seven Republicans, 27 Democrats and one vacancy. There are five women, twenty-nine men, thirty European-Americans, and four African-Americans.


The senators are each elected for four-year terms, the Senate being renewed by half every two years. So a Senate lasts two years with the same composition.

Legal basis :

Arkansas Constitution - Article 5. Legislative Department. § 3. Senate.

The Senate shall consist of members to be chosen every four years, by the qualified electors of the several districts. At the first session of the Senate, the Senators shall divide themselves into two classes, by lot, and the first class shall hold their places for two years only, after which all shall be elected for four years.

They are also limited to serving no more than two four-year terms.

Legal basis :

Arkansas Constitution - Amendment 73. Arkansas Term Limitation Amendment. § 2(b). Legislative Branch.

The Arkansas Senate shall consist of members to be chosen every four years by the qualified electors of the several districts. No member of the Arkansas Senate may serve more than two such four year terms.

Current composition 2009-2010

87th General Assembly

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 27 8 35 0
Begin 27 8 35 0
August 21, 2009 7 34 1
Latest voting share 79.4% 20.6%


Office Officer Party District
President/Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter Democratic
President pro tempore Bob Johnson Democratic 18
Assistant Presidents pro tempore Paul Bookout Democratic 14
Tracy Steele Democratic 34
Ed Wilkinson Democratic 6
Hank Wilkins IV Democratic 5

Floor Leaders

Office Officer Party District
Majority Leader Joyce Elliott Democratic 33
Majority Whip Steve Faris Democratic 27
Minority Leader Kim Hendren Republican 9
Minority Whip Bill Pritchard Republican 35

Members of the 87th Senate

District Name Party Residence Seat Up
1 Johnny Key Rep Mountain Homemarker 2012
2 Randy Laverty Dem Jaspermarker 2010
3 Ruth Whitaker Rep Cedarvillemarker 2012
4 VACANT 2012
5 Henry Wilkins IV Dem Pine Bluffmarker 2012
6 Ed Wilkinson Dem Greenwoodmarker 2012
7 Sue Madison Dem Fayettevillemarker 2010
8 Cecile Bledsoe Rep Rogersmarker 2012
9 Kim Hendren Rep Gravettemarker 2010
10 Paul Miller Dem Melbournemarker 2012
11 Robert Thompson Dem Paragouldmarker 2010
12 David Wyatt Dem Batesvillemarker 2012
13 Denny Altes Rep Fort Smithmarker 2010
14 Paul Bookout Dem Jonesboromarker 2010
15 Steve Bryles Dem Blythevillemarker 2012
16 Jack Crumbly Dem Widenermarker 2012
17 Jim Luker Dem Wynnemarker 2010
18 Bob Johnson Dem Little Rockmarker 2012
19 Terry Smith Dem Hot Springsmarker 2012
20 Larry Teague Dem Nashvillemarker 2012
21 Barbara Horn Dem Ashdownmarker 2012
22 Shane Broadway Dem Bryantmarker 2010
23 Jerry Taylor Dem Pine Bluff 2012
24 Jimmy Jeffress Dem Crossettmarker 2012
25 Gene Jeffress Dem Louannmarker 2010
26 Percy Malone Dem Arkadelphiamarker 2012
27 Steve Faris Dem Malvernmarker 2012
28 Bobby Glover Dem Carlislemarker 2010
29 John Paul Capps Dem Searcymarker 2010
30 Gilbert Baker Rep Conwaymarker 2012
31 Mary Anne Salmon Dem North Little Rockmarker 2010
32 David Johnson Dem Little Rock 2012
33 Joyce Elliott Dem Little Rock 2012
34 Tracy Steele Dem North Little Rock 2010
35 Bill Pritchard Rep Elkinsmarker 2010


  1. Republican Sharon Trusty (D-4) resigned

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