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Arkhangelskoye estate.
The palace, 21st century

Arkhangelskoye ( ) is a historical estate located around 20 kilometers to the west from Moscowmarker. In 1703–1810 Arkhangelskoye belonged to Galitzine, and from 1810–1917, to the Yusupov family. In 1917 the Yusupovs' property was nationalized by the Bolsheviks. Nowadays Arkhangelskoye is a state museum.

The estate is built in the style of Classicism, with the most notable building of the palace (1780s) faced to Moscow river crease and regular terraced park of the 18th century decorated with many 'ancient-like' statues. The other notable erections are a small palace named 'Caprice', Catherine II of Russia and Alexander Pushkin monuments, and the theatre of the 18th century. Arkhangelskoye's oldest building is the church of Archangel Michael (1646). Among the other buildings are Saint Gates (1825–26), the uncompleted building known as 'Colonnade' (1909–1916), which was intended to be a Mausoleum for the elder son of the last Princess Yussupova and serves today as an exhibition hall and two extensions of the sanatorium built in the 1930s.

The estate is famous with its exquisite collection of fine art including paintings, sculptures, furnitures, ceramics and interior.

Arkhangelskoye today

Nowadays Arkhangelskoye is a popular place for tourists, Muscovites holiday hiking and important cultural events, such as Classical, Jazz and Lounge music festivals. As of December 2006, large restoration works are nearly to be finished at the palace.

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Image:Church Mihail Arhangel.JPG|Church of Archangel MichaelImage:Arkhangelskoe1.jpg|Distant view of the palace, November 2008Image:Arkhangelskoe2.jpg|Trellis arches in NovemberImage:Arkhangelskoe3.jpgImage:Arkhangelskoe4.jpg|Alexander III ColumnImage:Arkhangelskoe5.jpg|Catherine II StatueImage:Arkhangelskoe6.jpgImage:Arkhangelskoe7.jpgImage:Arkhangelskoe8.jpg

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