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The Armenian General Benevolent Union abbreviated as AGBU, ( , , ) is a non-profit Armenianmarker organization. It was established in Cairomarker, Egyptmarker in 1906. With the onset of World War II, headquarters were moved to New York Citymarker, New Yorkmarker.

With an annual international budget of $36 million, AGBU preserves and promotes the Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs, annually serving some 400,000 Armenians in 35 countries. In 2006, the AGBU celebrated its centenary in its headquarters in New York City.


Centers, Chapters and Offices


AGBU operates 18 day schools and 15 Saturday (one-day) schoolsSome of the important schools run by the AGBU include:

It awards scholarship grants and loans to over 500 students worldwide and supports the American University of Armeniamarker and Yerevan State Universitymarker.

The Union has funded a number of benevolent causes including supporting the Lord Byron School which was donated by the British government following the earthquake in 1988. The school has continued to twin with the Holgate Schoolmarker in Nottingham. The support of the Lord Byron School in Armenia and the twinning have enjoyed the AGBU's support.

Youth and Culture

Through its extensive global network of 75 chapters, young professionals groups, centers and offices, the organization sponsors numerous worthwhile cultural and humanitarian programs, including children's centers, soup kitchens, summer camps, athletics and Scouts, internship and mentoring programs and the performing arts. It claims to be the world's largest non-profit Armenian organization.


With more than a dozen publications in six languages, AGBU has a rich publishing tradition

  • Ararat Quarterly (1959–) A quarterly of literature, history, popular culture and the arts.
  • AGBU News (New York, NY, USA)
  • AGBU Voice (Bulgaria)
  • Desilk (Scarborough, Canada)
  • Deghegadou (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Generation 3 (Argentina)
  • Hayatsk (Aleppo, Syria)
  • Hoosharar (New York, NY, USA)
  • Khosnag (Beirut, Lebanon)
  • Revue Arménienne des Questions Contemporaines (France)
  • UGAB-France (Paris, France)
  • Yeram (Damascus, Syria)
  • Mioutune (Sydney, Australia)


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