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Armenians in Belarus refers to ethnic Armenians living in Belarusmarker. They number around 25,000 and mainly live in Minskmarker.


The settlement of Armenians in Belarus, in the old century, was of an episodic nature and was due mainly to the needs of trade. History Armenian origin, now living in Belarus, mainly occurs in XX century.

In Belarus, in 1999, according to official census population of 10,191 Armenians - 0.1% of the population of the republic. Half of this population settled in Belarus under the Soviet regime, when the Soviet Union there were no boundaries, were distributed to the direction of specialists in other regions.

It is natural to assume that the Armenian community in Belarus are not the sort of foreign body in the socio-economic structures of the country, on the contrary, their activities are characterized by high activity and is the benefit of the state. Over the past decade, from among the Armenian diaspora came a large number of prominent representatives of scientific and creative intellectuals, government officials and business leaders.

Chairman of the Armenian diaspora in Belarus Eghiazaryan George Anushavanovich.

Notable people

Many Armenians took part but the territory of Belarus in the establishment of Soviet power and the fighting in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Sons of the Armenian people fought valiantly for their country and many of them were awarded the highest awards. Suffice it to mention such names kok:

Some streets of the city of Minskmarker, the hero is named after our compatriots who have left the heroic contributions to the history of Belarusmarker - Myasnikov, Yalibekova, Gaya, Yavakyana.In the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1989 there were 4,933 Armenians. The second wave of Armenian immigrants appeared in Belarus after the tragic events of 1988 in the Nagorno-Karabakh, Armeniamarker and Azerbaijanmarker, the 1988 Spitak earthquakemarker and the collapse of the Soviet Union. During these ten years the number of Armenians in Belarus doubled.

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