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Armenians in Hungary ( ) are ethnic Armenians living in the modern republic of Hungarymarker. An estimated15,000 to 3,500 live in the nation today, making up roughly 0.01% of the population. Approximately two thirds of Hungary's Armenians population is found in Budapestmarker and the surrounding Pest countymarker. Armenians in Hungary have established 31 "self-governments" and roughly half of them speak Armenian as their mother tongue.. The Armenian Catholic Priesthood has existed in Hungary since 1924 and hosts a number of cultural programs, as does the Armenian Cultural and Information Centre in Budapest. The few Armenians who immigrated to Hungary during the 17th century are thought to have since assimilated. Most modern Armenians in Hungary have immigrated to the country after the dissolution of the USSR.

Armenians were present from early on in Hungarymarker (then Kingdom of Hungary), clearly attested in a document issued by Hungarian King Ladislaus IV the Cuman (late 13th century). Here, they were even allowed to found their own trading towns, the most notable one being Szamosújvár (today Gherlamarker, Romania) called Armenopolis/Armenierstadt or Hayakaghak (Հայաքաղաք).

The Armenian national Gurgen Markarian was infamously murdered in his sleep by an Azeri named Ramil Safarov during a NATOmarker Partnership for Peace program. Safarov is currently serving a life sentence in a Hungarian prison.

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