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The Army of the Republic of Macedonia ( is the name of the unified armed forces of the Republic of Macedoniamarker. The Macedonian military is a defence force consisting of an army (Армија, Armija); an air force (Воено Воздухопловство, Voeno vozduhoplovstvo); and a professional military unit, the Macedonian Special Forces (Волци, Volci). The national defence policy aims to guarantee: the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the republic; the integrity of its land area, territorial waters and airspace; and to defend the country's constitution. Its main interests remain the development and maintenance of a credible capability to defend the nation's vital interests and development of the Macedonia Army in such a way that ensures their interoperability with the armed forces of NATOmarker and the European Union member states and their capability to participate in the full range of Alliance missionsmarker.

The Republic of Macedoniamarker abolished the compulsory military service as of October 2006. The Macedonian Army is the first in the region to consist fully of professional soldiers.[2843]


The primary arm of the military in Macedonia is the Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM). The ARM is commanded by the Minister of Defense through the Chief of the General Staff (CGS) of the ARM. Two Deputy CGS positions include the Deputy CGS for planning, operations and readiness, under whom operates the General Staff of the ARM, and the Deputy CGS for civil-military cooperation.

Land Force

The army is the main arm of the Macedonian ground forces. It plays the key role in securing the safety and unity of the territory of the Macedonian republic. The army is divided into the rapid reaction forces, strategic reserve forces and support forces. The rapid reaction forces represent the main active combat capability of the military and consist of the 1st Brigade, 2nd Brigade and the Armour Battalion. The strategic reserve forces provide reserve brigades that can be called up in times of emergency. The 3rd Brigade and 4th Brigade are considered priority reserve units, while a further six units, numbered five through ten, also are maintained. The support forces include a number of units to support the rapid reaction and reserve forces in operation.

Army Air Wing

The Macedonian Air Force is the main arm of the Macedonian aviation forces. It has an important role in enhancing flight safety of the Macedonianmarker airspace. One of the main goals of the air force is to build up an air surveillance system, which will be the cornerstone of the air traffic safety and airspace control. The air component is made up by the Aviation Force and the Air Defense Forces.

The Aviation Force is located in Petrovecmarker (near Skopjemarker) and has a combat squadron of Mi-24 attack helicopters, a transport squadron and an Air Defense Battalion along with the Securing and Logistics Support Company.

Special Forces Command

Special Forces Command controls operations of Ranger Battalion, as well as the Special Force Battalions – Wolves.

Training Command

Training Command consists of the educational centers in RM, and is responsible for ensuring training and readiness standards, in particular for meeting NATO requirements.

Logistics Command

Formed in 2001, the Logistics Command oversees all combat service support operations, and controls the Land Forces Logistic Base, the Military Hospital, and the Facility for Building and Maintenance.

Other commands

Other commands under the CGS include an electronic warfare unit, the Honor Guard Unit, and an engineer regiment and signal regiment.
Organization of the Military of the Republic of Macedonia



Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Logistics and Utility Vehicles
HMMWV Light Utility Vehicle 56
TAM-110 Light utility truck 75 /
TAM-150 Medium utility truck 80 /
Iveco 90-17 WM Medium utility truck 44
M35/44 truck Medium utility truck 150
Armoured Fighting Vehicles
BRDM-2 Armoured amphibious scout car 30
BTR-70 Armoured personnel carrier 60
BTR-80 Armoured personnel carrier 12
M113A1 Armoured personnel carrier 30
TM 170 Hermelin Armoured personnel carrier 114
Leonidas 1 Armoured personnel carrier 10 Copy of the Steyr 4K 7FA produced by ELBO in Greecemarker
MT-LB Armoured personnel carrier 10
BMP-2 Infantry fighting vehicle 11
T-55 Main battle tank 58 Additional 64 decommissioned.
T-72A Main battle tank 31
M-84 Main battle tank 40


Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
M-74 Mortar 78 120 mm
M101 Howitzer 54 105 mm
M-30 Howtizer 108 122 mm
M-63 "Plamen" Multiple rocket launcher 12 128 mm rocket
BM-21 Grad Multiple rocket launcher 12? 122 mm rocket

Air defense

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
SA-7 Grail MANPADS 200
SA-18 Grouse MANPADS 10
SA-13 Gopher SPAD SAM 21

Small arms

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun 5,000
M4 Assault rifle M4s sold by the USA as a 2008 Foreign Military Sales package.
Zastava M21 Assault rifle 1,000
M60 Assault rifle Yugoslavian made AK-47 clone
Zastava M70 Assault rifle
Zastava M93 Sniper rifle 5,000
Zastava M84 General purpose machine gun 10,000
NSV Heavy machine gun
M80 Zolja Shoulder-launched missile weapon 4,000+ /
M79 Osa Shoulder-launched missile weapon 300+ /
M90 Stršljen Shoulder-launched missile weapon 600+ /
M57 Shoulder-launched missile weapon 1,850+ In reserve

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  1. Basis of the National Defence Policy And Doctrine Macedonian Ministry of Defence

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