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Around the World in 80 Treasures is a 10 episode art and travel documentary series by the BBC, presented by Dan Cruickshank, and originally aired in February, March, and April 2005. The title is a reference to Around the World in Eighty Days, the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne.

In this series, Cruickshank takes a five month world tour visiting his choices of the eighty greatest man-made treasures, including buildings and artifacts. His tour takes him through 34 countries and 6 of the 7 continents (he does not visit Antarcticamarker).

In addition to seeing some of the world's greatest treasures, Cruickshank tries many different kinds of food including testicle, brain, and insects. His means of transportation included airplane, trains, camel, donkey, foot, bicycle, scooter, hang glider, and boats.

A tie-in book of the same title was also published, written as a journal during the trip and containing much behind-the-scenes detail on the making of the programme in addition to Cruikshank's reflections on the treasures themselves.

Cruickshank's fondness of architecture is evident, with many of his chosen treasures being buildings or other man-made structures.

The official BBC DVD of the series was released on 19 May 2008. Licenses for DVD releases have been sold to many countries around the world.

The UKTV channel Eden frequently repeats the series. However episodes are edited down to 46 minutes, to allow for commercials to be shown in the one hour time slot.

Episode 1: Peru to Brazil

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
1 Andes, Perumarker Machu Picchu Widely recognized mountain city of the Inca Empire discovered in 1911.
2 Marasmarker, Perumarker Incan salt pans The Incans used giant pools on the side of the Andes to evaporate water from brine to leave salt.
3 Nazcamarker, Perumarker Nazca Linesmarker Over 300 immense dirt drawings and lines preserved since 3rd to 6th century BC by the extreme arid environment.
4 Lambayequemarker, Perumarker Spider necklace of Sipánmarker N/A A necklace made up of 10 gold objects of the Spider God.
5 Trujillomarker, Perumarker Chan Chanmarker The world's largest mud city estimated to be home of 30,000 people and covers 20 square kilometres.
6 Easter Islandmarker Moai statues Moai, large monolithic statues with oversized heads created by the Rapanui people between 1200 and 1700 CE. The picture shows a group of Moai buried to their shoulders on the outer slopes of Rano Rarakumarker.
7 Cuiabámarker, Brazilmarker Umahara headdress N/A Very colorful headdresses made of human hair and parrot feathers (red, yellow, blue).
8 Rio de Janeiromarker, Brazil Christ the Redeemermarker A 38 meter tall statue of Christ and the tallest Art Deco statue in the world.

Episode 2: Mexico to Central North America

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
9 Southern Mexicomarker Palenquemarker Mayan city showcasing some of their finest architecture, sculpture, and stucco reliefs.
10 Tollan Tulamarker, Mexicomarker The Giants of Tulamarker 10th century stone sculptures/columns of Toltec warriors dressed in feathers and gods.
11 Mexico Citymarker, Mexicomarker Man, Controller of the Universe N/A Painting by Diego Rivera commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller embodying the struggle between capitalism and communism. A recreation of the destroyed original Man at the Crossroads.
12 Cortezmarker, Coloradomarker 1851 Navy Colt revolver Mass-produced six-shot handgun used in the American Civil War and subsequently used in fulfilling the Manifest Destiny.
13 Colorado Mesa Verde National Parkmarker A small community built under a rock shelf by a mysterious people.
14 Charlottesvillemarker, Virginiamarker Monticellomarker Home designed and built in the late 18th century by Thomas Jefferson.
15 New Yorkmarker, New Yorkmarker Statue of Libertymarker A 151 feet tall statue given by Francemarker to the United Statesmarker to commemorate the centennial since the American Declaration of Independence.
16 Manhattanmarker, New Yorkmarker Seagram Buildingmarker Dan's quintessence of the skyscraper commercial design.

Episode 3: Australia to Cambodia

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
17 Sydneymarker, Australia St. James Church Masterpiece of convict architect Francis Greenway, and one of Australia's oldest church buildings
18 Kakadumarker, Australia Kakadumarker rock art
19 Torajaland, Sulawesimarker, Indonesiamarker Spirit houses
20 Torajaland, Sulawesimarker, Indonesiamarker Tau Tau
21 Javamarker, Indonesiamarker Borobudur Stupamarker
22 Ayutthaya, Thailandmarker Gold Elephant N/A
23 Siem Reapmarker, Cambodiamarker Angkor Watmarker
24 Angkor Thommarker, Cambodia Stone Faces of Bayonmarker

Episode 4: Japan to China

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
25 Tokyomarker, Japanmarker Katana/Samurai sword
26 Himeji, Japanmarker Himeji Castlemarker
27 Kyoto, Japanmarker Ryōan-jimarker Zen Buddhist Garden
28 Beijing, Chinamarker Forbidden Citymarker
29 Beijing, China The Summer Palacemarker Park
30 China Great Wall of China
31 Xi'anmarker, China Terracotta Armymarker
32 Shanghai, China Ming Dynastymarker porcelain

Episode 5: India to Sri Lanka

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
33 Kolkatamarker, Indiamarker Durga
34 Sri Lankamarker Sigiriyamarker
35 Polonnaruwamarker, Sri Lankamarker Giant Buddha
36 Kandymarker, Sri Lankamarker Buddha's Toothmarker
37 Kochimarker, Indiamarker Spices of Cochin
38 Maduraimarker, Indiamarker Meenakshi templemarker
39 Jaipurmarker, Indiamarker Jantar Mantarmarker observatory
40 Agramarker, Indiamarker Taj Mahalmarker

Episode 6: Uzbekistan to Syria

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
41 Samarkandmarker, Uzbekistanmarker Tiles of Samarkandmarker
42 Bukharamarker, Uzbekistanmarker The trading domes
43 Bakumarker, Azerbaijanmarker Fire Temple and Monastery at Surkhanymarker
44 Isfahanmarker, Iranmarker Imam mosquemarker in Naghsh-i Jahan Squaremarker
45 Shirazmarker, Iranmarker Persian rug
46 Kermanshah Provincemarker, Iranmarker Behistun Inscriptionmarker The "Rosetta Stone" of cuneiform, with inscriptions in Old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian, deciphered in the 1800s.
47 Fars Provincemarker, Iranmarker Persepolismarker The ruins of the ancient Persian capital
48 Damascusmarker, Syriamarker Al-Hamidiyah Soukmarker A market place in the ancient quarter

Episode 7: Jordan to Ethiopia

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
49 Jordanmarker Petramarker Ancient capital of the Nabataeans, rediscovered by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812.
50 Madabamarker, Jordanmarker Madaba Mapmarker 6th century floor mosaic; the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy Land and especially Jerusalemmarker.
51 Jerusalemmarker, Israelmarker Temple Mountmarker Also known as Mount Moriah - the holiest site in Judaism; site of the 1st & 2nd temples. Also revered in Islam as the location of Muhammad's journey to Jerusalem and ascent to heaven; location of the al-Aqsa mosquemarker and the Dome of the Rockmarker, oldest extant Islamic structure in the world.
52 Axummarker, Ethiopiamarker Axum stelae One of over a hundred obelisks in the ancient town of Axum, built 1700 years ago, the tallest one measures 24 metres and weighs over 100 tonnes making it the oldest erected obelisk in the ancient world.
53 Debre Damomarker, Ethiopiamarker The Miracle of Mary An ancient Ethiopian manuscript describing the numerous miracles of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, in Ethiopia's ancient Ge'ez language.
54 Lalibelamarker, Ethiopiamarker Lalibelamarker A complex of eleven rock-cut churches, believed to have been created in the 12th century. Ethiopian tradition states it was built with the help of angels.
55 Lalibelamarker, Ethiopia Lalibela cross
Cruickshank also visits Mount Nebo marker in this episode.

Episode 8: Mali to Egypt

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
56 Djennémarker, Malimarker Great Mosque of Djennémarker
57 Sanga, Malimarker Dogon rock paintings
58 Sanga, Malimarker Dogon mask
59 Tripolimarker, Libyamarker Leptis Magnamarker
60 Gasr Al-Hajj, Libyamarker Berber granary
61 Egyptmarker Great Pyramid of Gizamarker
62 Cairomarker, Egypt Tutankhamun's burial mask
63 Luxormarker, Egypt Nefertari's tomb
64 Edfumarker, Egypt Edfu templemarker

Episode 9: Turkey to Germany

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
65 Cappadociamarker, Turkeymarker Derinkuyu Underground Citymarker
66 Istanbulmarker, Turkeymarker Hagia Sophiamarker
67 Moscowmarker, Russiamarker Moscow Metro
68 Saint Petersburgmarker, Russiamarker Cabin of Peter the Greatmarker
69 Solovki, Russiamarker Solovetsky Monasterymarker
70 Wieliczkamarker, Polandmarker Wieliczka Salt Minemarker carvings
71 Berlinmarker, Germanymarker Volkswagen Beetle
72 Dessaumarker, Germany The Brno Chair at the Bauhaus N/A

Episode 10: Bosnia to France and Home

# Location Treasure Image Brief description
73 Mostarmarker, Bosnia and Herzegovinamarker Stari mostmarker Reconstructed 16th Century bridge in the Bosniamarker city of Mostarmarker. It was commissioned by Suleiman the Magnificent and was the height of technical achievement when it was built.
74 Athensmarker, Greecemarker Parthenonmarker 5th Century BC Temple to Athena is the main building on the Acropolis in Athensmarker. Its ruinous state had a huge impact on the Romantic movement.
75 Romemarker, Italymarker Pantheonmarker Temple to all the Gods in central Romemarker. Its dome is one of the largest and oldest in the world.
76 Florencemarker, Italymarker Medici Chapels Chapel designed by Michelangelo for the Medici family who were the most powerful Florentine family during the Renaissance
77 Venicemarker, Italymarker Grand Canalmarker The most important canal in Venicemarker, lined by many of the city's most beautiful buildings
78 Madridmarker, Spainmarker Guernica N/A Painting by Pablo Picasso; a reaction to dictator Franco troops bombing of the Basque town of Guernicamarker during the Spanish Civil War
79 Granadamarker, Spainmarker Alhambramarker A palace in the Spanishmarker city of Granadamarker, regarded as one of the finest pieces of Islamic architecture
80 Chartresmarker, France Cathedral of Chartresmarker One of the finest Gothic cathedrals, especially noted for its Stained glass

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