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For the isopod genus, see Artystone .
Artystone `(Greek 'Aρгνσгωη Artystōnē; Elamite Ir-taš-du-na, Ir-da-iš-du-na; from Old Persian *Artastūnā, "pillar of Arta, the deified true") was a Persian princess, daughter of king Cyrus I, and sister or half-sister of Atossa and Cambyses I. Along with Atossa and her niece Parmys, Artystone got married with king Darius I; by marrying the female offspring of Cyrus, the founder of the empire, the new king prevented his rule being contested.

She bore Darius at least two sons, Arsames and Gobryas, and a daughter, Artazostre. According to the Greek historian Herodotus Artystone was the favorite wife of Darius. She is also mentioned in the Persepolis Fortification Tablets, an administrative archive from Persepolismarker.

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