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Asia-Pacific or Apac is that part of the world in or near the Western Pacific Oceanmarker. The area includes much of East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia and Oceania).Sometimes the term Asia-Pacific includes South Asia , though Indiamarker and its neighbours are on or near the Indian Oceanmarker rather than the Pacific Ocean.The term may also include Russia (on the North Pacific) and countries in North and South America which are on the coast of the Eastern Pacific Oceanmarker.

Although an imprecise geographical descriptor, the term Asia-Pacific became popular from the late 1980s as the economies within the heterogeneous region flourished due to increased regional capital flow, trade and other forms of economic and political interaction.

In some contexts, the region may extend further to include major Asian countries, as well as those around the Pacific Rim, stretching from Oceania, up to Russiamarker, and down the western coast of the Americas. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, for example, includes Canadamarker, Chilemarker, Russia, Mexicomarker, Perumarker, and the United Statesmarker.

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