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An Asian supermarket, sometimes called an "Oriental supermarket", is a grocery store in non-Asian countries that stock items imported from the many countries in East and Southeast Asia. They carry items and ingredients generally well-suited for Asian cuisines and not found in most western supermarkets.


Most of these supermarkets are started and operated by Asian immigrant entrepreneurs and their families. Others are started by investors of existing corporate conglomerates already headquartered in Asia, namely Hong Kongmarker, Japanmarker, South Koreamarker, Taiwanmarker and most specially the Philippinesmarker.

Asian supermarkets can range from small mom-and-pop grocery stores to large big-box stores and may cater specifically to one ethnic Asian immigrant group or to a wide pan-Asian crowd. They serve the generally unserved or underserved immigrant and descendant population. They are usually the main attraction for food shopping within overseas Asian shopping malls and Chinatowns. Asian supermarkets may re-occupy older buildings formerly anchored by mainstream regional or national supermarket chains. Chinesemarker shopping centers and supermarkets have been constructed using traditional Chinese architecture, and provide services catered toward immigrant customers. Examples include Asian restaurants, beauty salons, bakeries, foreign film rental stores, travel agencies, book stores, and other businesses.

In recent years, some mainstream markets have attempted to compete with Asian supermarkets for the minority customer base by stocking certain "Asian" goods as well as directing marketing towards various Asian ethnic immigrant populations. Conversely, some Asian supermarkets attempt to appeal to the general population. Asian markets are reputed to have lower prices than the mainstream chains.

Asian supermarkets represent a new trend in which Asian immigrants no longer settle in old enclaves such as Chinatown, San Franciscomarker, (undoubtedly still the largest in the U.S.), but in suburbs where shopping centers provide services as well as cultural amenities such as hosting ethnic festivals, shows and dance. One of the major redevelopments highlighted in the press has been Buford Highway in the Atlanta suburb of Doraville, Georgiamarker, where Asian supermarkets have done brisk business in a once-blighted neighborhood. Such supermarkets have also revitalized the once-rundown sections of Bellaire Blvd in Houston, Texasmarker and turned it into a thriving new Asian shopping district. There are also many competing Chinese supermarkets in the Southern California Chinatowns and Vietnamese markets anchoring communities such as Little Saigon.

Asian branded products
Category Examples
Vegetable laver (gim/nori), bamboo shoots, bok choy, bean sprouts, welsh onions, ginger, kang kong, mustard greens
Grain jasmine rice
Beverage soy milk, chrysanthemum tea, sake
Seasoning chili, soy sauce
Ingredients black bean, century eggs, ginseng
Packaged snacks prawn crackers, Pocky, rice cakes, tobi nuts
Merchandise rice cookers, woks, fashion magazines, newspapers, cigarettes
Bakery pastry
Seafood fish, clams, crabs, lobsters, oysters
Delicacies sea cucumber, shark fin, abalones
Meat Chinese Sausage

International brands
Producing polity Brand
China Haw flakes
Hong Kong Lee Kum Kee, Vitasoy , Bamboo Garden
Japan Calbee, Calpis, Glico, Kikkoman, Meiji, Lotte, Shirakiku
Korea Crown, Orion, Haitai, Lotte, Nongshim, Ottogi
Malaysia Julies, Ayam Brand, Brahims
Philippines Barrio Fiesta, Goldilocks, TOBI Nuts
Taiwan Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Wei Chuan, I-Mei, Chin Chin, Ve Wong

Region Name Locations Description
North America 1st Oriental Floridamarker: Orlando Taiwanese
99 Ranch Market Californiamarker: Daly Citymarker, Richmondmarker, Milpitasmarker, Fremontmarker, Los Angeles and Orange County, San Josemarker, San Diegomarker
Nevadamarker: Las Vegas
Washingtonmarker: Edmondsmarker, Kentmarker
Georgiamarker: Doravillemarker
Texasmarker: Houstonmarker

Pan-Asian, mostly Taiwanese and Chinese
Ai Hoa Supermarket Californiamarker: LA Chinatown Chinese, Vietnamesemarker
American Pinoy Food Mart New Jerseymarker: Cliftonmarker, Bergenfieldmarker Filipino
Asahi Imports Texasmarker: Austinmarker Japanese
Asia Supermarket Illinoismarker: Napervillemarker
Pennsylvaniamarker: Philadelphiamarker
New Jerseymarker: Atlantic Citymarker

Pan-Asian, Chinese
Asian Supermarket Albertamarker: Lethbridgemarker Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese European, East Indian
Asian Food Markets New Jerseymarker: Cherry Hill, Edison, Middletown, North Plainfield, Plainsboro
New Yorkmarker: Staten Island
Assi Market Pennsylvania: North Walesmarker
Georgia: Suwaneemarker
Illinois: Nilesmarker
California: LA Koreatown
New York: Flushing

Korean, chain
California Market California: LA Koreatown, San Jose, Californiamarker Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean
CAM Asia Supermarket Ohio: Cincinnatimarker, Clevelandmarker, Columbusmarker Pan-Asian, Chinese
County Square Market California: Antioch, Californiamarker, Pleasant Hill, Californiamarker, Vacavillemarker Pan-Asian, Chinese
Daido Texasmarker: Houstonmarker
Georgiamarker: Chambleemarker
New Jerseymarker: Fort Leemarker
New Yorkmarker: Flushing, White Plainsmarker

Fish & Oriental Spices Floridamarker: Kissimmeemarker Filipino
De Guzman Oriental Floridamarker: Orlandomarker Filipino
Diho Supermarket Texas: Houston Chinese, chain at 9100-9188 Bellaire Blvd
Dun Huang Supermarket Texas: Houston Chinese, chain at 9889 Bellaire Blvd
Dynasty Supermarket New York: Chinatown, Manhattanmarker Chinese, Official website
Freshia market California: Torrancemarker Chinese; with restaurants, bank, and other retail store
Fubonn Oregon: Portlandmarker Vietnamese, Chinese
Galleria Supermarket Ontariomarker: Markhammarker Korean, Official website
Golden Foods Supermarket Texas: Houston Chinese, chain at 9896 Bellaire Blvd
Grand Mart Washington, D.Cmarker

Great Wall Supermarket New Yorkmarker: Queensmarker, Brooklynmarker
Massachusettsmarker: Bostonmarker
New Jerseymarker: Franklin Parkmarker
Virginiamarker: Fairfaxmarker

Chinese, Official website
Hai Thanh Californiamarker: San Josemarker Vietnamese and Chinese
Han Ah Reum/H Mart British Columbiamarker: Vancouvermarker
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
New York: New York Citymarker, Woodside
Georgiamarker: Duluthmarker, Johns Creekmarker, Riverdalemarker, Suwaneemarker, Doravillemarker
Washington, D.C. area: Annandale, Virginiamarker, Fairfax, Virginiamarker, Falls Church, Virginiamarker, Gaithersburg, Marylandmarker, Wheaton, Maryland
Marylandmarker: Catonsvillemarker
Californiamarker: Diamond Barmarker, Irvinemarker
Coloradomarker: Auroramarker
Washington: Seattle
Illinois: Nilesmarker, Napervillemarker
Oregon: Tigardmarker
New Jersey: Ridgefieldmarker, Englewoodmarker, Little Ferrymarker, Edisonmarker, Cherry Hillmarker
Texasmarker: Houstonmarker, Carrolltonmarker

Korean, chain
H.K. Super Market California: Koreatown, Glendalemarker, Garden Grovemarker, Cerritosmarker, Sunnyvalemarker Korean, chain
Hannam Chain Southern California Korean, chain
Hong Kong Supermarket East Coast
Southern California
Hong Kong Supermarket Texas: Houston Vietnamese, chain at 11205 Bellaire Blvd, Official website
Island Pacific Supermarket California Filipino, chain
Kam Man Food New York
New Jerseymarker: Edisonmarker
New Jerseymarker: East Hanovermarker

Kim Phat Quebecmarker: Montrealmarker, Brossardmarker Pan-Asian, Chinese, Official website
K&S Tennessee: Nashvillemarker Korean, 2 locations
Koreatown Galleria California: Koreatown Korean
Koreatown Plaza California: Koreatown Korean
Lotte Virginia: Fairfax, Chantilly; Maryland: Ellicott City, Germantown, Silver spring Pan-Asian, Korean
Lion Supermarket Californiamarker: San Josemarker, Santa Claramarker, Milpitasmarker, Fremontmarker, Newarkmarker Pan-Asian, mainly Chinese
Manila Oriental Market or Foodmart
Manila Oriental Foodmart: Arizona: Phoenix, AZmarker
Manila Oriental Market: California: San Jose, CAmarker, San Francisco, CAmarker, Daly City, CAmarker

Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Korean and Others
Marina Grocery Outlet Californiamarker: Cupertinomarker, San Josemarker, Union Citymarker Chinese
Marukai Southern California, Hawaiimarker, San Josemarker Japanese, retails of Waraku furniture and Daiso merchandise
Mitsuwa Marketplace Southern California, San Josemarker
Illinoismarker: Arlington Heightsmarker
New Jersey: Edgewatermarker

Mekong International Supermarket
Massachusetts: Worcester, Massachusettsmarker
Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and African
Nijiya Market California
New York: Hartsdale
Hawaii: Honolulu

Japanese, chain
Osaka Supermarket British Columbia: Vancouver Japanese
Pacific Mercantile Company Coloradomarker: Denvermarker Japanese
Pacific Ocean Marketplace Coloradomarker: Denvermarker, Westminstermarker Chinese, Vietnamese
Pacific Supermarket California: Daly Citymarker, San Franciscomarker, South San Franciscomarker
Hawaiimarker: Waipahumarker
Pan-Asian and Western supermarket chain
Palama Supermarket Honolulu, Hawaii: Waikiki, Kalihi Korean, Official website
Pal-Do World Washington: Lynnwood, Bellevue, Federal Way Korean Texas: Katymarker Filipino, Official website
Phil Am Food Mart New York (Queens/Staten Island) and New Jersey (Jersey City) Filipino, chain, Official website
Seafood City California: Chula Vistamarker, National Citymarker, Mira Mesa, Carsonmarker, Van Nuysmarker, Los Angelesmarker, Vallejomarker, Cerritosmarker, North Hills, San Josemarker Sacramentomarker, Eagle Rockmarker, Union Citymarker, Panoramamarker
Nevada: Las Vegasmarker
Filipino, chain
Shun Fat Supermarket Californiamarker: San Gabrielmarker, Monterey Parkmarker Chinese
Super 88 Boston, Massachusetts: Allstonmarker, Brighton Chinese, chain, Official website
Super Cao Nguyen Oklahomamarker: Oklahoma Citymarker Asia District Official website
OK Ko-Mart Oriental Market] Oklahomamarker: Oklahoma Citymarker Official website
T & T Supermarket British Columbia: Vancouver
Alberta: Calgary and Edmonton
Ontario: Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Thornhill, Mississauga

Taiwanese, Chinese
Uwajimaya Washingtonmarker: Seattlemarker, Bellevuemarker
Oregonmarker: Beavertonmarker
Vien Dong III Southern California
Virginia: Falls Church
Vietnamese, Chinese
Viet Hoa Supermarket Coloradomarker: Lakewoodmarker Vietnamese
Viet Hoa Texas: Houston Vietnamese, Chinese
Viet Wah Washingtonmarker: Seattlemarker Vietnamese, Chinese
Yaohan British Columbia: Vancouver Japanese, later bought out by Mitsuwa
Oceania Tai Ping Trading Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
Hamilton, New Zealandmarker
Happy Super Market Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
NewSave Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
Rotoruamarker, New Zealandmarker
Official website
Lim Garden Supermarket Centre Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
New Mart Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
Dahua Supermarket Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
Soung Yueen & Co Ltd Aucklandmarker, New Zealandmarker
Orient Trading Wellingtonmarker, New Zealandmarker
Burlingtons Sydneymarker and Brisbanemarker, Australia
Oriental Groceries Belconnen, Canberra, Australia
Yuen Market Brisbanemarker, Australia Official website
European Paristore Francemarker: Parismarker
Tang Frères France
Mini Siam Oriental Foods Swindon, United Kingdommarker Thai and Asian Supermarket
Thai Supermarket United Kingdommarker Official website
RaanThai - Thai and Oriental Cash & Carry Supermarket Wirral, United Kingdom Official website
Wing Yip United Kingdommarker Chinese Supermarket
Oriental Food Store Irelandmarker: Limerickmarker
Global Foods Irelandmarker: Limerickmarker
Heng Long Asia Supermarkt Germanymarker: Cologne Official website
Tain Kim Heng Germanymarker: Oberhausenmarker, Dortmundmarker
Tiger und Dragon's Food Store Germanymarker: Heidelbergmarker
Wah Nam Hong The Netherlandsmarker: Amsterdammarker, Rotterdammarker, The Haguemarker

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