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Ponte Preta is a Brazilianmarker football club located in Campinasmarker, São Paulomarker. Ponte Preta is also known as Macaca. Ponte Preta's supporters are known as pontepretanos. Associação Atlética Ponte Preta's biggest rival is from the same city: Guarani. The games between Ponte Preta and Guarani are known as derby (dérbi in Portuguese).


Ponte Preta was founded on August 11, 1900 by Colégio Culto à Ciênciamarker students Miguel do Carmo (nicknamed "Migué"), Luiz Garibaldi Burghi, (nicknamed "Gigette") and Antonio de Oliveira (nicknamed "Tonico Campeão"). Ponte Preta's first president was Pedro Vieira da Silva.

Ponte Preta lost the Campeonato Paulista final to Corinthians in 1977 in a controversial game that ended in a 2-1 final score. Rui Rey, an important piece of the Ponte Preta team, was shown a red card early in the game for no apparent reason. Ponte Preta were considered the favorites for the championship that year.


Titles timeline

  • 1912 Champions - Liga Campineira de Futebol
  • 1928 Champions - Campeonato Paulista da Divisão Principal - 2º quadro (L.A.F.)
  • 1929 Champions - Campeonato Paulista da Divisão Principal - 2º quadro (L.A.F.)
  • 1951 Champions - State Amateur Championship (45 games unbeaten)
  • 1969 Champions - Campeonato Paulista - Divisão de Acesso
  • 1970 Runner-up Campeonato Paulista
  • 1977 Runner-up Campeonato Paulista
  • 1979 Runner-up Campeonato Paulista
  • 1981 Champions - Campeonato Paulista Championship First Stage
  • 1981 Runner-up - Campeonato Paulista
  • 1981 Third placed - Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
  • 1981 Champions - Copa São Paulo de Juniores
  • 1982 Champions - Copa São Paulo de Juniores
  • 1991 Champions - Campeonato Paulista de Aspirantes
  • 1992 Runner-up Campeonato Paulista - Série A2
  • 1995 Runner-up Copa São Paulo de Juniores
  • 1997 Runner-up - Brazilian Championship - Série B
  • 1998 Runner-up Copa São Paulo de Juniores
  • 1999 Runner-up - Campeonato Paulista Série A2
  • 2001 Third placed - Copa do Brasil
  • 2008 Runner-up - Campeonato Paulista
  • 2009 Champions - Campeonato Paulista do Interior


Ponte Preta's stadium is Estádio Moisés Lucarelli, built in 1948, with a maximum capacity of 19,722 people. Its nickname is "Majestoso", meaning the "Majestic One" because it was the third largest stadium in Brazil at the time of its inauguration.


  • Ponte Preta is one of the oldest football teams established in Brazil still in activity, founded on August 11, 1900, the oldest being Sport Club Rio Grande, of Rio Grande do Sul .
  • Pelé's last match in Brazilmarker was against Ponte Preta. On September 2, 1974, at Vila Belmiromarker stadium, Santos defeated Ponte Preta 2-0.
  • In the club's stadium entrance hall there is a bust of the founder, Moisés Lucarelli (after whom the venue is named) facing the outside. In 2000, after a long series of defeats some superstitious fans argued that the founder ought to see the team playing and the bust was rotated 180º. As the team's performance did not improve noticeably, the statue was put back in its original position.
  • The name Ponte Preta means Black Bridge, because the club was founded close to a black painted wood bridge.
  • The club's mascot is a female monkey (Macaca) wearing Ponte Preta's home kit. It was initially intended as a derogatory term, reflecting the racism against the club (one of the first Brazilian teams to accept blacks, having been even refused participation in championships due to this). This co-option of a derogatory term as team mascot was copied by Palmeiras fans, who adopted the pig as their mascot instead of taking offence from it.
  • There is a Norwegianmarker futsal club named after Ponte Preta [116659].

Famous players

  • Dicá, skilful midfielder and excellent at dead-ball situations, considered the biggest player ever of Ponte history
  • Carlos, Brazilian goalkeeper at World Cup 1978, 1982 e 1986
  • Oscar, Brazilian defender at World Cup 1978, 1982 and 1986
  • Polozzi, Brazilian defender at World Cup 1978
  • Juninho Fonseca, Brazilian defender at World Cup 1982
  • Valdir Peres, Brazilian goalkeeper at World Cup 1974, 1978 and 1982
  • Washington, Brazilian striker at Confederations Cup 2001, top scorer of Paulista Championship 2001, Brazilian Cup 2001, Campeonato Brasileiro 2004 and 2008

Other Ponte Preta players capped by the Brazilian national team

Placar magazine's Silver Ball Prize winners while playing on Ponte Preta

  • 1977 - Oscar and Polozzi (defenders)
  • 1978 - Odirlei (left back)
  • 1980 - Carlos (goalkeeper)
  • 1981 - Zé Mario (defensive midfielder)
  • 1982 - Carlos (goalkeeper) and Juninho (defender)
  • 2000 - Mineiro (defensive midfielder)

Other notable players


Notable Coaches

  • Luiz Carlos de Oliveira Preto "Pintado"


Ponte Preta had one of the most powerful teams in the history of Brazilian female Basketball during the early 1990s, winning the World Club Championship .

Current squad

Technical staff


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