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"Asspen" is episode 602 of the Comedy Central series South Park. It originally aired on March 13, 2002. It parodies several sports movies of the 1980s.

Plot synopsis

The episode opens with the parents of Stan, Kyle, and Butters deciding to take an offer of a two day stay in Aspen, Coloradomarker for free in return for attending a timeshare presentation.

On their first morning in Aspen, two timeshare salesmen immediately coax them into attending the thirty minute presentation. Cartman gives the sleeping Butters a "Hitler" (More commonly known as Dirty Sanchez, by wiping his feces under Butter's nose to give him an Hitler-like mustache). An instructor shows the boys how to ski and later while practicing, an older skier, Tad, starts to accost Stan, calling him "Stan Darsh".

The parents refuse to be enticed by the timeshare presentation and try to leave. They are told to turn over their place cards, which reveals a prize of an exclusive ski lift. They board the ski lift, but find it leads them straight back to the presentation.

While the boys are practicing, Tad returns and demands that Stan race him for "stealing" his girlfriend Heather. Stan races and loses, but is approached by a girl who invites him to the teen center to dance. There the boys discover that Tad's father plans to bulldoze the center. Tad then appears on stage to sing an off-key and offensive song about Stan. Stan asks Tad what his problem is and agrees to another race. It is agreed that if Stan wins, the youth center will be saved, even though the boys do not care. Kyle tries to talk Stan out of it, but Stan refuses and starts training for the race.

The next day, the parents try to leave the timeshare meeting only to be held there at gunpoint by the police. It is soon learned the police and other relevant authorities are under control of the timeshare organization. The race down the K-13 mountain proceeds and Tad tries to sabotage Stan's efforts by blocking his path. Stan skies slowly enough to avoid them, and the teen who invited Stan to dance distracts Tad by lifting up her shirt. Stan wins and the youth center is saved.

Everyone celebrates and Heather asks to be Stan's girlfriend again. The teenager from the youth center says he should let her. Just then, the boys' parents return having bought some timeshare property. The boys tell them that the ski resort sucks and they all return to South Park.

Cultural references

The episode parodies several movies of the 1980s and 1990s, notably Hot Dog... The Movie, Ski School, Ski Patrol, Aspen Extreme and Better off Dead.

As Stan trains to become a better skier, a song called “Montage,” similar to the motion picture Scarface montage song, is performed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone's band DVDA. The song was later reworked and used by Parker and Stone in Team America: World Police (2004).

An elderly man appears to tell the boys about the mysterious history of the K-13 ski slope. The man had previously appeared in the Season 5 episode "Butters' Very Own Episode". He is nearly identical in appearance, speech, and behavior to Fred Gwynne's character in the horror film Pet Sematary .

The formless heads on the nerdy but hot girl at the end of the episode are in reference to the movie Total Recall, in which the rebel leader Kuato is a mutant growing from his brother's abdomen.

In the original run of the episode, the song "Take on Me" by a-ha was used without permission. The song was replaced in later reruns with a voiceless karaoke track.


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