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In Anglo-Israelism and some currents of US Christian fundamentalism influenced thereby (Worldwide Church of God-Armstrongism), the idea has been advanced that modern Germans are partly descended from the ancient Assyrians, or, more metaphorically draw parallels between the militarism of the German Empire and the Assyrian one.

British Israelism

The idea can be traced to Edward Hine, an early proponent of British Israelism, deriving the Anglo-Saxons from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. John Wilson, the intellectual founder of British Israelism, had considered that not only the people of Great Britain, but all the Germanic peoples were descended from the Ten Lost Tribes. Hine took a more particularist view, deciding that only the British nation fulfilled the prophecy for Israel — he acknowledged an ethnic affiliation between Britons and Germans, but thought this reflected what he considered was a close relationship between the ancient Israelites and their neighbors the Assyrians (who had taken the Ten Lost Tribes into captivity in Assyria). Likewise, Britain and Germany's status as two great powers of the modern age he considered reflective of the ancient glories of the Kingdom of Israel and of Assyria.

Hine believed that all of the ancient peoples mentioned in the Bible must also be present in the modern world, in order for the prophecies concerning them to be fulfilled. If a people was "lost" to the ages, it meant simply that the people must have migrated to a new region, changed their ethnonym, and forgotten their history. Hine considered the Assyrians as such a "lost" people (unlike for example, the Egyptians), and he made no mention in his writings of the modern Assyrian community in the Middle East — a community that was largely unknown to Europe in his time.

Although Assyria is portrayed as one of the great enemies of Israel in the Bible, Hine took pains to explain that he did not consider Germany to be an enemy of Britain, and his writings do not betray any anti-German feelings. Later writers in his tradition, however, have often set Germany in the Biblical role of Assyria as an enemy to Britain.

British Israelism compared the militarism of the German Empire with that of the Neo-Assyrian Empire as narrated in the Bible, by analogy establishing Britain, as the threatened party, with the Kingdom of Israel. After World War II, the comparison was also extended to the brutality towards the Jewish population.


The comparison has an early precedent in Jerome, who compared the Germanic invaders of his day to the threats to the Kingdom of Israel described in the Bible, quoting Psalms , "Assur also is joined with them" (Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, letter 123, section 16):
The whole country between the Alps and the Pyrenees, between the Rhine and the Ocean, has been laid waste by hordes of Quadi, Vandals, Sarmatians, Alans, Gepids, Herules, Saxons, Burgundians, Allemanni and—alas! for the commonweal!—even Pannonians. For "Assur also is joined with them."

The idea has also some backing in German legend, although the 14th century "Austrian Chronicle of 95 Seigneurs" connects the Dukes of Austria with the Jews rather than the Assyrians in order to give them the prestige of biblical ancestry, in much the same way as would be repeated in later British Israelism. The Austrian Chronicle states that Central Europe had been subjected by the Assyrians and that Jews exiled by Sennacherib were carried into Eastern Europe along the Danube River. Beginning in ca. 707 BCE, according to the Chronicle, the Jews overcame a certain King Gennan who then converted to Judaism; consequently, the Jews intermarried with the local rulers in the regions of Austria and Hungary, the pagans were subdued and the whole country was Jewish until ca. 227 CE.

Another German legend, first recorded in 1105 in the Gesta Treverorum, makes Trebeta son of Ninus the founder of Triermarker.Also of medieval date is the inscription at the facade of the Red House of Trier market,
("1,300 years before Rome, Trier stood / may it stand on and enjoy eternal peace, amen.") being mentioned in the Codex Udalrici of 1125. A 1559 painting of Trebeta as the founder of Trier was destroyed in a 1944 bombing raid.[571175] Leonardy (1877) provides an epitaph dedicated to Trebeta by his son Hero in German hexameters.

Worldwide Church of God

Herbert W. Armstrong in Chapter 5 of his Mystery of Ages (1985), "The Assyrians settled in central Europe, and the Germans, undoubtedly, are, in part, the descendents of the ancient Assyrians." (p. 183). In this, Armstrong draws upon the opinions of Herman L. Hoeh, published in his 1963 Compendium of World History.

Such suggestions are informed by Jerome's simile with Psalms 83:8.

Hoeh (1963) draws on Verstegan (1605) and Johannes Turmair (1526) to conclude that Deutsch really derives from Tuisto(which is not supported by any respectable linguistic research), whom he in turn identifies with Shem:
Tuitsch or Tuisto: Chief of thirty-two dukes. Noah gave him all the land between the Don River and the Rhine or what was called Grossgermania. This is the beginning of the 'neolithic' settlement of Europe. Tuitsch is, according to all ancient German commentaries and chronicles, a son of Noah. But which son? Noah adopted Tuitsch's children as his own. The ancient Germans understood the name Tuitsch to be the title 'Teacher.' He was therefore the great patriarch of his family who taught the divine will to his children. Tuitsch is the father of Mannus (who is the Assyrian Ninus). The son of Mannus, Trebeta, is the same man who is called the son of Ninus in classical writers. The son of Mannus or Ninus — Trebeta — built Trier, the first town of Germany. Since the Bible calls this Ninus (who built Nineveh), Asshur, Tuitsch is therefore Shem! (Hoeh 1963 vol. 2 ch. 2)

German Assyria in prophecy

Even though there are theories about Anglo-Saxon Israel and German Assyria being able to live together in peace, the predominant view is that Anglo-Saxon Israel and German Assyria will meet in a final cataclysmic war before the Second Coming. Such prophetic interpretations tend to have the following claims:
  • The Nations of Western Europe, together with North America, are the lost tribes of Israel. They share a similar mind and have some noble traditions and institutions, but are rapidly increasing their sins against God. They love freedom and justice, that's why they are addicted to democracy and 'western values', including Protestantism, often against their own self interest. Some tribes are referred to as "God's chosen people", that's why they are at the center of great global events. In prophecy, their fate is to become victims so they finally "learn the lesson" and are purified from their sins.
  • Germany and Italy, on the other hand, are not closely related to the other European nations:
  • Babylon's (Italy's) role is to poison the peoples of the world with false beliefs, through the Roman Catholic Church, and to assist the Assyrians (Germans) in their desire of world conquest.
  • The Assyrians (Germany) are destined by God to punish the peoples of Israel. They have a militarist legacy, as well has being a great people in technological and industrial accomplishment, and thus they are the perfect opponent for the tribes of Israel.
  • In the end, after punishing Israel through 'Assyria', God will destroy the power of the Assyrians. By doing so, he demonstrates that evil will always be punished and that HIS values are far superior. The survivors of Israel realize that if they had followed God's word more closely, 'Assyria' would never have had a chance. Assyria will finally repent. Punished by God himself, it is finally able to realize its mistakes. From that day on, it will use its immense power to serve God and the other nations.

These claims are "backed" by Germany's World Wars and Genocide of the European Jews (Edomites, descendents of Esau) in the first part of the 20th century and its key role within the European Union today. Its connection with Italy and the Roman Catholic Church ("The False Church") is supposed to appear in the interpretation of the European Middle Ages and Hitler's pact with Mussolini (a "pope" of fascism) and the Vatican in WWII. In addition, they give an intriguing (but not always that convincing) interpretation of biblical texts and the history of the ancient world (eg the supposed migration of the Assyrians from the Black Seamarker into Central Europe, etc.). This argument is supposed to easily seduce a mostly Anglo-Saxon and Protestant public, presenting Germany, the rest of the European Union and the Roman Catholic Church as "the perfect enemies" of all rightful people since ancient times, so that people realize even more what is their place in the world and also see the great plans of their Creator. At the same time, knowing that a great part of the American public claims to be of German descent (and to be quite proud about it), and that some great German personalities (such as Goethe, Schiller,Beethoven, etc.) are well known to everyone, those who teach this view of Germany/Assyria admit that the Germans are a great people, that God will forgive them in the end and that their skills will help one day to build Paradise on Earth. All that the Germans (and all those who are descended from Germans) need is a strong moral leader who makes them appreciate the values of God and Israel. (etc) teaches its readers to keep a close eye on Germany, for it is supposed to prove its real nature a final time in the following years or decades. Many political events in Germany and German decisions on the international level are subject to interpretations which fit in with the general teaching about Germany's supposed role in Bible prophecy.

Germany will repent by returning to Jesus, the Bohdhivistsa, and rejecting the Sons of Esau such as Arabids/Muslims & Jews who have entered the nation.


Genetic research has proven that 5% of the DNA of Germans is Phoenician DNA. The Phoenician origin is in Canaan, it is the same origin as that of Assyrians.

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