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Astral Media Inc. ( ) is a Canadianmarker media corporation. It is Canada's largest radio broadcaster with radio stations in eight provinces, and is a major player in premium and specialty television in Canada, including The Movie Network, Super Écran, Family, Teletoon, Canal D, Canal Vie, VRAK.TV, Séries+, Ztélé and more.


Astral Media's roots lie with Angreen Photo, a Canadian company founded in 1961. It was created when Montrealmarker's Greenberg brothers founded it to operate the photography concession in Miracle Mart, a department store chain. Its acquisition in 1967 of rights at the Montreal Expo eventually grew into a 125-store chain, Astral Photo, the remnants of which are now owned by the Black's Photography chain. The store grew quickly into motion picture processing after acquiring the Pathé-Humphries motion picture lab. The name was changed to Astral Bellevue Pathé and later to AstralTech.

Astral, in its present day form, was constituted in 1973 under the name Astral Bellevue Pathé Limited. Astral eventually undertook videocassette duplication and video wholesaling. Astral also produced or executive produced over 100 feature films and television programs and television miniseries.

In 1983, the Greenbergs acquired complete control of two pay television networks, First Choice (now known as The Movie Network) and Premier Choix TVEC (now Super Écran), at which point Astral ceased to be directly involved in film and program production. The company would later expand its television operations by launching new specialty networks. Later, it also became involved with the home video market, lasting from the mid-1980s until at least 1996.

In February 2000, Astral Communications changed its name to Astral Media.

In recent years, Astral has expanded into radio, beginning with the 2000 acquisition of Radiomutuel, and the 2002 purchase of most of the radio assets of Telemedia, although those companies' joint AM radio network Radiomedia was ultimately sold to Corus Entertainment for competitive reasons. Radiomutuel also owned a controlling share of outdoor advertising firm Omni Outdoor, now the wholly-owned division Astral Media Outdoor, as well as several French-language specialty channels such as Canal Vie, Ztélé, Séries+, VRAK.TV, MusiquePlus and MusiMax.

On February 23, 2007, Astral Media announced that it had signed a letter of intent and had entered into exclusive negotiations regarding the acquisition of "substantially all of the assets" of Standard Radio. A formal agreement was later announced, with the proposed transaction being approved by the CRTC on September 28, and completed on October 29 of the same year. The transaction gave Astral a significant foothold in English-language radio.

Corporate governance

Current members of the board of directors of Astral Media are: Normand Beauchamp, Austin Beutel, Paul Bronfman, André Bureau (chairman), George Cohon, Paul Godfrey, Stephen Greenberg, Ian Greenberg, Sidney Greenberg, Sidney Horn, Mila Mulroney, Timothy Price and Gary Slaight.



New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

British Columbia




NRJ network

* CHIK-FM 98.9, Quebec Citymarker
* CIGB-FM 102.3, Trois-Rivièresmarker / Mauriciemarker
* CIKI-FM 98.7, Rimouskimarker
* CIMO-FM 106.1, Magogmarker / Estriemarker
* CJAB-FM 94.5, Saguenaymarker
* CJDM-FM 92.1, Drummondvillemarker
* CJMM-FM 99.1, Rouyn-Norandamarker
* CJMV-FM 102.7, Val-d'Ormarker
* CKMF-FM 94.3, Montrealmarker
* CKTF-FM 104.1, Gatineaumarker / Outaouaismarker

RockDétente network

* CFIX-FM 96.9, Saguenaymarker
* CFVM-FM 99.9, Amquimarker
* CHEY-FM 94.7, Trois-Rivièresmarker / Mauriciemarker
* CIMF-FM 94.9, Gatineaumarker / Outaouaismarker
* CITE-FM 107.3, Montrealmarker
* CITE-FM-1 102.7, Sherbrookemarker / Estriemarker
* CITF-FM 107.5, Quebec Citymarker
* CJOI-FM 102.9, Rimouskimarker

Boom FM network

* CFEI-FMmarker 106.5, Saint-Hyacinthemarker
* CFZZ-FM 104.1, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieumarker
* CHRD-FM 105.3, Drummondvillemarker

Other stations


Satellite radio

Astral also programs two channels for broadcast on Sirius Canada:
  • Rock Velours, based on the RockDétente format, airs on Sirius channel 88 (formerly 192)
  • Énergie2, based on the Énergie format, airs on Sirius channel 89 (formerly 193).

In addition, Astral partnered with CHUM Limitedmarker in an application for a terrestrial digital subscription service which was also licensed by the CRTC at the same time as the satellite radio services. The license to launch that service expired on June 16, 2007.


Over-the-air television stations

See also: 'Great West Television

Specialty & pay television


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