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Attelabidae (zobonoskovití)The Attelabidae or leaf-rolling weevils are a widespread family of weevils. There are more than 2000 species. They are included within the primitive weevils, because of their straight antennae, which are inserted near the base of the rostrum. The prothorax is much narrower than the base of the elytra on the abdomen.

The phylogenetic position of the family within the Curculionoidea based on 18S ribosomal DNA and morphological data is suggested as below:

Some members of this family have long necks, and some of these are known as Giraffe weevils. A few species are minor agricultural pests. The larvae of Rhynchitinae feed in flower buds or fruits, terminal shoots, or are leaf miners. The Attelabinae are the true leaf rollers. The female cuts slits into leaves to deposit her eggs, and rolls that part of the leaf in which the larvae will feed.
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