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Attiki Odos ( ) is a private-owned toll motorway in Greecemarker. The Proastiakos high-speed suburban rail is almost entirely in the median through the main section. Its numbers are 6 for the main section, 64 for Imittos Ring and 65 for Aigaleo Ring. They are the outer ring roads of Greater Athensmarker metropolitan area.


Construction of the project began in 1996. Part of the motorway was opened along with the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airportmarker to which it connects, in 2001. It started from the Gerakasmarker interchange and led to the airport.

In September 2002, the high-speed railway began construction, within the large median. In early 2003, Attiki Odos was opened from Kifissou Avenue Interchange (also known as National Road 1 / E75 Interchange) to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport; the Hymettus Ring was almost paved by this time, and tunnels were already complete.

On 3 September 2003, the Hymettus Ring opened. This part of the motorway runs in the northern part of Hymettusmarker and became the road to bypass Mesogeion Avenue and link to Kifissou Avenue and its suburbs, and the Airport along with the eastern suburbs of Athens.

On November 2003, the western part opened from the junction with GR-8 to Kifissou Avenue (GR-1/E75). It has seven interchanges in total, and runs through the mountain range of Aigaleomarker.

On April 2004, a small 2.5 km part opened, connecting the Hymettus Ring to the westbound direction of the main route. The high-speed railway was also opened in 2004.

Interchange at the Attiki Odos


Attiki Odos is considered one of the safest motorways in Europe. It was designed under strict safety-related technical specifications, including updated hard shoulders in either direction and high quality skid-resistant asphalt pavement, dense lighting and fencing. Attiki Odos features hundreds of CCTV cameras connected to the Traffic Management Centre (TMC), which detects any incidents occurring on the motorway and informs the intervention and maintenance patrol units to provide assistance. Other sophisticated safety systems include:

  • Road pavement sensors
  • Carbon monoxide measurement systems installed in tunnels
  • TETRA system for communication with the patrol units
  • Elecronic variable message signs
  • Automatic tunnel ventilation systems


Toll stations are located at the interchanges leading to the Attiki Odos motorway and the toll fare is paid when entering the motorway. The fare is the same regardless of the length of journey but depends on vehicle category. Drivers can pay either by cash, e-pass or a special account card; for motorbikes and cars the standard toll fares are 1.30€ and 2.70€ respectively.



The main part (official numbering):
  • (Not numbered) - GR-8A
  • 1 - Mandramarker
  • 2 - Magoulamarker
  • 3 - (space reserved for future intersection)
  • 4 - Aspropyrgosmarker
  • 5 - Aigaleomarker Ring
  • 5a - Aigaleomarker Ring South
  • 6 - Filis Ave.
  • 7 - Dimokratias Ave. S of Acharnaemarker (also known as Menidi)
  • 8 - Kifissou Avenue/GR-1/E75 (Piraeusmarker-Lamiamarker)
  • 9 - Herakliou Ave.
  • 10A/B - Kimis Ave.
  • 11 - Kifissias Ave.
  • 12 - Pendelis Ave.
  • 13 - Doukissis Plakentias Ave. ( = Duchess of Plakentia Ave.) and Hymmetus(Ymittos) Ring
  • 14 - Anthousamarker
  • 15 - Marathonos Ave. (which is the continuation of Messoghion Ave.)
  • 16/Y7 - Leontario (intersects with Hymettus(Ymittos) Ring)
  • 17 - Kantza
  • 18 - Peaniamarker
  • 19 - (space reserved for future intersection)
  • 20 - Markopoulo Mesogaiasmarker/Eleftherios Venizelos Airport

Markopoulo to Eleftherios Venizelos:
  • K1 (20A) - Attiki Odos
  • K2 (20B) - local road (Koropi North)

Hymmetus(Ymittos) Ring:
  • Y1 - Katehaki Ave.
  • Y2 - Papagoumarker
  • Y3 - Dimokritos
  • Y4 - Agia Paraskevimarker ( = St. Paraskevi)
  • Y5 - (space reserved for future intersection)
  • Y6 - Glyka Neramarker
  • Y7/16 - Leontario (see above)
  • Y8 - Pallinimarker

Future expansion to the port of Rafinamarker is under construction, passing through the area of Pikermimarker.


The brackets are non-state highway numbers.

  • Attiki Odos (6) - 47 km
    • SE of Markopoulo to Eleftherios Venizelos - 4 km
    • Hymettusmarker/Ymittos Ring - 12 km
    • Aigaleomarker Ring (65) - 8 km, partly under construction as of 2006.


On October 21, 2005 a new extension plan was proposed. 76 km of motorway will be constructed, bringing the total length to 141 km. Extensions will be constructed towards Rafinamarker, Lavriomarker and Vouliagmenimarker. The Hymettus Ring will also be extended southwards to Vouliagmenimarker. Construction is estimated to start in 2009, as the final plans were announced to be complete in late May 2008.

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