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Australian rules football attendance records


Note: Since the 1970s in Australia, many grounds have been reconfigured without standing room, which reduces maximum capacity.

Single Matches

By Australian State and Territory

State Attendance Date League Event Venue Sold out ?
Victoriamarker 121,696 1970 VFL/AFL Grand Final - Carlton v Collingwood MCGmarker, Melbournemarker
New South Walesmarker 72,393 2003 AFL Round 22 - Sydney Swans v. Collingwood Telstra Stadiummarker, Sydneymarker
South Australiamarker 66,987 1976 SANFL Grand Final - Sturt vs Port Adelaide Football Parkmarker, Adelaidemarker
Western Australiamarker 52,781 1979 WAFL Grand Final - East Fremantle v South Fremantle Subiaco Ovalmarker, Perthmarker
Queenslandmarker 37,224 2005 AFL Round 15 - Brisbane Lions vs Collingwood Gabbamarker, Brisbanemarker
Tasmaniamarker 24,968 1979 Tasmanian Football League Grand Final - Glenorchy v Clarence North Hobart Ovalmarker, Hobartmarker
Northern Territorymarker 17,500 2002 AFL (pre-season practice) Aboriginal All-Stars vs Carlton Marrara Ovalmarker, Darwinmarker
Australian Capital Territorymarker 14,922 June 4, 2006 AFL Round 10 - Kangaroos v Sydney Swans Manuka Ovalmarker, Canberramarker


State of Origin Representative Matches

League Seasons

  • VFL/AFL - 7,083,015. (2008). Number of Games - 176. Average attendance - 38,287
  • SANFL - 1,088,424. (1967). Number of Games - ?. Average attendance - ?
  • WAFL - 960,169. (1967). Number of Games - ?. Average attendance - ?
  • VFA/VFL - 937,291. (1976). Number of Games - ?. Average Attendance - ?
  • TFL - 318,496. (1967). Number of Games - 58 Average attendance - 5,491 (Including finals)

Note: almost all Australian leagues charge for admission, although the AFL admission prices significantly exceed lesser leagues. Most of these leagues exclude finals series in the home and away attendance figures, which typically have a higher average.

League Single Rounds

  • VFL/AFL - 367,974. Round 22, 1998.


Exhibition matches

International Tests

Country Attendance Date Tournament Teams Venue City Notes
Papua New Guineamarker 7,500 2009 Indigenous tour of PNG Central Highlands vs Flying Boomerangs Laemarker, Papua New Guineamarker
Australia 5,000 2005 2005 Australian Football International Cup Japanmarker vs South Africa City Oval Wangarattamarker, Victoria, Australiamarker
Australia 3,500 2008 2008 Australian Football International Cup Papua New Guineamarker vs South Africa Reid Oval Warrnamboolmarker, Victoria, Australiamarker
Canadamarker 2,500 2007 49th Parallel Cup Canadamarker vs United Statesmarker Thunderbird Stadiummarker Vancouvermarker, British Columbiamarker
Papua New Guineamarker 2,500 2009 Indigenous tour of PNG PNG (U18) Kupundas vs Flying Boomerangs University of PNG Port Moresbymarker, Papua New Guineamarker
Czech Republicmarker 500 2008 2008 EU Cup Australian rules football Englandmarker vs Croatiamarker Slavia Sports Centre Praguemarker
Finlandmarker 150 2007 2007 European Australian Football Tri-nations Tournament Finlandmarker vs Swedenmarker Halikko Stadium Halikkomarker

1. The International Cup carnival does not charge for admission, and crowd figures are estimates to the nearest 500 spectators based on total ground capacity. These figures do not include International Rules tests between Australia and Irelandmarker or tests played as curtain raisers to AFL matches.

2. The 49th Parallel Cup charged admission for the first time in 2007.

Domestic Representatitve Matches

Notable Crowds for Leagues Outside of Australia

Country Attendance Date League Teams Venue City Notes
Papua New Guineamarker 5,000 1999 AFL PNG (Grand Final) Wests vs Koboni Port Moresbymarker
Nauru 3,000 1999 NAFA championship finale Menaida vs Panzer (Meneng) Linkbelt Ovalmarker Aiwo
United Kingdommarker 1,500 1999 BARFL Grand Final West London Wildcats vs Wandsworth Demons Clapham Commonmarker Londonmarker
United States of Americamarker 1,000 2004 MAAFL Nashville Kangaroos vs Chicago Swans Nashvillemarker, Tennesseemarker
Canadamarker 600 October, 2008 OAFL Grand Final Toronto Eagles vs Etobicoke Kangaroos Humber Park Torontomarker
Indonesiamarker 500 12 July, 2005 West Java AFL (Pancawati Cup) Grand Final Pancawati Eages vs Pancawatti Scorpions Pancawati (Bogormarker)
Note: No international Australian Rules Football leagues currently charge for admission, and crowd figures are estimates to the nearest 500 spectators based on total ground capacity.


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