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Ayacucho is a region of Perumarker, located in the south-central Andes of the country. Its capital is the city of Ayacuchomarker. The region was one of the hardest hit by terrorism during the 1980s during the guerrilla war waged by Shining Path known as the internal conflict in Peru.

A referendum was held on October 30, 2005 to decide whether the region would merge with the regions of Icamarker and Huancavelica to form the new Ica-Ayacucho-Huancavelica Region, as part of the decentralization process in Peru. The bill failed and Ayacucho remained an independent region.

Political division

Map of the Ayacucho region showing its provinces
The region is divided into 11 provinces ( , singular: provincia), which are composed of 111 districts (distritos, singular: distrito).


The provinces, with their capitals in parenthesis, are:

  1. Cangallo (Cangallomarker)
  2. Huamanga (Ayacuchomarker)
  3. Huanca Sancos (Huanca Sancosmarker)
  4. Huanta (Huantamarker)
  5. La Mar (San Miguelmarker)
  6. Lucanas (Puquiomarker)
  7. Parinacochas (Coracoramarker)
  8. Paucar del Sara Sara (Pausamarker)
  9. Sucre (Querobamba)
  10. Víctor Fajardo (Huancapi)
  11. Vilcas Huamán (Vilcas Huamán)

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