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Ayah ( , plural Ayat ) is the Arabic word for sign or miracle, cognate with Hebrew ot ( ), means sign. The word usually refers to each one of the 6236 verses [24182] found in the Qur'an (6349 ayat counting in 113 bismilas, excluding one for Surah At-Taubah). Muslims regard each ayah of the Qur'an a sign from Allah. The word Ayat is also used by Christians in countries with strong Arabic language influence, such as Indonesianmarker Christians.

The verse number in a symbol is written at the end of each verse. This symbol is ۝, end of Ayah. Its Unicode number is U+06DD and ۝۝۝۝ also denotes the end of a sura.

There are two types of ayat:

1- Verses that are Muhkumaat: with very clear and straightforward meanings.

2- Verses that are Mutashabehaat: with ambiguous, confusing, or multiple interpretations.


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