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NSDAP meeting, 1923
Bürgerbräukeller after the 1939 assassination attempt.
The Bürgerbräukeller was a large beer hall located in Munichmarker, Germanymarker. It was one of the large beer halls of the Bürgerliches Brauhaus company, and after Bürgerliches merged with Löwenbräu, the hall was transferred to that company. It was located on Rosenheimer Street in the neighborhood of Haidhausen, roughly between today's Gasteigmarker Culture Center and the Hotel City Hilton.

In 1920 to 1923, it became one of the preferred gathering places of the Nazi Party. It was there, on 8 November 1923, that Adolf Hitler launched the Beer Hall Putschmarker.

After Hitler seized power in 1933, he commemorated each anniversary of the failed rebellion by giving a speech in the Bürgerbräukeller to the surviving veterans of the Putsch.

In 1939, an anti-Nazi workman, Georg Elser, concealed a time-bomb in the Bürgerbräukeller, set to go off during Hitler's speech on 8 November. The bomb exploded, killing seven people and injuring sixty-three. But Hitler escaped unharmed: he had cut short his speech and left about half an hour early. Elser was arrested and executed.

The structure was severely damaged by Elser's bomb and never reconstructed. However, Hitler did return on 8 November 1942, when he delivered a speech on the Battle of Stalingradmarker, then in progress. The Bürgerbräukeller was demolished after the end of World War II.

Today a memorial plaque dedicated to Elser can be found there, about ten meters towards the Hotel City from a water sculpture of a tuba; the plaque is on the ground adjacent to the archway.

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