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, pronounced "beat X", is a sci-fi mecha manga series, written and illustrated by Japanese mangaka Masami Kurumada. It ran for 16 volumes in manga and was later adapted to anime with 25 episodes, then concluded with an 14 episode OVA (called B'T X Neo). The manga was released in America by Tokyopop. The anime was released in America by Westlake Entertainment. When B't X was released in America by Tokyopop, all of the sound effects onomatopeia in the manga were done in Japanese, just as in the original version and in most other Tokyopop Manga.


Teppei ("Tepp") Takamiya is the caretaker of a farm located in Kamui Island, north of Japanmarker. His older brother, Kotarō Takamiya, leaves to study robotics in Germanymarker and becomes one of the most brilliant scientists in the world.

Five years later, the two brothers reunite at a robotics convention in Mechatopia, Chinamarker, where Kotarō is to announce his latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence. The convention goes awry when Kotarō is captured by the malevolent Machine Empire and taken to "The Area", a mecha base hidden within the sandstorms of the Gobi Desert.

By the means of a mysterious weapon called the Messiah Fist, a cybernetic gauntlet with various technological powers and options, Teppei manages to pursue the kidnappers by grappling onto their "transport", a giant insectoid mecha that is later revealed to be one of the Machine Empire's prized AI machines (known as a B't). Upon reaching the Area, Teppei is attacked by Metalface, one of the Empire's soldiers. Unable to win, Teppei is thrown, bleeding, in the Empire's junkyard. His blood reaches the trashed body of X, who was once considered the strongest B't of the Empire, and the disgruntled B't awakens. Faced with unanswered questions and imminent destruction, X reluctantly saves Teppei, and the pair flee the Area with soldiers of the Empire in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, inside the Area, Kotarō discovers that he has been summoned by another of the Empire's soldiers, Major Aramis, to find a way to stop the ultimate B't - a creation known as Raffaello (ラファエロ) that has begun a terrifying and uncontrollable evolution.

As the series unfolds, the headstrong X and equally brash Teppei develop a brotherly bond, squabbling as much as they look after each other. They slowly uncover the Machine Empire's diabolical plan as they travel through strange lands and battle other B'ts loyal to the Empire, all the while trying to save Kotarō and to resolve the mysteries of their intertwined past.


A B't (pronounced "beat") is the ultimate form of artificial intelligence robotics designed for fighting - the B stands for Brain, Blood, Bravery and Battler. They have different forms and powers, usually based on mythological creatures. The B't's source of power is a device called BreakHeart, which is fuelled by human blood. Once the BreakHeart is inserted into the B't's body, it creates a link between the blood donor and the B't. A B't is also outfitted with The Guard System, which protects its donor from various dangers and environment changes, such as volcanic heat, the crushing pressures beneath the ocean, or even the depths of space. However, the donor must be in physical contact with his or her B't for the system to work for them. Teppei is able to manifest a suit of protective armor called Battle Gear, through use of the Messiah Fist. This has the additional benefit of activating the usually dormant wings on X's sides, enabling him to reach even greater degrees of speed and mobility.


Main Characters
Name B't and B't species Description Voice Actor (Japanese)
Teppei "Tepp" Takamiya X, Kirin Main character Nobuyuki Hiyama
Kotaro Takamiya n/a Scientist. Older brother of Teppei Nozomu Sasaki
Karen X, Shadow X (Twin to X, female kirin) Spirit Knight of the West. Trained and taught Teppei any knowledge regarding combat skills, and technologies Megumi Ogata
Fou Lafine Je T'aime, Phoenix/Suzaku Spirit Knight of the South. An ordained priest whose base of operations is a small church near the Machine Empire's capital. Kazuya Ichijou
Ron(=katakana spelling for Chinese name 龍 Long, means "dragon") Raidō (mandarin: 雷童 Lei Tong, means "Thunder Child"), Chinese Dragon/Seiryuu Spirit Knight of the East. Childhood friend of Aramis Keiji Fujiwara
Hokuto Max, Turtle/Genbu Spirit Knight of the North. Known as "Master Doc" for his principle of repairing any injured human or mecha he comes across Osamu Sakuda
Metalface Madonna, Triceratops A lieutenant to the Machine Empire and an almost persistent annoyance in Teppei's way. Old friend of Karen. Kenyû Horiuchi
Secondary Characters
Captain Hook Groupie, Worm First point soldier that Teppei encounters
Camilla Mirage, Butterfly Third point soldier, grows medicinal flowers for Naasha Kappei Yamaguchi
Kaos Lamu, Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle 4th point soldier, an old veteran and was once one of the four Spirit Knights. Osamu Kobayashi
Death, Aleph unknown, Bat Fifth point soldier
Vem Cancer, Crab 6th point soldier, was easily crushed Hideyuki Umezu
Rai Falcon, Falcon Member of the Dark Knights Sho Hayami
Leon Falcon, falcon Member of the Dark Knights
Miller Falcon, falcon Leader of the Dark Knights Takehito Koyasu
Balzac Savannah, Myrmekoleon (also known as mermecolion; a mythical depiction of the antlion) 7th point soldier
Ryukan Troops Ryukan class B'ts, winged panthers Generic army troops of the Machine Empire
Imperial Spies Spy class B'ts, black Crows Imperial spies and executes traitors
Juggler Vanilla Fudge, European dragon Took over the role of Commander Aramis when it was clear that she was a traitor to the Machine Empire Issei Futamata
Myslim Lernaea, hydra Capable of regenerating lost limbs, member of the 7 Evil Knights Jūrōta Kosugi
Meimu Halloween, Baku Uses nightmare manipulation as a weapon, secretly Hokuto's elder brother Subaru. Also a member of the 7 Evil Knights Shinichiro Miki
Quattro Loreso, Griffin An old friend and Acquaintance of Fou, who he blames for the death of his sister Lily. Also a member of the 7 Evil Knights Toshihiko Seki
Salome Halcyon, Unicorn She uses music as hypnotic, and is one of the machine empire because she lost faith in humanity. Also a member of 7 Evil Knights
Sapphire Eroica, Basilisk He adores gems and uses Eroica's abilities to turn people into crystals. a member of the 7 Evil Knights
Dr. Poe Cadenza, Chimera He was Hokuto's rival in the academy, and is one of the 7 Evil Knights
Gai Shendu, Garuda The philosopher of the Empire, and a member of the 7 Evil Knights
Aramis Rosemary, Wasp Commander of the Area. Disguised herself as a man and was later revealed that she was the legendary warrior who never lost a battle before the time of the Four Knights, the Rose Knight Atsuko Yuya
Nasha Sita, Dog Representative of the Emperor. Misha's younger sister Kyôko Hikami
Misha Zeta, dog Representative of the Emperor, appears to be the second in command Ai Orikasa
Marcello n/a Underhell warden, he wields an electric whip Naoki Tatsuta
Amigo n/a Marcello's massive assistant, he assists Kotaro in his escape Shinpachi Tsuji
Raphael n/a Ultimate B't, created to grow by absorbing other life forms
Lisa Marie n/a A fellow scientist prisoner that helped Kotaro Takamiya solve the formula on how to defeat Raphael Yumi Touma
Karin A Ryukan class B't A Warrant Officer of the Machine Empire, and very close to Fou. She is later revealed to be Karen's sister, who lost her memory when attacked by Raphael Chisa Yokoyama

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