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The BL 12 inch Gun Mark X was a Britishmarker 45-calibres naval gun which was mounted as primary armament on battleships and battlecruisers from 1906. It first appeared on the revolutionary .


Mk X continued the trend of lengthening gun barrels as far as new construction methods would permit, in order to allow more cordite propellant to be used to attain higher projectile velocities. Mk X increased the bore length from Mk IX's 480 inches (40 calibres) to 540 inches (45 calibres), increasing muzzle velocity from 2600 to 2700 feet/second.

Subsequent British attempts to further increase the power of 12-inch guns led to failure with the 50-calibre Mk XI and Mk XII guns; the Mk X was the last successful 12-inch British gun.

Naval use

Mk X Guns were mounted in the following ships which served throughout World War I :
  • of 1906
  • The last 3 King Edward VII-class battleships , and , completed in 1906
  • s laid down 1905, completed 1908
  • s laid down 1906, completed 1908 - 1909
  • s laid down 1906, completed 1909
  • s laid down 1909, completed 1911 - 1913

World War I use ashore

From 1917 several Mk X guns were deployed ashore on the section of the Belgian coast still held by the Allies, near Nieuport. They were part of the "Royal Naval Siege Guns" under the command of Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon, and were used for attacking German heavy gun batteries.


65 lb Cordite Cartridge ¼ charge
Mk VIIA Common Pointed shell with Cap (CPC) filled with gunpowder, 1912
World War I Shells. Left to Right :
  • Mk XA Capped Armour-Piercing shell filled with Trotyl (TNT)
  • Shrapnel
  • Mk 6A Capped Common pointed shell filled with Shellite 70/30

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