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BRAC USA is an independent, non-profit organization that received its 501 status on July 12, 2007. A brainchild of BRAC, the world-renowned, Bangladeshmarker-based non-profit organization, BRAC USA’s mission is to raise awareness of BRAC’s successful community development model, mobilize resources and cultivate business partnerships to support BRAC’s global expansion. The creation of BRAC USA and BRAC UK made BRAC the world’s first international development organization initiated and led by people from the developing world with solidarity and support from the developed world. [692039]


BRAC USA seeks to improve the well being of the poorest in Africa and Asia, particularly its women and children. To do so, BRAC USA will support building scalable, sustainable institutions that, over time, are indigenously led to create wealth for the poor, promote health and social development and advance education and entrepreneurship. The organization will support the transfer and adaptation of BRAC’s knowledge and experience in organizing people for power in vulnerable communities throughout Africa and Asia. BRAC USA’s grant-making philosophy is based on three fundamental ideas:
  • Building capacity in African and Asian communities has more impact and is more sustainable than traditional development models
  • Investing in women and girls has a disproportionately large return for communities
  • Northern hemisphere solidarity in support of Southern hemisphere leadership and South-South collaboration can generate lower cost and higher impact solutions for poverty [692040]


BRAC USA does not accept unsolicited proposals from organizations that are not part of BRAC International. It supports a strategic agenda based on priorities agreed upon by BRAC and the BRAC USA Board. Its grant-making program facilitates flexibility, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and learning.

By removing the constraints on BRAC’s global expansion, BRAC USA facilitates a South-South strategy of ‘barefoot bootstrapping.’ BRAC USA seeks business partnerships, strategic alliances, philanthropic and other capital to provide microcredit, health, education and other services sought by people living in poverty, especially women and children. [692041]

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