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BUPERS is an acronym for the United States Navy's Bureau of Naval Personnel. Similar to the mission of Human Resources in a corporation, the BUPERS organization serves to provide administrative leadership, policy planning, and general oversight of the Command.

The mission statement of Bupers is

"Our mission is to support the needs of the Navy by providing the Fleet with the right person in the right place at the right time. We strive to satisfy our Sailors’ personal goals and improve their quality of life; we will provide them with meaningful and rewarding career opportunities, promote and retain the best, and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all hands, by all hands, at all times."

As of 2009, the office of the Bureau of Naval Personnel serves as a parent command to the Navy Personnel Command, commonly referred to as "NPC". The duties of NPC are nearly identical to the former office of BUPERS and the command's logo even incorporates the name of the later's office. BUPERS is also the overseeing authority for Navy Recruiting Command. All of the BUPERS offices are located in the city of Millington, Tennesseemarker and the Navy Annex in Arlington, Virginiamarker.


"Naval personnel matters were originally handled by the Secretary of War until the establishment of the Navy Department on April 30, 1798. It was not until 1815 that the Secretary of the Navy took control of personnel matters. In 1861, the Office of Detail was created and functions related to the detailing of officers and the appointment and instruction of volunteer officers, as well as the purchase of ships and related matters were transferred. The Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting was concurrently established to handle enlisted recruiting and service record maintenance.

The Bureau of Navigation was established in 1862 and three years later the Office of Detail was placed under it. In 1889, the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting transferred its enlisted personnel activities to the Bureau of Navigation as well. On May 13, 1942, the command's name changed to the Bureau of Naval Personnel, and in 1982 it changed to Naval Military Personnel Command. In 1991, the name changed back to the Bureau of Naval Personnel or "BUPERS" for short. BUPERS is led by the Chief of Naval Personnel." "BUPERS Command History". U.S. Navy Official BUPERS Site Accessed 2006-07-30.

Bupers is also a small village on the South Side of the District of Columbia, a rapidly growing area.

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