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B road are numbered routes in Great Britainmarker of lesser importance than A road. See the article Great Britain road numbering scheme for the rationale behind the numbers allocated.

Zone 1 (3 digits)

Road From To Notes Length
B100 A501 Moorgatemarker, London A1marker Barbican Underground stationmarker, London
B101 A5201 Old Street, London A1200marker East Road, London One way road.
B102 A1200marker New North Road, London A104 Balls Pond Road, London
B103 (defunct) A1201 St. Paul's Road, London A104 Balls Pond Road, London Defunct. Now part of the A1199
B104 A105 Newington Green, London A10marker in Stoke Newingtonmarker, London Albion Road and Stoke Newington Church Street
B105 A1201 in Finsbury Parkmarker near London A10marker in Stoke Newingtonmarker near London includes Manor Road Stoke Newington
B106 B550 in Muswell Hillmarker near London A406marker in Bowes Parkmarker near London
B107 (defunct) A1203 in East Smithfield West end of Wapping High Street
B108 A1203 in Shadwell, London A104 junction in Dalstonmarker Queensbridge Road, Warner Place, Squirries Street, Vallance Road, New Road and Cannon Street Road
B109 A118 Forest Gate A124 East Ham
B111 A10marker, Stoke Newingtonmarker, London A107, Upper Claptonmarker

near rail station
B112 A102 Homertonmarker A12marker near Hackney Wickmarker
B113 A107 Hackney Centralmarker A106 Homertonmarker Morning Lane and Wick Road
B116 A124 near Plaistowmarker A112 Plaistow
B118 B142 near Bowmarker A1208 Shoreditchmarker, London Columbia Road, Gosset Street, Old Bethnal Green Road and Old Ford Road
B119 A107 Bethnal Greenmarker, London A12marker near Bow, London Roman Road
B120 B119 Bethnal Green A11 Stepney Greenmarker Globe Road
B121 A11 near Stepney Greenmarker, London A13 Limehousemarker, London Stepney Green, Stepney High Street and Belgrave Street
B122 A10marker Shoreditchmarker High Street A1209 Bethnal Greenmarker Road Calvert Avenue/Arnold Circus/Club Row
B125 A12marker near Bow, London A13 near Canning Townmarker Abbott Road
B126 A13 Limehousemarker, London A1211 near Tower Gateway DLR stationmarker Cable Street
B127 A107 Cambridge Heath railway stationmarker B118 near Bethnal Green
B134 A1211 Aldgatemarker, London A1209 near Shoreditchmarker Alie Street, Osborn Street, Brick Lane
B135 A1209 Bethnal Greenmarker Road A107 Cambridge Heathmarker Road Sclater Street/Cheshire Street/Dunbridge Street/Three Colts Lane
B137 A1010marker Ponders Endmarker, London A1055 near Angel Road railway stationmarker
B138 B151 Wood Greenmarker, London B150 near Harringay railway stationmarker
B140 B121 Stepneymarker, London A12marker near Bow, London Devas Street, Devons Road, St Pauls Way, Rhodeswell Road and Ben Jonson Road
B142 A11 Bow, London B118 near Bow, London Fairfield Road and Parnell Road
B144 B100 Moorgatemarker, London A1200marker near Shoreditch Parkmarker, London Eagle Wharf Road, Shepherdess Walk, Bath Street and Bunhill Row. Much of its length is one-way Northbound but some of Shepherdess Walk is two-way.
B146 A110 near Chingfordmarker, London A1009 near Woodfordmarker, London
B148 A127 Dunton Waylettsmarker A176 in Basildonmarker
B149 A1013 near Little Thurrockmarker A126 near Chadwell St Marymarker
B150 A1201 near Finsbury Parkmarker, London A105 near Seven Sistersmarker, London
B151 A109 near Wood Greenmarker, London B138 near Wood Green, London
B152 A105 in Harringaymarker, London A10marker near Stamford Hillmarker, London St Ann's Road
B153 A504 in West Greenmarker, London A10marker near Seven Sistersmarker, London Philip Lane
B154 A105 near Winchmore Hillmarker, London A1010marker in Edmontonmarker, London
B155 A109 between Wood Greenmarker, London and Tottenhammarker, London A504 in Seven Sistersmarker, London
B156 A1000marker near Potters Barmarker A10marker near Cheshuntmarker
B157 A1000marker near Brookmans Parkmarker B156 in Cuffleymarker
B158 A602marker near Tonwellmarker, Hertfordshire A1000marker near Potters Barmarker, Hertfordshire The B158 originally started from the A10 at Wadesmillmarker, but since the opening of the High Cross bypass, has been truncated.
B159 A112 in Leyton, London A104 in Leyton, London Leyton Green Road
B160 A104 / A114 Whipps Cross - near Leytonstone, London A110 near Chingford, London Wood Street, Fulbourne Road, Winchester Road and Larkshall Road
B161 A114 in Forest Gate, London A112 near Leyton, London Dames Road, Harrow Road, Cathall Road and Francis Road
B164 A11 near Stratford, London B165 West Hammarker, London
B165 A112 West Ham, London A118 Manor Park, London
B167 A118 Upton Park, London A117 East Ham, London
B168 A11 in South Woodford, London A113 South Woodford, London George Lane, The Viaduct and Daisy Road
B169 A110 Chingford, London A112 near Chingford, London
B170 A121 Buckhurst Hill, London A113 Chigwell, London
B172 A104/A121 Domewood, London A113 Abridge, London
B173 A113 Woodford Bridge, London A1112 Chigwell Row, London
B174 A1112 near Collier Row, London A12marker near Mawneys, London
B176 A1170 Turnford near Cheshuntmarker, London A121 Waltham Cross near Cheshuntmarker, London
B177 A124 Becontree, London A1112 Chadwell Heath, London
B178 A1112 Dagenham East, London A1306 Dagenham, London
B179 A112 Walthamstow, London A503 Walthamstow, London Billet Road and Blackhorse Lane
B180 Stanstead Abbotsmarker B1004 Widford, Hertfordshiremarker
B181 A414 Tyler's Green, Hertfordshire A1170 Stanstead St. Margarets, Hertfordshire
B182 B1393 Eppingmarker B181 near Eppingmarker
B183 A414 Harlowmarker, Essex B1256 Takeley, Essex
B184 A128/A414 Chipping Ongar, Essex M11/A11/A1301 Ickleton, Essex
B185 A1023 Brentwoodmarker B186 Brentwoodmarker near Rail Station
B186 A128 Brentwoodmarker A1306 Chafford Hundredmarker near Graysmarker
B186 (second part) A1306 (1 roundabout from M25) Chafford Hundredmarker near Graysmarker A126 West Thurrock, Graysmarker
B187 B186 Cranhammarker, London A124 Upminstermarker, London
B188 A1013,Thurrock A128 near Orsett,Thurrock
B189 (official) A126 Grays A1013 Grays One way road
B189 (un-official) B189 (official) Thames Road/Argent Street Roundabout
B191 A1083 Green Lane,London A124 Longbridge Road,Dagenhammarker,London
B192 A123 Gants Hill,London A1400 near Gants Hill,London Exactly follows Beehive Lane
B193 A1000marker Great North Road,Barnet,London A110 East Barnet,London
B194 A1170 Broxbourne,London A121 Waltham Abbey,London Connects Lower Nazeingmarker with A roads
B195 A1000marker near Welwyn Garden City A414 Cole Green
B197 (1st part) A505marker/M1 A602markerStevenagemarker
B197 (2nd part) A602marker Stevenagemarker A6129/A1/B653
B198 A47 near Wisbechmarker A47 near Wisbech This is the old A47 renumbered in 1984 with the opening of the Wisbech bypass. Road number is also in use near Cheshunt.
B198 A10marker / A121 junction near Waltham Crossmarker B156 in Goff's Oakmarker near Cheshuntmarker The Cheshunt Southern Relief Road, formerly part of the A121 and renumbered around the time this section of the M25marker was completed. Road number is duplicated in Wisbechmarker with both still being in use.

Zone 1 (4 digits)

Road From To Notes Length
B1000 A1000marker at Welwyn Garden Citymarker A119 at Hertfordmarker
B1001 A10marker at Waremarker A1170 at Ware
B1002 Brentwoodmarker Near Chelmsfordmarker Original route of the A12marker
B1003 Lincolnmarker North Hykehammarker
B1004 Waremarker Bishop's Stortfordmarker Shown on Newnes 1927 atlas as the B1002
B1005 (defunct) Bishop's Stortfordmarker Hatfield Heathmarker Now part of the A1060
B1006 A13 in South Benfleetmarker B1014 in Benfleet
B1007 Stanford-le-Hopemarker Chelmsfordmarker
B1008 Chelmsfordmarker Dunmow The section from Little Walthammarker to Dunmowwas downgraded from the A130.
B1009 Chelmsfordmarker Galleywoodmarker
B1010 A414 Woodham Mortimermarker Burnham on Crouchmarker
B1012 South Woodham Ferrersmarker B1010 near North Fambridgemarker Connecting the B1010 with A132
B1013 Rayleighmarker A127 Prittlewellmarker
B1014 Canvey Islandmarker A13 between Hadleighmarker and Thundersleymarker
B1015 Westcliff on Seamarker Southend on Seamarker
B1016 A1160 Southend on Seamarker Shoeburynessmarker
B1017 A13 near North Shoeburymarker B1013 near Hawkwellmarker
B1018 Southminstermarker Braintreemarker
B1019 Hatfield Peverelmarker Langford
B1021 Burnham on Crouchmarker Bradwell Watersidemarker
B1022 Heybridgemarker Colchestermarker
B1023 near Kelvedonmarker Tollesburymarker
B1024 Kelvedonmarker Earls Colnemarker
B1025 Colchestermarker West Merseamarker crosses from the mainland to Mersea Islandmarker by way of The Stroodmarker which is covered by the sea at the time of high spring tides.
B1026 B1022 at Heybridgemarker A134 in Colchestermarker
B1027 A133 south of Colchestermarker A133 at Clacton-on-Seamarker by way of Alresfordmarker, Thorringtonmarker, Great Bentleymarker and St Osythmarker
B1028 B1027 at the University of Essexmarker Wivenhoemarker
B1029 Jc 30 of the A12marker near Stratford St Marymarker Brightlingseamarker by way of Dedhammarker, Ardleighmarker, Great Bromleymarker, Fratingmarker, Great Bentleymarker and Thorringtonmarker
B1032 Clacton on Seamarker Kirby Crossmarker
B1033 A133 at Weeleymarker Frinton-on-Seamarker
B1034 B1033 southeast of Thorpe-le-Sokenmarker Walton-on-the-Nazemarker
B1035 B1352 southeast of Manningtreemarker B1033 northwest of Thorpe-le-Sokenmarker By way of Horsleycross Streetmarker, Horsley Crossmarker, Tendring Green, Goose Green and Tendringmarker
B1036 west of Laindonmarker south of Laindonmarker
B1037 northeast of Stevenagemarker Cotteredmarker
B1038 Buntingfordmarker Newport, Essexmarker
B1039 Royston Wendens Ambomarker
B1040 Biggleswademarker Crowlandmarker
B1041 A1marker Little Paxtonmarker St Neotsmarker
B1042 Sandy A1198 near Wendy
B1043 A1marker at Alconburymarker A1(M)/A15 at Norman Crossmarker
B1044 A141 northwest of Huntingdonmarker B1514 Huntingdon
B1046 Eynesburymarker A603 near Barton
B1047 A1303 in Barnwellmarker A14 in Fen Dittonmarker
B1048 St Neotsmarker north of Eaton Fordmarker
B1049 A1134 in Cambridgemarker A1123 at Wilburtonmarker
B1050 A14 at Bar Hillmarker A141 at Chatterismarker
B1051 Stanstedmarker Great Sampford
B1052 B1061 near Burrough Greenmarker Wendens Ambomarker
B1053 Saffron Waldenmarker A131 north of Braintreemarker
B1054 B1053 east of Radwinter A1017
B1055 B1053 B1054 at Hempstead, Essex
B1057 Great Dunmowmarker Haverhillmarker
B1058 (defunct) Sible Hedinghammarker A131
B1061 A1017 east of Haverhillmarker Newmarketmarker
B1066 A143 south of Bury St Edmundsmarker A1092 north of Long Melfordmarker by way of Whepsteadmarker, Brockleymarker, Cross Green and Hartestmarker
B1070 A137 at Cattawade near Manningtreemarker Hadleighmarker, Suffolk The B1070 originally continued northwards from here towards Bury St Edmundsmarker. This is now the A1141.
B1071 A1141 at Lavenhammarker B1115 near Little Waldingfieldmarker
B1077 B1108 at Carbrooke A1156 in Ipswichmarker
B1078 Bildestonmarker B1084 northwest of Orfordmarker
B1079 Helmingham Hallmarker Woodbridgemarker
B1083 A1152 at Woodbridgemarker Bawdseymarker by way of Sutton, Shottisham and Aldertonmarker
B1084 A1152 east of Woodbridgemarker Orfordmarker by way of Butleymarker and Chillesford
B1090 B1043 near Sawtrymarker A1123 at Houghton, Cambridgeshiremarker
B1100 B1098 near Christchurch, Cambridgeshire A1101 at Welneymarker
B1101 A41 at Wimblingtonmarker A1101 at Elm, Cambridgeshiremarker
B1102 A1303 in Stow cum Quymarker, near Cambridgemarker A1101 in Mildenhall
B1103 B1102 in Burwellmarker A142 in Newmarketmarker
B1105 Wells-next-the-Seamarker, Norfolk Fakenhammarker, Norfolk Locally called the 'Dry Road', due to it being the only route in Norfolk not to have a pub on it. Originally the route went from Wells-next-the-Seamarker, through Wightonmarker, Little Walsinghammarker, Houghton St. Giles and East Barshammarker, on to Fakenhammarker, but was re-classified with a parallel route circa 2002.
B1108 A1065 near Bodneymarker A147 in Norwichmarker
B1110 A148 at Holt, Norfolkmarker A47 at Hockeringmarker 19
B1113 Sproughtonmarker Norwichmarker
B1116 Lower Hacheston Harlestonmarker
B1117 A144 at Halesworthmarker A140 at Thornham Parvamarker
B1118 B1116 Denningtonmarker A140 south of Dissmarker
B1119 Leistonmarker Saxtead Green
B1120 Framlinghammarker Badinghammarker
B1121 A12marker in Kelsalemarker

(near Saxmundhammarker)
A1094 near Fristonmarker
B1122 A12marker near Yoxfordmarker A1094 in Aldeburghmarker
B1123 B1116 near Harlestonmarker A145 near Blythburghmarker
B1124 B1123 in Halesworthmarker A145 in Bramptonmarker
B1125 B1122 near Thebertonmarker A12marker in Blythburghmarker
B1126 A12marker in Wangfordmarker A1095 in Reydonmarker
B1127 A1095 in Reydonmarker A146 near Worlinghammarker
B1132 A1066

(High Street in Dissmarker)

(Shelfanger Road in Dissmarker)
B1133 B181 near Broadley Common A1169 in Great Parndonmarker, (Harlowmarker
B1134 B1077 between Short Green and New Buckenhammarker A143 near Redenhallmarker
B1135 A1075 near Toftwoodmarker B1113 between Bracon Ashmarker and Wreninghammarker
B1136 Halesmarker, A146, Close to Loddonmarker Haddiscoemarker, A143 Norfolk
B1137 A12marker in Hatfield Peverelmarker A1099 in Chelmsfordmarker
B1144 A148

(London Road in Kings Lynnmarker)
A148 between Kings Lynnmarker and Gaywood
B1145 A149 at Kings Lynnmarker, B1159 at Mundesleymarker
B1146 Fakenhammarker A47 near Derehammarker Has 3 ending in Fakenham, at the A1065 Hempton, the A1065/A148 roundabout and the A1067 Pensthorpe Road roundabout
B1149 A148, Holtmarker A140, north of Norwichmarker The only direct route between Norwich and Holt
B1150 A1151 at Norwichmarker A149 at North Walshammarker
B1156 A149 at Blakeney A148 at Sharringtonmarker Links A148 inland to the A149 coast road
B1159 A149 at Cromermarker, Norfolk A149 at Caister-on-Seamarker, Norfolk Coastal road, parallels part of the former Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Railway
B1162 A roundabout on the A15 in Lincolnshire near Northboroughmarker. Deeping St. Jamesmarker
B1164 Markham Moormarker Roundabout on the A1marker Carlton-on-Trentmarker Used to be part of the A1 until the current A1 highway was built.
B1165 Spaldingmarker A1101 in Cambridgeshire
B1166 B1169 at Leverington Common B1525 at Market Deepingmarker
B1167 Thorney B1166 near Throckenholt in Cambridgeshire The part througth Thorney used to be part of the A47 before the village was bypassed.
B1168 Holbeachmarker Holbeach Drovemarker
B1172 A roundabout on the A16marker north of Spaldingmarker A roundabout on the A16 south of Spalding Used to be part of the A16 through Spalding until the bypass was built.
B1173 Spaldingmarker A roundabout with the A16marker and A1073 Used to be the northern part of the A1073 until the A16 bypass was built.
B1174 A roundabout on the A1marker north of Granthammarker Merges with the A1 at Little Ponton Used to be part of the A1 through Granthan before the bypass was built.
B1176 Ryhallmarker A roundabout with the A52 east of Granthammarker.
B1177 A15 north of Morton in Lincolnshire. A52 at Bridge End in Lincolnshire.
B1178 Harmstonmarker Potter Hanworthmarker
B1180 Pinchbeck Pinchbeck West
B1181 Bicker Drayton
B1183 Boston, Lincolnshiremarker Horncastlemarker
B1184 Old Leakemarker B1192 in Lincolnshire
B1188 Lincolnmarker A153 between Ruskingtonmarker and Sleafordmarker
B1189 Metheringhammarker Billinghaymarker
B1190 A57 near Saxilbymarker in Lincolnshire Horncastlemarker
B1191 A15 north of Sleafordmarker, Lincolnshire A158 in Horncastlemarker, Lincolnshire
B1192 B1191 at Woodhall Spamarker B1397 at Kirton, Lincolnshiremarker
B1195 A158 east of High Toynton, Lincolnshire Wainfleet All Saintsmarker
B1196 Alfordmarker A roundabout with the A158 and A1028 west of Gunby
B1197 Hertfordmarker, Hertfordshire A1170 in Hoddesdonmarker, Hertfordshire The London Road south from Hertford, so called as it provided the main link with the A10marker to London. Formerly designated as part of the A602marker it was renumbered with the opening of the current A10 route in the late 1970s
B1200 A157/A16marker west of Louthmarker A1031 in Saltfleetbymarker Until the opening of the Louth bypass in 1991, the B1200 started at Kenwick Top, south of Louth, where the A16, A157 and B1520 now meet
B1201 A16marker at North Thoresbymarker A1031 south of Tetneymarker
B1202 Boothby Graffoemarker Market Rasenmarker
B1203 Grimsbymarker Market Rasenmarker
B1204 Elsham South Ferribymarker
B1205 Blytonmarker Nettleton
B1206 B1205 just outside Kirton in Lindseymarker New Hollandmarker The part from Redbournemarker to New Holland used to be the northern part of the A15 before the current A15 was built.
B1207 B1206 at Hibaldstowmarker A1077 near Winteringhammarker
B1208 Briggmarker B1207 north of Broughtonmarker
B1210 Grimsbymarker Kirmingtonmarker
B1211 Kealby A18 east of Melton Rose, North Lincolnshiremarker
B1212 B1213 near Grimsbymarker town center B1444 in the suburbs of Grimsby.
B1213 A roundabout with the A16 and A180 near Grimsbymarker Docks A46 in the suburbs of Cleethorpesmarker
B1216 A1077 outside Scunthorpemarker Gunnessmarker
B1217 J47 of the M1 Towtonmarker Westernmost section was A642 until the M1 link was built.
B1218 An interchange with the A15 and B1206 Barton upon Humbermarker
B1219 Waltham Humberstonmarker
B1222 Fulfordmarker A63 near Garforth
B1223 A19 at Selbymarker A162 near Towtonmarker
B1224 Wetherbymarker Yorkmarker
B1225 Baumbermarker Caistormarker
B1228 A64/A1079 near Yorkmarker Boothferrymarker, East Riding of Yorkshire
B1229 A165 near Reightonmarker, North Yorkshire Ends in Flamboroughmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire Passes through Bucktonmarker, Bemptonmarker
B1230 Howdenmarker Beverleymarker
B1231 Kingston upon Hullmarker North Ferribymarker
B1232 A164 north of Willerbymarker A1105 at Hesslemarker
B1233 A164 at Skidbymarker A1079/A1165 in Kingston upon Hullmarker
B1238 A165 near Bilton, East Riding of Yorkshiremarker B1242 at Aldbrough, East Riding of Yorkshiremarker
B1239 Biltonmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire Prestonmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire
B1240 Sproatleymarker, East Riding of Yorkshire Thorngumbaldmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire
B1241 Leamarker Saxilbymarker
B1242 Withernseamarker Lissettmarker
B1243 Skirlaughmarker Sigglesthornemarker
B1244 Hornseamarker A165 at Leven, East Riding of Yorkshiremarker
B1246 Barmby Moormarker A614 north of Bainton, East Riding of Yorkshiremarker
B1247 A1079 Pocklingtonmarker
B1248 A64 near Maltonmarker A1048 near Cherry Burtonmarker
B1249 Skipseamarker A64 at Staxtonmarker
B1251 Fridaythorpemarker Sledmeremarker
B1252 Garton on the Woldsmarker Sledmeremarker
B1253 Bridlingtonmarker B1248 near North Grimstonmarker
B1254 Bridlingtonmarker town center B1255 in the suburbs of Bridlington.
B1255 Bridlingtonmarker Flamboroughmarker north landing.
B1256 Braintreemarker M11 J8 near Bishop's Stortfordmarker
B1257 Stokesleymarker Maltonmarker
B1258 A64 near West Knaptonmarker, North Yorkshire Snaintonmarker
B1259 Flamboroughmarker Flamborough Headmarker
B1260 B1284 at Rainton Bridge, Houghton-le-Springmarker B1404 at New Town, Houghton-le-Springmarker
B1261 Ayton Lebberstonmarker
B1263 Scortonmarker Low Entercommon
B1264 A167 near Great Smeatonmarker Yarmmarker
B1265 B1264 (Yarmmarker) A67 (Yarmmarker)
B1266 A171 Newton Mulgravemarker Moor A174 north of Micklebymarker
B1269 Near Guisboroughmarker Redcarmarker
B1278 Sedgefieldmarker Near Wheatley Hillmarker
B1283 A181 at Sherburn, County Durhammarker A1086 at Hordenmarker
B1284 Woodstone Villagemarker Chester-le-Streetmarker
B1285 Seahammarker Houghton-le-Springmarker
B1286 Ryhopemarker Philadelphiamarker
B1287 Seahammarker Murtonmarker
B1289 Southwickmarker Gyratory (A1231)marker) Monkwearmouthmarker Gyratory (A1018)
B1291 Southwickmarker Seaburnmarker
B1293 A1231marker at Sunderland Hudson Dock
B1294 A1018 at Sunderland Extension Road, Sunderland
B1298 South Shieldsmarker Roundabout just east of Testos Roundabout (A19), joining A184
B1299 Whitburn East Boldonmarker Middle section intersected by A1018 (Sunderland Road)
B1301 South Shieldsmarker A1300 at Marsden, Tyne and Wearmarker
B1307 A184 at Gatesheadmarker A1058 at Newcastle upon Tynemarker
B1318 B1307 in Newcastle upon Tynemarker A19/A1068 at Seaton Burnmarker
B1333 Romanbymarker Northallertonmarker
B1336 B1033 in Frinton-on-Seamarker B1034 in Walton-on-the-Nazemarker
B1352 A137 at Lawfordmarker A120 at Harwichmarker
B1354 A148 at Thursfordmarker B1149 at Saxthorpe, then re-starts at A140 Hainford and finishes at A1151 Hoveton Road has been re-routed since Saxthorpe/Corpusty by-pass construction
B1355 A148 Between Sculthorpe, and Fakenhammarker A149 Between Burnham Marketmarker and Burnham Nortonmarker
B1359 A17 near Gedney, Lincolnshire Gedney Drove End by way of Gedney Dyke
B1362 Hedonmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire Withernseamarker, East Riding of Yorkshire
B1363 Oswaldkirkmarker Yorkmarker
B1365 Hemlingtonmarker Stokesleymarker
B1368 A10marker near Puckeridgemarker A10marker in Harstonmarker In Harston, the B1368 and not the A10 carries the name of London Road, despite both routes heading for London. Similarly milestones along the route offer distances to London.
B1382 Elymarker A1101 near Shippea Hill
B1389 Near Withammarker Near Little Braxted
B1394 Heckingtonmarker B1177 near Horblingmarker, Lincolnshire
B1395 East Heckingtonmarker A153 south of North Kyme
B1396 Doncastermarker Haxeymarker
B1397 B1177 in Dowsbymarker, Lincolnshire Roundabout with A16marker, Boston, Lincolnshiremarker
B1398 Lincolnmarker A18 just east of Scunthorpemarker
B1400 Messinghammarker Kirton in Lindseymarker
B1403 Clarboroughmarker Misterton
B1404 Seahammarker Houghton-le-Springmarker
B1405 Grangetownmarker Queen Alexandra Bridge
B1410 Ruswarpmarker Briggswathmarker
B1411 Elymarker A1101 at Gold Hill Corner
B1416 Whitbymarker A171 near Fylingthorpe
B1432 B1285 at Cold Hesledonmarker A1086 at Little Thorpemarker
B1434 A46 near Usselby, Lincolnshire A1084 east of Briggmarker
B1436 A148, near Cromermarker Thorpe Marketmarker
B1438 Woodbridge, Suffolkmarker Wickham Marketmarker Was the A12marker before bypassing.
B1439 West Newtonmarker, Norfolk A149 at Babingleymarker, Norfolk
B1440 Snettishammarker, Norfolk Hillington, Norfolkmarker When the A149 bypass opened, the old road through Snettisham, Ingoldisthorpemarker, and Dersinghammarker was re-numbered, almost doubling the length of this B-road
B1443 Stamfordmarker, Lincolnshire Thorneymarker, Cambridgeshire
B1444 A46 in Grimsbymarker A1136 in Grimsby
B1445 Patringtonmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire Easington, East Riding of Yorkshiremarker
B1447 A171 at High Hawsker Robin Hood's Baymarker
B1456 A137 at Ipswichmarker Shotley Gatemarker
B1460 A171 near Newholm Whitbymarker
B1461 A41 at Mill Hillmarker B552 at Mill Hill Village Daws Lane and Hammers Lane
B1462 A598 at Finchley Central B552 at Holders Hill Circus Nether Street (Southern end) and Dollis Lane
B1515 A151 west of Holbeachmarker A17 at Fleet Hargate east of Holbeach Formerly a part of the A17 through Holbeach before the bypass was built
B1517 A17 north of Sleafordmarker Roundabout with A15 southwest of Sleafordmarker Was part of A153 route through Sleaford before A15 and A17 bypasses were built.
B1518 Sleafordmarker Roundabout with A15 and A17 Was part of A15 through Sleaford before bypasses were built.
B1522 Ryhopemarker Sunderlandmarker Previously the A1018 between Ryhopemarker (Cherry Knowle Hospital) and Sunderlandmarker prior to the opening of the Sunderland southern radial route.

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