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B road are numbered routes in Great Britainmarker of lesser importance than A road. See the article Great Britain road numbering scheme for the rationale behind the numbers allocated.

3 digits

Road From To Notes
B400 A4marker Fleet Streetmarker A40 Holbornmarker Chancery Lanemarker. One way only Northbound
B412 A219 Shepherds Bushmarker A4207 Notting Hillmarker To the West of Ladbroke Grove it follows North Pole Road, St Quentin Avenue, St Marks Road and Cambridge Gardens.To the East, though Westbourne Park Road. Crosses Portobello Roadmarker.
B413 A5 Maida Valemarker B450 Chamberlayne Road Carlton Vale and Kilburn Lane, and also includes part of Shirland Road. Seems to have two different links to the A5.
B416 A4marker Wellington Street / A332 roundabout at Sloughmarker A413 Amersham Road at Gerrards Crossmarker
B425 A34 in Sheldonmarker, West Midlands A41 in Solihullmarker
B430 A34 at Weston-on-the-Greenmarker M40 at Ardleymarker
B450 A402 at Holland Parkmarker B451 at Kensal Risemarker Much of this is Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hillmarker and passes close to Portobello Roadmarker market.
B451 A404 at Kensal Greenmarker A5 at Kilburnmarker Runs North of the Bakerloo Line along Mortimer Road, Harvist Road and Brondesbury Road.
B452 A4marker at Brentfordmarker A40 at Perivalemarker
B455 Brentford High Street A312/A4180 roundabout Southallmarker
B462 A411 at Busheymarker Arches A5183 at Radlettmarker
B466 A4020 Hayes, Middlesex A404 at Pinnermarker
B470 Cowleymarker Windsormarker
B471 Pangbournemarker, Berkshire A4074 at Woodcotemarker, Oxfordshire
B474 A40 at Beaconsfieldmarker A404 at Hazlemeremarker
B480 A4130 Fair Mile, Henley-on-Thamesmarker Iffleymarker
B481 A4155 Cavershammarker B480 just south of Watlingtonmarker Connects Reading to B4009 at Watlingtonmarker and hence the M40 2.5miles north of Watlingtonmarker
B482 A4155 Marlowmarker A40 Stokenchurchmarker By way of Lane Endmarker, Bolter Endmarker and Cadmore Endmarker
B485 Cheshammarker Great Missendenmarker
B488 Aston Clintonmarker, Tringmarker A4146 south of Leighton Buzzardmarker, Begins at a grade separated junction east of Aston Clinton.
B489 B4009 at Aston Clintonmarker A5/A505marker at Dunstablemarker Formerly started on the A41, now crosses the bypassed A41 and starts in Aston Clinton on the B4009.

4 digits (40xx)

Road From To Notes
B4004 Defunct The original classification of Ringland Way in Newportmarker. Subsequently reclassified A455, and then A48 as part of the Southern Distributor Road.
B4008 Stroudmarker Quedgeleymarker Formerly part of the A419.
B4009 A4marker / A339 at Newburymarker A4074 south of Wallingfordmarker Part One of B4009 route, follows route of the ancient Roman road Icknield Waymarker. Links Oxfordshire with the western M4, crosses the River Thames at Goring and Streatley.
B4009 A4074 north of Wallingfordmarker A41 at Tring, Hertfordshiremarker Part Two of B4009 route, follows route of the ancient Roman road Icknield Waymarker, links Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and the M4.
B4011 A418 at Thamemarker A41 near Bicestermarker Built in 1833 as a turnpike between Thame and Bicester.
B4015 A415 Clifton Hampdenmarker B480 Stadhamptonmarker
B4016 B4017 Draytonmarker A417 Blewburymarker
B4017 B4044 Farmoormarker A4130 Milton Hillmarker The section of road between Abingdonmarker and Milton Hill was formerly part of the A34.
B4025 A34 in Hall Greenmarker, Birminghammarker A41 at Solihullmarker
B4027 A40 at Wheatleymarker A44 at Glymptonmarker
B4030 A44 near Enstonemarker B4100 at Bicestermarker Town Centre Built in 1797 as a turnpike; passes through Church Enstonemarker, Gagingwell, Westcott Barton, Middle Barton, Bartongate, Hopcroft's Holt, Lower Heyfordmarker and Middleton Stoneymarker
B4031 A361 near Great Tewmarker A43 near Evenley, South Northamptonshiremarker
B4034 A421 in south western Milton Keynesmarker A422 in northern Milton Keynesmarker For much of route is more commonly referred to as the V8 Marlborough Street

Multimap incorrectly assigns this number to the B4304 in Llanelli
B4035 Banburymarker Eveshammarker Begins in Banburymarker, Oxfordshire and passes through villages including Broughtonmarker, Tadmartonmarker, Swalcliffemarker, Brailesmarker, Shipston-on-Stourmarker, Chipping Campdenmarker, Bretfortonmarker and Badseymarker before terminating at the A4184 in Eveshammarker, Worcestershire.
B4036 Daventrymarker A5 at Long Buckby Wharfmarker Formerly continued to Market Harboroughmarker, passing through Nasebymarker, site of the English Civil War battle of the same name, and ran close to a junction with the A14 and M1 junction 18
B4043 A458 in Quinton, West Midlands A456 in Halesowenmarker, West Midlands
B4044 A420 at Botleymarker A40 at Eynshammarker Passes over Swinford Toll Bridgemarker. Part of the A40 until the 1930s
B4054 A38 at Gloucester Road, Bristolmarker A4marker at Avonmouthmarker Cranbrook Road, Parry's Lane and Shirehampton Road
B4055 A4018 at Westbury-on-Trymmarker, Bristolmarker New Passagemarker The route is in two parts separated by a mile of the A4018. One runs from Westbury-on-Trym through Henburymarker to the south end of Cribbs Causewaymarker and the other from J17 of the M5 to New Passage.
B4056 A4018 at Durdham Down, Bristolmarker A38 at Filtonmarker Henleaze Road and Southmead Road
B4057 B4054 at Kingswestonmarker A4018 at Brentrymarker Part One
B4057 A38 at Patchwaymarker B4058 at Winterbourne, Gloucestershiremarker Part Two: the two parts are separated by Filton Airfieldmarker, and were presumably connected before the runway was extended in 1949.
B4058 A432 at Eastville, Bristolmarker A46 at Nailsworthmarker
B4061 A38 at Alvestonmarker, Glos A38 near Whitfield Connects Thornbury to A38
B4069 A3102 north of Lyneham Chippenhammarker, junction with A420
B4077 A46 & A435 at the Teddington Handsmarker east of Tewkesburymarker A429 in Stow-on-the-Woldmarker By way of Teddingtonmarker, Toddingtonmarker, Stanwaymarker, Fordmarker and Upper Swell
B4086 A422 in Stratford-upon-Avonmarker B4100 near Warmington By way of Tiddingtonmarker, Wellesbournemarker, Compton Verneymarker, Kinetonmarker and Edge Hillmarker
B4098 A51 south of Kingsbury, Warwickshiremarker Coventrymarker City Centre entire route was formerly classified as A423

By way of Nether Whitacremarker, Furnace Endmarker, Over Whitacremarker, Fillongleymarker, Corleymarker and Coundonmarker
B4099 A445 in western Leamington Spamarker A425 in south-eastern Leamington

4 digits (41xx)

Road From To Notes
B4100 Bicestermarker M40 near Bishop's Tachbrookmarker Former alignment of A41 prior to the opening of M40
B4101 Coventrymarker City Centre Redditch Town Centre
B4102 Nuneatonmarker Town Centre B4101 near Earlswood, West Midlandsmarker
B4103 A452 at Kenilworthmarker A452 near Kenilworthmarker
B4104 A452 at Kenilworthmarker B4103 at Kenilworthmarker
B4106 A4114 at Allesleymarker, Coventrymarker B4101 at Spon Endmarker, Coventry
B4107 A429 at Earlsdonmarker, Coventrymarker B4098 at Radfordmarker, Coventry
B4109 Coventrymarker City Centre Hinckleymarker Town Centre
B4110 B4109 at Hillfieldsmarker, Coventrymarker A45/A46 at Willenhall, Coventrymarker
B4111 B4114 in Hartshillmarker, Nuneatonmarker Atherstonemarker
B4112 A426 in Rugby, Warwickshiremarker B4114 in Church End, Warwickshire
B4113 A444 in Nuneatonmarker A452 near Leamington Spamarker
B4114 A47 in Saltleymarker, Birmingham A5460 at Fosse Parkmarker, Leicestershire
B4115 A45 in Finhammarker, Coventrymarker A46/A429 near Warwickmarker
B4116 B4098, B4114 at Over Whitacremarker, Warwickshire B5006 near Meashammarker, Leicestershire
B4117 B4118 in Water Ortonmarker, Warwickshire A446, near Coleshillmarker, Warwickshire
B4118 Castle Bromwichmarker, West Midlands A446, near Water Ortonmarker, Warwickshire
B4118 Castle Bromwichmarker, West Midlands A446, near Water Ortonmarker, Warwickshire
B4119 B4118 in Castle Bromwichmarker, West Midlands B4114 in Castle Bromwich
B4120 A38 in Longbridgemarker, Birmingham A441 near Alvechurchmarker, Worcestershire
B4121 A4123 at Quinton, Birmingham A441 at Cotteridgemarker, Birmingham
B4122 A435 in King's Heathmarker, Birmingham A4040 in King's Heath
B4124 A4540 in Ladywoodmarker, Birmingham A4040 in Harbornemarker, Birmingham
B4124 A41 in Hockleymarker, Birmingham A34 in Great Barrmarker, Birmingham
B4125 A456 in Edgbastonmarker, Birmingham A4092 in Smethwickmarker, West Midlands
B4126 A41 in Sparkbrookmarker, Birmingham B4145 near Small Heathmarker, Birmingham
B4127 A38 Suffolk Street Queensway in Birmingham A4540 Islington Row Middleway in Birmingham
B4128 A45/A4540 in Bordesleymarker, Birmingham A4040 near Stechfordmarker, Birmingham
B4129 A457 in Cape Hillmarker, Birmingham A4040 in Harbornemarker, Birmingham
B4132 A41 in Birmingham A38 at Astonmarker
B4133 A4540 Dartmouth Middleway, Birmingham A47 in Nechellsmarker, Birmingham
B4135 A457 in Smethwickmarker, West Midlands A457 in Cape Hill, Birmingham
B4136 A4092 in Smethwickmarker, West Midlands A41 in Handsworthmarker, Birmingham
B4137 A4040 in Wittonmarker, Birmingham A47 in Nechellsmarker, Birmingham
B4138 A453 in Perry Barrmarker, Birmingham A4026 in Little Astonmarker, Staffordshire
B4140 A41 in Hockleymarker, Birmingham A4040 in Wittonmarker, Birmingham
B4142 A5127 in Erdingtonmarker, Birmingham A453 in New Oscottmarker, Birmingham
B4144 A41 in Hockleymarker, Birmingham B4132 in Nechellsmarker, Birmingham
B4145 A41 in Sparkhillmarker, Birmingham B4114 in Saltleymarker, Birmingham
B4146 A41 in Tyseleymarker, Birmingham A435 in King's Heathmarker, Birmingham
B4147 A4040 in Stechfordmarker, Birmingham B4114 in Hodge Hillmarker, Birmingham
B4148 A453 in Whitehouse Commonmarker, Sutton Coldfieldmarker A38 in East Birmingham; A5127 in Erdingtonmarker Two branches south/west of Walmleymarker
B4149 B4166 in Greets Greenmarker, West Midlands A4041 in West Bromwichmarker
B4149 A4041 in Pheaseymarker, West Midlands A453 in New Oscottmarker, Birmingham
B4150 A420 Headington Hillmarker A40 Oxford Northern Bypass Marston Roadmarker and Marsh Lane in Oxford.
B4151 A4148marker in Walsallmarker A453 near Bassetts Polemarker, Warwickshire Terminus is actually in Staffordshire
B4152 A454 in Aldridgemarker, West Midlands A452 in Brownhillsmarker, West Midlands
B4154 A4041 in Pheaseymarker, West Midlands B5013 in Hednesfordmarker, Staffordshire
B4155 A452 in Brownhillsmarker, West Midlands A5 near Brownhills, in Staffordshire
B4156 A460 in Fallings Parkmarker, Wolverhamptonmarker A34 in Great Wyrleymarker, Staffordshire
B4158 Chippenhammarker, junction with A420 A350 north of Chippenhammarker This is known as Malmesburymarker Road in Chippenhammarker
B4160 Redditch Ring Road. One-way throughout its length.
B4161 A4039 in Blakenhallmarker, Wolverhamptonmarker A41 near Tettenhallmarker
B4162 A41 in Bilstonmarker A4039 in Bilston
B4163 A41 in Bilstonmarker A461 in Dudley Portmarker, Sandwell
B4167 B4124 in Hamsteadmarker, Birmingham A4041 in Great Barrmarker, West Midlands
B4166 A461 near Great Bridge, West Midlandsmarker A4034 in Oldbury, West Midlandsmarker
B4169 Smethwickmarker Town Centre, West Midlands A4034 in Blackheath, West Midlandsmarker Divides into two branches, each joining A4034 north and south of Blackheath
B4170 A457 in Oldbury, West Midlandsmarker B4169 in Langley Green, West Midlands
B4171 Dudleymarker, West Midlands Blackheath, West Midlandsmarker
B4172 A461 in Brierley Hillmarker A4100 in Brierley Hill
B4173 A459 in Netherton, West Midlandsmarker A458 in Cradleymarker
B4174 A4100 in Quarry Bankmarker, West Midlands A458 in Cradleymarker
B4175 A449 in Wall Heathmarker A457 in Upper Gornalmarker, Dudleymarker
B4176 A459 in Dudleymarker A442 south of Telfordmarker
B4177 A459 in Dudleymarker A459/A461 junction in Blowers Green, Dudley
B4178 A449 in Wall Heathmarker A4101 west of Kingswinfordmarker Town Centre Called Swindon Road along its entirety and runs for approximately half a mile
B4179 A4101 in Pensnettmarker, West Midlands A461 in Brierley Hillmarker Town Centre
B4180 A491 in Wordsleymarker, West Midlands A461 in Brierley Hillmarker Eastern section of Brockmoor High Street is one way, traffic redirected along Hickman Road
B4182 A456 in Bearwood, West Midlandsmarker B4170 in Langley Green, West Midlands
B4183 Halesowenmarker Town Centre, West Midlands A456 in Hayley Green, West Midlandsmarker
B4184 A441 in Redditch Bromsgrovemarker Town Centre
B4185 B4091 in Catshillmarker, Worcestershire A38 near Lydiate Ashmarker, Worcestershire
B4186 A458 in Wollaston, West Midlandsmarker A4036 just south of Lyemarker
B4187 A491 in Stourbridgemarker A456 in Hagleymarker, Worcestershire
B4188 A491 near Belbroughtonmarker, Worcestershire A456 in Blakedownmarker, Worcestershire
B4189 A449 near Kidderminstermarker, Worcestershire A442 near Kidderminster, Worcestershire Bridges the River Severn north of Kidderminster
B4190 B4189 near Kidderminstermarker, Worcestershire A456 near Bewdleymarker, Worcestershire Crosses the River Severn at Bewdley
B4193 A449 near Hartleburymarker, Worcestershire A4025 at Stourportmarker, Worcestershire
B4194 B4196 at Areley Kingsmarker, Worcestershire B4363 near Kinletmarker, Shropshire Goes through Bewdleymarker
B4195 B4190 at Bewdleymarker, Worcestershire A451 at Stourportmarker, Worcestershire
B4196 A451 at Areley Kingsmarker, Worcestershire A443 at Holt Heath, Worcestershiremarker
B4197 A443 at Great Witleymarker, Worcestershire A44 at Knightwickmarker, Worcestershire
B4199 B4194 near Kinletmarker, Shropshire B4363 near Kinlet, Shropshire 1 mile long

4 digits (42xx)

Road From To Notes
B4200 Wednesburymarker, West Midlands A4038 near Darlastonmarker, West Midlands
B4201 A4117 near Cleobury Mortimermarker, Shropshiremarker B4363 near Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
B4202 A443 at Abberleymarker, Worcestershire A4117 near Cleobury Mortimermarker, Shropshiremarker
B4203 A443 at Great Witleymarker, Worcestershire A44 at Bromyardmarker, Herefordshiremarker
B4204 A443 at Worcestermarker A4112 at Tenbury Wellsmarker, Worcestershire
B4206 A443 at Worcestermarker A449 at Worcestermarker
B4210 Walsallmarker, West Midlands A462 near Essingtonmarker, Staffordshire
B4214 A438 at Ledburymarker, Herefordshiremarker A4117 at Cleehillmarker, Shropshiremarker 28 miles long
B4217 Five Waysmarker, Birminghammarker A4040 Fox Hollies Road at Acocks Greenmarker, Birmingham Route of the number 1 bus
B4221 B4215 at Newentmarker A40 at Ross-on-Wyemarker
B4233 Abergavennymarker Monmouthmarker By way of Llanvapleymarker and Rockfieldmarker
B4237 A48 at Newportmarker A48 at Newport Now the former A48 route through Newport. The previous route, including Newport Transporter Bridgemarker is now unclassified.
B4242 A4109 at Aberdulaismarker Pontneddfechanmarker
B4245 A48 at Llandevaud A48 at Caldicotmarker
B4271 A4118 near Upper Killaymarker B4295 at Llanrhidianmarker
B4282 A4017 at Cwmafanmarker A4063 at Cwmfelin
B4283 A48 near Groes, Port Talbotmarker A4229 at South Cornellymarker
B4284 Five Waysmarker, Birminghammarker B4124 in Edgbastonmarker, Birmingham
B4286 A4241 at Port Talbotmarker B4287 at Pontrhydyfenmarker
B4287 B4434 at Neathmarker A4107 at Pontrhydyfenmarker
B4290 B4489 at Swansea railway stationmarker A4067 at Victoria Park
B4290 A483 near Jersey Marinemarker A4230 at Neath Abbeymarker
B4291 A48/A4230 near Peniel Green B4603 at Clydachmarker
B4295 A4216 at Cockettmarker B4271 at Llanrhidianmarker north Gowermarker road
B4296 A4118 at Killaymarker A48 at Pontarddulaismarker
B4297 A484 near Byneamarker A4138 near Llangennechmarker

4 digits (43xx)

Road From To Notes
B4304 A484/A4138 at Parc Trostremarker A484 in Sandymarker, west Llanellimarker number shared by three roads radiating from roundabout at
B4304 A484 in central Llanellimarker B4304 at Morfa
B4306 A4138 in Hendymarker B4309 near Bancycapel
B4308 B4309 at Llanellimarker A484 near Kidwellymarker
B4309 A484 in central Llanellimarker A484 near Cwmffrwd
B4337 A487 at Llanrhystudmarker, Ceredigion B4302 near Llansawel, Carmarthenshiremarker
B4355 A44 at Kingtonmarker, Herefordshiremarker A483 at Dolfor, Powysmarker Crosses A488 at Knightonmarker
B4356 Presteignemarker, Powysmarker A483 at Llanbister, Powys
B4357 A44 near Kingtonmarker, Herefordshiremarker B4355 near Knightonmarker, Powys
B4358 A483 at Beulahmarker, Powys A4081 near Llandrindod Wellsmarker, Powys
B4360 A44 at Leominstermarker, Herefordshiremarker A4110
B4361 A49 at Ludlowmarker, Shropshiremarker A49 at Leominstermarker, Herefordshiremarker
B4362 A49/A456 at Brimfield, Herefordshire A44 near Kington, Herefordshiremarker
B4363 A454 at Bridgnorthmarker, Shropshiremarker A4117 at Cleobury Mortimermarker, Shropshire
B4364 Bridgnorthmarker, Shropshire A4117 near Ludlowmarker, Shropshire
B4365 A49 at Ludlowmarker, Shropshire B4368 at Corftonmarker, Shropshire
B4366 A4086 at Caernarfonmarker A4244 / B4547
B4367 B4368 near Craven Armsmarker, Shropshiremarker A4113 at Bucknellmarker, Shropshire
B4368 A458 near Bridgnorthmarker, Shropshire A483 at Abermulemarker, Powysmarker Crosses A49 (at Craven Armsmarker), A488 and A489
B4369 B4367 at Broomemarker, Shropshire B4368 at Aston on Clunmarker, Shropshire 0.5 miles long
B4370 A49 northeast of All Strettonmarker, Shropshiremarker A489 in Shropshire Becomes part of the A49 between Little Strettonmarker and Marshbrookmarker
B4371 A458 at Much Wenlockmarker, Shropshire B4370 at Church Strettonmarker, Shropshire Intersects with the A49 at Church Stretton
B4372 A44 at New Radnormarker, Powysmarker B4357
B4373 B5060 at Donningtonmarker, Telfordmarker, Shropshiremarker Bridgnorthmarker, Shropshire Goes through Ironbridge Gorgemarker
B4375 B4373 at Broseleymarker, Shropshire B4376 near Much Wenlockmarker, Shropshire
B4376 B4373 at Broseleymarker, Shropshire A458 at Much Wenlockmarker, Shropshire
B4378 A458 at Much Wenlockmarker, Shropshire B4368 at Shipton, Shropshire
B4380 A4169 near Ironbridgemarker, Shropshire A5 at Montford Bridgemarker, Shropshire Passes through the south and west of Shrewsburymarker
B4381 A490/A458 at Welshpoolmarker, Powysmarker B4388 near Welshpool
B4382 B4389 near Llanfair Caereinionmarker, Powys B4393 near Lake Vyrnwymarker, Powys Crosses A495
B4383 A488 near Bishop's Castlemarker, Shropshiremarker A489 near Bishop's Castle, Shropshire 1 mile long
B4384 A488 at Bishop's Castle, Shropshire B4385 at Bishop's Castle, Shropshire Schoolhouse Lane; less than 0.5 miles long
B4385 A4113 at Leintwardinemarker, Shropshire A458 near Llanfair Caereinionmarker Passes through Montgomerymarker, Powysmarker; crosses A488, A489 and A483
B4386 A458/A488 at Shrewsburymarker A483 at Abermulemarker, Powysmarker 26 miles long; crosses A5 and A490
B4387 A488 at Minsterleymarker, Shropshiremarker A458 at Halfway Housemarker, Shropshire
B4388 Montgomerymarker, Powysmarker A458 near Welshpoolmarker, Powys Crosses A490
B4389 A495 near Llanfair Caereinionmarker, Powys A483 near Newtownmarker, Powys Crosses A458
B4390 A483 at Berriewmarker, Powys B4389
B4391 A490 near Llanfyllinmarker, Powys A494 at Balamarker, Gwyneddmarker
B4392 A483 at Arddleenmarker, Powys A458 at Cyfronydd, Powys Crosses A490
B4393 A458 at Fordmarker, Shropshiremarker Lake Vyrnwymarker Crosses A483 and A495; encircles Lake Vyrnwy
B4394 A442 at Wellingtonmarker, Shropshiremarker B4380 at Wroxetermarker Crosses A5
B4395 A458 at Llangadfan, Powysmarker B4393 near Lake Vyrnwymarker
B4396 A5 at Nesscliffemarker, Shropshiremarker B4393 near Lake Vyrnwy Crosses A483 and A495
B4397 B4396 at Knockinmarker, Shropshire B5063 near Wemmarker, Shropshire
B4398 B4396 at Knockin, Shropshire B4393 Llansantffraidmarker, Powysmarker

4 digits (44xx)

Road From To Notes
B4401 A5 at Corwenmarker, Denbighshire A494 near Balamarker, Gwyneddmarker
B4402 A494 B4391
B4403 A494 at Llanuwchllynmarker, Gwyneddmarker B4391 near Balamarker, Gwynedd Runs along the eastern side of Bala Lakemarker
B4404 A489 at Cemmaes Roadmarker, Powysmarker A487 near Machynllethmarker, Powys
B4405 A487 at Minfforddmarker, Gwynedd A493 near Tywynmarker, Gwynedd
B4410 A498 north of Prentegmarker A487 near Maentwrogmarker Sarn Helenmarker - crosses A4085 at Garreg
B4416 A470 near Dolgellaumarker, Gwynedd A494 near Dolgellau, Gwynedd
B4429 A428 at Rugbymarker M45/A45 at Thurlastonmarker
B4434 A474 in Neathmarker A465 at Resolvenmarker
B4436 A4118 near Langrove A4067 at Blackpillmarker
B4438 A452 in Bickenhillmarker, West Midlands B4102 at Catherine-de-Barnesmarker, West Midlands Passes through Birmingham Airportmarker
B4442 A404 at Little Chalfontmarker A413 at Chalfont St Gilesmarker
B4451 B4100 at Gaydonmarker, Warwickshiremarker A425 at Southammarker, Warwickshire
B4461 M48 at Austmarker B4061 at Alverston
B4464 A454, near Willenhallmarker, West Midlands A454/M6 junction, Bentleymarker, West Midlands Former route of A454 through Willenhall Town Centre
B4468 A4018 at Westbury Park, Bristolmarker A38 at Horfieldmarker, Bristol
B4469 A38 at Horfieldmarker, Bristolmarker A420 at St Georgemarker, Bristol
B4473 A458 west of Shrewsburymarker B4380 at Montford Bridgemarker, Shropshiremarker 1 mile long; crosses A5
B4483 B4163 in Coseleymarker, West Midlands A457 in Woodsetton, West Midlands
B4484 A460 in Fallings Parkmarker, Wolverhamptonmarker Bilstonmarker Town Centre
B4485 A44 at Worcestermarker A4440 at Worcester
B4489 A483 at Swanseamarker A48 and the M4 at Junction 46
B4491 A4000 at Gypsy Corner, North Acton just north of the A40, Western Avenue A4000 at Harlesden, just south of the A404 "Alternative" route via North Middlesex Hospital
B4494 Newburymarker Wantagemarker
B4495 A4144 Abingdon Roadmarker, Oxford A4165 Banbury Roadmarker, Oxford Passes to the east of Oxford almost concurrently with the Northern, Eastern and Southern bypasses of the Oxford Ring Road.
B4499 A488 at Minsterleymarker, Shropshiremarker B4386 at Brockton, Shropshire

4 digits (45xx)

Road From To Notes
B4500 B5070 at Chirkmarker, Wrexham B4580 at Llanrhaeadrmarker, Powysmarker
B4505 A4251 at Hemel Hempsteadmarker A416 at Newtown, Cheshammarker
B4509 B4060 at Wickwarmarker A38 at Falfieldmarker
B4511 A4049 at Aberbargoedmarker A4048 at Bedwellty
B4514 B4217 in Acock's Greenmarker, Birminghammarker A41 in Oltonmarker, Birmingham
B4516 B4145 in Saltleymarker, Birminghammarker B4114 in Washwood Heathmarker, Birmingham
B4517 A4037 in Tiptonmarker, West Midlands A461 in Great Bridgemarker, West Midlands
B4518 A470 at Rhayadermarker, Powysmarker Llanbrynmair
B4529 A4110 near Leominstermarker, Herefordshiremarker B4360 near Leominster
B4531 A4040 in Erdingtonmarker, Birminghammarker A5127 in Erdington
B4532 A456 in Edgbastonmarker, Birminghammarker B4217 in Edgbaston
B4537 A461 in Wollaston, West Midlandsmarker A458 near Wollaston
B4545 A5 at Valleymarker A5154 at Holyheadmarker
B4546 A487/A478 road roundabout near Cardiganmarker Poppit Sandsmarker goes through St Dogmaelsmarker
B4547 A4086 at Cwm-y-glomarker A4244 / B4366
B4548 A487 near Cardiganmarker Gwbertmarker
B4549 A456 Bewdley Hill at Kidderminstermarker, Worcestershire A451 Stourport Road at Kidderminster Sutton Park Road; 1 mile long
B4551 A456/A459 in Halesowenmarker, West Midlands A491 near Lydiate Ashmarker, Worcestershire
B4555 Bridgnorthmarker, Shropshiremarker B4363 near Highleymarker, Shropshire
B4557 A406marker, Neasdenmarker B4565 at Wembley Stadiummarker Link road between Wembley Stadium and industrial estates with Ikea store and Tesco in Brent Park
B4558 A459 in Upper Gornal, Dudleymarker B4176 in Dudley Town Centre
B4565 A4089 at Wembley Parkmarker A404 at Wembleymarker Clock Tower Along Empire Way past Wembley Stadiummarker complex
B4568 A470 near Caerswsmarker, Powysmarker B4389 near Newtown, Powys
B4569 B4518 at Llanidloesmarker, Powys B4568 at Caerswsmarker, Powys
B4570 A484 near Cardigan B4333 at Cwm-cou
B4573 A496 at Harlechmarker, Gwyneddmarker A496
B4574 A4120 at Devil's Bridge, Aberystwythmarker B4518 near Rhayadermarker, Powysmarker Described by the AA as one of the ten most scenic drives in the world.
B4579 A5/A483 at Oswestrymarker, Shropshiremarker B4500 at Glyn Ceiriogmarker, Wrexham
B4580 A5/A495 at Oswestry, Shropshire B4391 near Llanfyllinmarker, Powysmarker
B4587 B4176 in Dudleymarker Town Centre B4177 in Dudley
B4590 A454 near Willenhallmarker, West Midlands A462 near Willenhall
B4591 B4237 at Newportmarker A467 at Abercarnmarker The former A467 route into central Newport.
B4596 B4591 at Newportmarker B4236 at Caerleon Bridgemarker The former A449 route into central Newport.
B4599 A4067 in Ystalyferamarker A4067 near Penrhos

4 digits (46xx)

Road From To Notes
B4603 A483/A4118 junction at Greenhillmarker, Swanseamarker A4067 near Cilmaengwyn
B4620 A483 at Fforestfachmarker A4240 at Loughormarker
B4632 Stratford-upon-Avonmarker Cheltenhammarker Old A46. Passes through Winchcombemarker, Prestburymarker, near Stantonmarker, Broadwaymarker, Aston-sub-Edgemarker, Wootton-sub-Edge, Mickletonmarker, Clifford Chambersmarker
B4640 Newburymarker Tot Hill Old A34 road. Until it was replaced by the Newbury Bypass it was originally the only part of the road between Oxfordmarker and Winchestermarker that was not a dual carriageway.
B4669 B590 at Hinckleymarker B4114 at Sapcotemarker


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