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Location in Turkey
Area : 14,456  km² (Province)
Population: 1,076,347(Province)
247,072 (City)
height : 70 m
Time Zone : UTC+2
Website : Balikesir Municipality
Postal Code : 10xxx
Area Code : 0266
Country : Turkeymarker 10
Mayor İsmail Ok
Governor Yılmaz Arslan

Balıkesir is the capital city of Balıkesir Provincemarker. Balıkesir is in the Marmara region of Turkeymarker and has a population of 247.072 inhabitants. Old name is Karesi.


At near Balıkesir was the Roman town of Hadrianutherae, founded, as its name commemorates, by the emperor Hadrian. During Byzantine ownership the small town was known as Palaeokastron ( ). The remains of the ancient Makestos Bridgemarker and castles are found in the surroundings. Byzantine dynasty had used this castle as vacation area and for hunting sport. Also, when Turkmens had came from Middle Asia to Mysia, they called there Balak Hisar because of the remains of castle.

Balıkesir's former name was Karesi. Because Balıkesir city was founded by Karesi in 13rd century. Karesi was a Turkic principle in Mysia. Until 13rd century, Balıkesir city has been the administral centre of Mysia region. At 1345, Balıkesir city was annexed by Ottomans. At 1897 the earthquake destroyed the big part of the city. At 1920 Balıkesir city was conquered by Greeks but 6th of September in 1922, Turkish army took back the city. During Turkish Independent Wars, Balıkesir was main centre of the direction of militias in Western Anatolia against Greeks. At 1950s, a major fire which was occurred because of naughty couple of mice was destroyed a part of the city and was built again.


The economy of the city proppes up agriculture and industry. The biggest industrial enterprises are Turyag, Set Cimento, BESK, Mar-Tük, İsbir, Kula, Tellioglu, Bupilic and Yaris Kabin which are withinside the first thousand factories at Turkey in 2008. Also, Balıkesir city is important for the stockbreeding sector. At the surrounding of city, there are lots of dairies.

Another main exports are olive-based products. It is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, who use it as a base to explore the nearly countryside which is renowned for its beauty, especially the nearby Mount Idamarker (Kaz Dağı). İt is well know with borax deposit.

Sites of interest

Balıkesir's folkloric traditional woman customs

In capital of Balıkesir province, there are lots of historical buildings. The clocktower (built in 1892) is the symbol of the city. Historical fountain (built in 1908) is another popular building there. Zaganos Pasha Mosque Complex and Yildirim Mosque are popular spiritual areas. Old Balıkesir houses in Aygoren and Karaoglan district, still is alive until Ottomans.

Balıkesir National Photography Museum is the primer and single museum in Turkey about photography. At another museum, Museum of National Moment, is exhibited of the historical memories of the city. Of course, Balıkesir is known with its historical windmills.

Lots of spa which has got some features for healthy are circumscribed the city like Pamukcu and Ilica. Also, in city centre there are historical Turkish bath (name: Pasha hamamı) still served.

Local means

Balıkesir's local cheese called (Kelle Peyniri) is known European countries and it is exported Francemarker, Germany and Britain. Balıkesir's Turkmen carpets (called Yagcibedir) are another popular local goods. The souvenir of city is Eau de Cologne is aromatic lily. Hosmerim which is made from cheese and egg is the popular dessert of this city. Lots of old Turkmens dishes (like keskek, guvec, tirit, manti, kaymakli) are composed Balıkesir kitchen.

Balıkesir is a historical folkloric dance source. Balıkesir's historical folkloric dance is most popular in Turkey and academical investigation. Bengi, Guvende and Balikesir Zeybeği are typical dance of this city. These dances' figures spread through Balıkesir plainness. Also, Balikesir's ballads are popular in Turkey. Akpınar, Mendili Oyaladım, Karyolamın Demiri are some ballads sing by women surround Balikesir city. Like these woman ballads on the other hand, have figures in terms of traditional dancing. Although Balıkesir is in industrial region, traditional village culture is superb and deeply. So that, for folk culture Balıkesir is important area in Turkey. Balıkesir's local dance came to first in Dijonmarker folk festival at 1970 be of value by academical folkloric investigation autoroties.

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