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Banī Tamīm or Banu Tamim or Banu Tameem is variant of Banu Taym or Banu Taim ( ) is one of the largest of all Arab tribes. The tribe's history goes back to pre-Islamic times, a sister-clan of Quraysh. Today millions descend from the tribe in the Arabian Peninsula and neighboring countries such as Kuwaitmarker ,Iraqmarker ,Qatarmarker,Omanmarker , Jordanmarker , Syriamarker , Egyptmarker , Palestine , Iranmarker, Afghanistanmarker, Bangladeshmarker, Pakistanmarker and Indiamarker . The word Tamim in Arabic means strong and solid.


The Bani Tamīm are located primarily in Najd (Central Saudi Arabia), central and southern Iraqmarker (Basramarker and Diyala) and the Iranianmarker province of Khuzestan and in south and north of Yemen [Hadramot, and Taiz city]. Members of this tribe are commonly identified by the surnames of "Al-Tamimi" or "al-Tamīmī" or "Tamimi", which can be spelled as "Al-Timimi" or "Al-Temimi" in reflection of the local accent and those who have settled in South Asian countries such as Bangladeshmarker, Pakistanmarker and Indiamarker are distinguished by the surnames of "Qureshi". Members of Al Tamim tribe migrated to Morocco as well during el foutouhat al Islamiya (الفتحات الاسلامية) or Muslim conquest. They are called "Temim" or "Tamim" or "Tamimy" or "Tamimi".

The tribe's progenitor Tamīm or Taym Tamīm ibn Murrah ibn Ka'ab is said to have lived in the 1st century CE and is reported to have met one of Jesus Christ's disciples. Kilab who is Tamīm's brother, is an ancestor of Prophet Muhammad. Amna Prophet Muhammad's mother is also a descendant of this tribe. The tribe traces its lineage to Adnan and the prophets Ishmael and Abraham. It has been said that Banu Tamim could be among the largest civilized Arab tribes.

Banu Tamim embraced Islam in the eighth year after the Hijra . In an Islamic hadith, Prophet Muhammad remarked that the Tamīm tribe would be the most vigorous of his community in fighting the Dajjal (the Antichrist), an evil figure in Islamic eschatology.

Large sections of the Banu Tamim in Iraq converted from Sunnism to Shi’ism just before or during the 19th century.

Leading personalities

Among the tribe's famous personalities:

Some Tamimi Families

    • Al-Anjari
    • Al-Thani
    • Al-Ibrahim
    • Al-Dokhail
    • Al-Rashed
    • Al-Sulaiman
    • Al-Bahar
    • Al-Saif
    • Al-Khamis
    • Al-Tharib
    • Al-Homaidhy
    • Al-Fayez
    • Al-Mutlag
    • Al-Omair
    • Al-Suhail
    • Al-Sa'ab
    • AL-Nasry
    • Al-Fawzan
    • Al-Hindi
    • Al-Fakhroo
    • Al-Himran
    • Al-Hussayyen
    • Al-madhi
    • Al-Majed
    • Al-Meshari
    • Al-Mogbel
    • Al-Mojel
    • Al-Aiban
    • Al-Roomy
    • Al-Nugaithan
    • Al-Yousef
    • Al-Shaya
    • Al-Salman
    • Al-Rajeh
    • Al-Sulaiman
    • Al-Mangour
    • Al-Faqih
    • Al-Hasoun
    • Al-Sogih
    • Al-Bassam
    • Al-Mesned
    • Al-Kharafi
    • Al-Othman
    • Al-Wazzan
    • Al-Muneefy
    • Al-Ameer
    • Al-Saeed
    • Al-Ayyar
    • Al-Ghannam
    • Al-Mana / Al-Shamlan
    • Al-Faris
    • Al-Hayb
    • Al Matham
    • Al Twuim
    • Al Hotan
    • Al Tammami
    • Al Suais
    • Al Humidat
    • Al Ameery
    • Al Jamil
    • Al Shaalan
    • Al Huramel
    • Al Badeely
    • Al Humais
    • Al Ghnnaam
    • Al Khatrash
    • Al Wahaiby
    • Al-Yusuf


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