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For other battles of Basra, see Battle of Basra.
The Battle of Basra was a battle of World War I which took place in the city of Basramarker (modern-day Iraqmarker) between Britishmarker and Ottoman troops on November 10, 1914. The battle resulted in the British capture of Basra.


After the capture of Faomarker by the British, the Ottoman army began to converge on Basra. The British feared that the Ottomans were preparing to attack Fao, so they decided to defeat the Ottoman army and capture Basra.

The Battle

On November 7, 1914, British troops began the march from Fao to Basra. The Ottomans sent cavalry to stop the British advance, and there were many battles between the British infantry and the Turkish cavalry between November 7 and 9. Despite this, the British arrived outside Basra on November 10. The Ottomans retreated from Basra, leaving only a few hundred troops to guard the city. The British attacked Basra and within an hour the remaining Turkish troops were defeated and Basra was occupied.


Even though the British captured Basra, they did not accomplish their goal of destroying the main Turkish army, which had now retreated to Kut. The failure of the British to win a decisive battle would result in many more campaigns in Mesopotamia.


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