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The Belgian Second Division is the second-highest division in the Belgianmarker football league system after the Belgian First Division. It was created by the Belgian Football Association in 1905. It is sponsored by commercial broadcaster Euro1080 (who have a television channel called EXQI), and is therefore officially known as the EXQI League.


The second division was created in 1905 as the Promotion. From 1923 on there were two leagues in that division (called Promotion A and Promotion B). In 1926, the system changed with only one league (14 clubs) at the second-highest level now called Division I. At the end of the 1930-31 season, the Division I was split into two leagues (of 14 clubs each). The last two teams of each league were relegated and the two top clubs promoted each year to the Premier Division. In 1952, the division was renamed to Division II with 16 teams (one league). The first two clubs qualified for the first division. In 1974, the first final round was played to access the top level. Finally, in 1994, the second division was played between 18 clubs. A win earns three points since the 1993-94 season.

In the season 2008-09, the second division has been played between 19 teams following the Namur - Geel case (both teams claiming their rights to access the second division).

Competition format and naming


The season comprises the regular season (18 teams, 34 matchdays) and the play-offs (a qualifying round and a final round).

The regular season is a double round-robin tournament played between August and May, with an interruption of 3 weeks in the winter. It is divided into three periods: the first 10 rounds of matches, the next 12, and the final 12. The winner of the overall regular season is promoted to the first division. The teams with the best record in each of the 3 blocks go into the play-offs qualifying round, together with the second placed team in the overall ranking of the second division. Two clubs from the qualifying round qualify to play the final round, joined by the 15th and 16th of the first division. The final round is a double round-robin, with the winner earning a place in the first division.

The standings, for both the regular season and the 3 blocks, are determined by the following criteria, in order:
  1. number of points;
  2. number of wins;
  3. goal-average
  4. a play-off at a neutral venue (with extra time and penalty shootout if necessary)

A team cannot play in the first division unless it has a professional license. If it does not have its license, it is replaced if possible, by the next highest team in the overall regular seaon rankings. For the automatic promotion spot (as opposed to the play-offs) the team must have finished in the top three clubs. When no team meets those conditions, the number of teams in the first division decreases.

The two lowest-placed teams go to the third division (which is divided into 2 leagues of 16 clubs), while the two champions of that division are promoted to the second division. Furthermore, the 15th and 16th-placed teams play the third division playoff with 6 teams from the third division but they enter the competition on its second round. The winner of this playoff stays or promotes to second division.


  • 1905-1926: Promotion
  • 1926-1952: Division I
  • 1952-2008: Division II
  • 2008-present: EXQI League


Members for 2009-10

The 19 participating clubs for the 2009-10 season are the following:
Club name City Last season position
Royal Antwerp FC Antwerpmarker 3rd
K.S.K. Beveren Beverenmarker 13th
Boussu Dour Borinage Boussumarker 3rd (in the third division A)
K.A.S. Eupen Eupenmarker 14th
R.F.C. de Liège Liègemarker 11th
K. Lierse S.K. Liermarker 2nd
R.A.E.C. Mons Monsmarker 18th (in the first division)
FC Molenbeek Brussels Strombeek Molenbeek-Saint-Jeanmarker 10th
K.V. Oostende Ostendmarker 7th
Oud-Heverlee Leuven Leuvenmarker 12th
K.V. Red Star Waasland Sint-Niklaasmarker 4th
K.S.K. Ronse Ronsemarker 8th
Standaard Wetteren Wetterenmarker 1st (in the third division A)
K.V.K. Tienen Tienenmarker 6th
R.F.C. Tournai Tournaimarker 5th
F.C. Tubize Tubizemarker 17th (in the first division)
K.F.C. Turnhout Turnhoutmarker 1st (in the third division B)
K.V.S.K. United Overpelt-Lommel Lommelmarker 9th
F.C. Verbroedering Dender E.H. Denderleeuwmarker 15th (in the first division)

Past winners

Season Champion Runner Up
1906 Union Saint-Gilloise (II) S.C. Courtraisien
1907 Beerschot A.C. Atheneum VV Stockel
1908 R.C. de Gand E.S.C. Forest
1909 Standard F.C. Liégeois Daring Club de Bruxelles (II)
1910 R.C. de Malines AA La Gantoise
1911 Uccle Sport R.C. de Gand
1912 F.C. Liégeois CS Verviétois
1913 A.A. La Gantoise Leopold Club de Bruxelles
1914 Uccle Sport RC Malinois
1915-19 No competition
1920 Tilleur F.C. Standard C.L.
1921 Standard C.L. FC Malinois
1922 Uccle Sport Berchem Sport
1923 FC Liégeois RC Gand
Season A Champion B Champion
1924 S.C. Anderlechtois White Star A.C.
1925 R. Tilleur F.C. C.S. Verviétois
1926 R.C. de Bruxelles F.C. Malinois
Season Champion Runner Up
1927 R. Liersche S.K. SC Anderlechtois
1928 F.C. Malinois Tilleur FC
1929 F.C. Brugeois SC Anderlechtois
1930 R.C. Montegnée Tubantia AC
1931 R.R.C. Gand FC Turnhout
Season A Champion B Champion
1932 T.S.V. Lyra R. Racing Club de Bruxelles
1933 Belgica F.C. Edegem R. Tilleur F.C.
1934 White Star A.C. R. Berchem Sport
1935 R.F.C. Brugeois R.S.C. Anderlechtois
1936 F.C. Turnhout A.R.A. La Gantoise
1937 R.C. Tirlemont O.C. Charleroi
1938 Boom F.C. R.C.S. Brugeois
1939 S.C. Eendracht Aalst R. Tilleur F.C.
1940-41 No competition
1942 C.S. La Forestoise R.C. de Bruxelles
1943 K. Lyra R. Berchem Sport
1944 K. Sint-Niklaasche S.K. FC Liégeois
1945 No competition
1946 R.F.C. Brugeois K. Lyra
1947 R. Uccle Sport R. Charleroi S.C.
1948 K.R.C. Mechelen R. Tilleur F.C.
1949 K. Stade Leuven R.F.C. Brugeois
1950 Daring Club de Bruxelles S.R. R. Beeringen F.C.
1951 R. Union Saint-Gilloise R.U.S. Tournaisienne
1952 R.C. de Gand F.C. Beringen
Season Champion Runner Up
1953 K. Lyra K.Lierse SK
1954 K.S.V. Waterschei Thor R. Racing Club de Bruxelles
1955 R. Daring Club de Bruxelles K.Beeringen FC
1956 R.C.S. Verviétois ROC Charleroi
1957 K.S.V. Waterschei Thor K.St.-Truidense VV
1958 K. Beringen F.C. RRC Tournaissien
1959 R. Daring Club de Bruxelles RFC Brugeois
1960 K.S.C. Eendracht Aalst Patro Eisden
1961 K.F.C. Diest RCS Brugeois
1962 R. Berchem Sport Beeringen FC
1963 R.F.C. Malinois K.Waterschei SV Thor Genk
1964 R. Union Saint-Gilloise R. Tilleur FC
1965 R. Racing White RFC Malinois
1966 K.S.V. Waregem R. Charleroi SC
1967 S.K. Beveren ROC Charleroi
1968 A.R.A. La Gantoise Union St.-Gilloise
1969 A.S. Oostende K.M. R. Crossing Cl. Molenbeek
1970 K.F.C. Diest R. Antwerp FC
1971 K.S.V. Cercle Brugge KV Mechelen
1972 K. Berchem Sport R. Beringen FC
1973 S.K. Beveren SV Waregem
1974 R.O.C. Montignies-sur-Sambre AS Oostende
1975 K.R.C. Mechelen K.Boom FC
1976 K.F.C. Winterslag KFC Diest
1977 K. Boom F.C. Patro Eisden
1978 K.S.V. Waterschei Thor K.Berchem Sport
1979 K.S.V. Cercle Brugge SK Tongeren
1980 K.A.A. Gent KV Kortrijk
1981 K.S.K. Tongeren RFC Sérésien
1982 R.F.C. Sérésien K.Beerschot VAV
1983 K.V. Mechelen K.St.-Niklase SK
1984 K. Sint-Niklase S.K. KSC Hasselt
1985 R.W.D. Molenbeek KRC Mechelen
1986 K. Berchem Sport Racing Jet de Bruxelles
1987 K. Sint-Truidense V.V. KFC Winterslag
1988 K.R.C. Mechelen KSC Eendracht Aalst
1989 K.F.C. Germinal Ekeren RFC Sérésien
1990 R.W.D. Molenbeek K.Boom FC
1991 K.S.K. Beveren K.St.-Niklase SK Excelsior
1992 K.F.C. Lommelse S.K. KFC Turnhout
1993 R.F.C. Sérésien K.Beerschot VAC
1994 K. Sint-Truidense V.V. R. Excelsior Mouscron
1995 K.S.V. Waregem K.Beerschot VAC
1996 K.S.C. Lokeren KRC Genk
1997 K.S.K. Beveren VC Westerlo
1998 K.V. Oostende KV Kortrijk
1999 K.V. Mechelen R. Antwerp FC
2000 R. Antwerp F.C. KV Oostende
2001 K.F.C. Lommelse S.K. KFC Turnhout
2002 K.V. Mechelen KSV Ingelmunster
2003 K.S.V. Cercle Brugge KAS Eupen
2004 F.C. Molenbeek Brussels Strombeek KV Oostende
2005 S.V. Zulte-Waregem KSV Roeselare
2006 R.A.E.C. Mons KVSK United (Overpelt-Lommel)
2007 F.C. Verbroedering Dender E.H. KV Mechelen
2008 KV Kortrijk A.F.C. Tubize
2009 K. Sint-Truidense V.V. Lierse S.K.


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