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Devices that produce noise

  • Bell , a simple sound-making device, including:
    • Altar bell, a bell rung during the Catholic Mass
    • Bell , a bell that signals transitions during a school day
    • Bell plate a heavy, flat, and rectangular steel slab suspended by a rope used in orchestral music
    • Bermuda carriage bell, used in vehicles as a warning to pedestrians
    • Church bell, a bell hanging in a church tower
    • Electric bell, such as a doorbell or buzzer
    • Handbell, a handheld bell, rung singly (such as a school bell) or in tuned sets played by a bell choir
    • Jingle bell, a spherical bell that produces a distinct "jingle" sound
    • Last call bell, a bell that signals the closing of a bar
    • Ship's bell, bells which mark time on a ship
    • Slave bell, used to regulate slavery
    • Tubular bell, used in tuned sets as in a longcase clock, orchestral chime, organ, or tower

  • Bell character, a character that produces an audible signal at a terminal
  • Bell effect, a musical technique similar to an arpeggio
  • Bel (bel), measure of the ratio between two quantities
  • Bell , the round, flared opening of a wind instrument opposite the mouthpiece
  • Bell cymbal, a small cymbal. The bell is also the center, rounded part of a cymbal
  • Bell tree, instrument made of nested bells
  • Carillon, an instrument which utilizes bells, normally housed in a bell tower, and played from a keyboard
  • Chime , similar to a carillon, but with fewer bells
  • Mark tree, a set of small hanging chimes, sometimes mislabeled as a wind chime
  • Orchestra bell, better known as Glockenspiel

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The word "bell" also can mean a signal from a engine order telegraph on a ship or submarine.





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  • Bell Miner, colonial honeyeater endemic to southeastern Australia
  • Bell pepper, Cultivar Group of the species Capsicum annuum
  • Bellbird, several kinds of bird in various regions of the world that are noted for their far-carrying bell-like call
  • Diving bell spider, spider which lives entirely under water

  • Bell, the umbrella-shaped, non-stinging part of medusas in jellyfish
  • Bell, the Corolla of a flower


  • Bell curve, illustrates normal distribution in statistics
    • Bell curve grading, a use of the bell curve in comparing student achievement and converting percent and percentile grades to letter grades
  • Bell number, the number of partitions of a set with n members
  • Bell's theorem, a thought experiment that suggests a limit to quantum mechanics
  • Bell test experiments, the basis of Bell's theorem


For people having surname Bell see Bell .


  • Bell (architecture), the part of the capital of a column between the abacus and neck molding; especially, the nearly bell-shaped naked core assumed to exist within the leafage of a Corinthian capital
  • Bell marker, a crater on Earth's moon
  • Bell , 1920s vehicle
  • Bell , a fictional currency in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series of video games
  • Bell , a 1788 serif typeface
  • Bell barrow, a burial mound
  • Beaker culture or Bell-Beaker culture, prehistoric pottery
  • Bell-bottoms, a style of trousers
  • "Bell end", a British slang term for the glans penis
  • Bell housing, part of an automotive transmission
  • Bell lineage, a lineage or clan of the Duala people of Cameroon
  • Bell pit, a type of coal mine
  • Diving bell, a hollow inverted vessel for diving below water
  • Liberty Bellmarker, American bell of great historic significance
  • USS Bell, either of two ships in the United States Navy
  • The Bell , a novel by Iris Murdoch
  • Bell tailslide, an aerobatic maneuver
  • Die Glocke, a possibly fictional Nazi anti-gravity technology
  • The Bells , the Bells which feature prominently in the series by Garth Nix

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