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Beneath the Remains is the third studio album by Brazilianmarker thrash metal band Sepultura, released in 1989. It was their first release through Roadrunner Records. The album sold over 600,000 copies worldwide.


Beneath the Remains had a decent production and sharper songwriting compared to the band's previous efforts. In time it would be acclaimed as a classic in the thrash metal and death metal genres. According to vocalist Max Cavalera, Sepultura had "really found [their] style" on that album.

This is the band's first album to have the logo feature they would use on every album until Nation. It was also their first album to feature a Michael Whelan cover art - in this case, Nightmare in Red.".


Max Cavalera travelled to New York in February 1988 and spent a whole week negotiating with the Roadrunner label. Although they offered a 7-record deal to Sepultura, the label was unsure of the band's sale potential. The album's budget was a small amount by the label's standards ($8,000), but in the end the cost was almost twice its original budget.

Scott Burns, who had previously engineered records by Floridamarker extreme metal acts Obituary, Death and Morbid Angel, was the chosen producer. Burns agreed to work for a low fee ($2,000) because he was curious about Brazil.

Sepultura spent the last half of December 1988 recording the album at Nas Nuvens Studio in Rio de Janeiromarker, from 8 pm to 5 am.

Track listing

Tracks 10-12 are bonus tracks on the 1997 remastered re-release.



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